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  1. JMS

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    @Duke Mantee thank you.
  2. JMS

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    @Duke Mantee Do you think FW would ever make a t-back in the smaller sizes? Seems unlike them, but at the same time, they must know there are countless people who would love a FW's t-back in a 38/40/42. I would certainly buy one
  3. JMS

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @Lalafufu Yep! It's where I get my hemming done
  4. JMS

    Sugar Cane Denim

    good old Edmonds.
  5. JMS

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    @cultpop 0217 That is just terrible. I hope y'all can keep business going somewhere in the meantime. Touched to see all the money raised. Best of luck!
  6. JMS

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @shredwin_206 Just on a little trip to Leavenworth!
  7. JMS

    Sugar Cane Denim

    And here they are about a week ago, before washing them tonight.
  8. JMS

    Sugar Cane Denim

    These SC 47s in the 13oz deadstock fabric continue to impress me.
  9. JMS


    @scooby Hey man, of the warehouse models you have, which do you enjoy the most? Been thinking about picking up the dd 47's, or the standard 1001's. From what I can tell the 1001's are a wider fit. Thanks.
  10. JMS

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    @julian-wolf Great fit. Where do you purchase your Stevenson stuff from?
  11. JMS


    Hey y'all, I'm looking for a little insight on the fit of the standard 1001. To my eye it looks similar to a Sugarcane 1947, does anyone here have experience with both? Or another comparison you can offer? Thank you.
  12. JMS

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    @Broark Love the shirt! Where do you buy your FW stuff from?
  13. JMS

    The Rite Stuff

    Beautiful stuff as always. Those Lofgren's are fantastic as well.
  14. JMS


    https://ware-house.jp/product/season/wh2021su/ Check the new catalog out!
  15. JMS

    Shoes that look better with age...

    @hurhur what do you do once the soles wear out?
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342