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  1. I'm not sure I've ever seen @Broark not go all out I'll add it's nice to see the stuff up close from his collection as it comes in.
  2. I'm no expert, but I'm confident in saying that the thread is 100% cotton. What size are you looking for I have one like new for cheap.
  3. Many thanks to @Duke Mantee for my new belt. Working on a remodel and I've been in desperate need of a quality belt to help keep things up I might add, a broken-in pair of Freewheelers and a belt of Duke's go together like peas and carrots. Do not hesitate to give him your business!
  4. @vlad_III Right, the dye coming off the jeans onto my clothing is sort of red-purple.
  5. Well, I just received these XBXS boots in the mail. Fantastic anatomical last, QC is near perfect. I enjoyed their Escape boot model, and asked if it could be made up in Kudu... and here they are! Do consider this brand for yourself. Very easy to deal with over Instagram. I will be ordering more.
  6. sc1947 MiUSA from several seasons ago.
  7. Can someone post the official website? Having a hard time finding info.
  8. JMS


    Anyone going to get the 221?
  9. @UkeNo Would love to see a full fit pic of those 1956!
  10. if you want any measurements of my W31 pairs, lemme know. I am also in Seattle, if you want to see them in person.
  11. Lot 003 is what you're after. If you want true full/wide leg, however, you'll want to grab a pair of the lot 900S. The lot 003 isn't really a high rise, but it is the most balanced cut imo. The lot 001 is balanced too, just in a different way, and more tapered through the leg. The 001 actually feels more generous through the seat somehow... I would reccomend either the 003 or the 001.
  12. For what it's worth, the overall population is expected to decline in almost all major DMs, including the USA and Japan. So yes, working-aged populations will decline, but so will aggregate demand. Whether that's inflationary or deflationary is hard to say really.
  13. @fresh1 There is no difference in the cut between the 601b and 601rb. You might have luck messaging Hoosier on Instagram if they have any of either in stock.
  14. Hoosier is the way. Send Seiichiro a message on Instagram.
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