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  1. Hello bro are you still here need to ask you some question

  2. I have wanted to start this thread or hoping somebody would have started this thread. I believe the official name of the company is Freewheelers now, but they used to be called Bootleggers Reunion. I am not positive on their history, but I believe they once worked for The Real McCoy, but when shit went sour there, they broke off and started Bootleggers, which I believe went under as well, but was revived by the same folks as Freewheelers. Not positive why. They don't produce your run of the mill jeans, although, I believe they did under the Bootlegger's name. They are more into some of the other period pieces from the turn of the century up until the early 40s. I am really taken by their wabash/railroader clothes. Quality is truly second to none and their attention to details is what makes their repro clothes more believable than many other companies trying to do the same thing. Here are a couple stockists: Porky's english rakuten site: http://search.borderless.rakuten.com/borderless/search.action?sid=porkys&l=en Bananafish english rakuten site: http://search.borderless.rakuten.com/borderless/search.action?sid=banana-f&l=en Also Speedway Shop run by john Lofgren carries these as well. He will do special orders if the item is still stocked. Shoot him an email for inquiries. His ebay shop is: http://stores.ebay.com/Speedway-shop?_rdc=1 Here is the polka dot conductor shirt I picked up: Some shots of the portions that are fading: right elbow area The cuffs: I hate when people do this, but I am gonna go ahead and do it. This picture doesn't quite show the fading going on, but the bend of the arm is actually getting a honeycomb affect. A nice little detail I have never seen before on a shirt. A little bit closer you can see there are two selvedge ends sewn together to make the two piece sleeve.
  3. rnrswitch

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    http://www.roydenim.com/ Sorry if this has already been posted, but I couldn't find a thread on this dude. Has anyone around here heard of this guy? I have stumbled across his name and talents over a couple of blogs. It seems he started as a collector of sewing machines and became really interested in Jeans and has since attempted to perfect his skills at making jeans. I believe he made some canvas totes for Cone that were give aways at some trade shows. . Here are some pics of a pair of jeans he has up for sale on the website. RAISED BELT LOOPS I love plain rivets and those buttons holes are nuts. The plain donut hole buttons are also a nice little touch. The price of a pair of jeans sewn by him is $150 made of Cone Mill selvage denim. Pretty good price. Anyone around here purchased a pair?
  4. I don't remember there ever being a dedicated thread to hardware on denim. I don't know about y'all but I am a sucker for nice hardware. These are little things that I can sit and stare at for some time. When I am taking a shit at work and feel like making it extra long I will look at the rivets, buttons, etc on my jeans. I have a "few" pics of hardware of my jeans. Use this thread to show off those nice UFO rivets, donut hole buttons, gold/silver/platinum plated buttons, oh yeah and show us that rusted hardware that is still holdng your jeans intact. First off. Not my favorite, but up there for its simplicity and subtle nature. Samurai S0505. Top button Rivets. I love how they are just so subtle. It almost says, "I am a fucking rivet. What do you want from me? I am just holding your jeans together." Samurai has gotten a bit over the top lately with their designs, which I like as well and will be shown later, but these rivets are from a time when Samurai made jeans that were somewhat void of gimmicks. And the back side of the rivet: The Universal zipper (front). Check the greenish/blue corrosion: Universal zipper (rear). Kentucky baby.
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