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  1. ^ By my calculations, that's 400 pairs of jeans bought raw! Any reason for so many?
  2. Put up decent photos, descriptions and measurements and there should be less questions. Re the shrinking raw denim market, it's probably had too many hot washes, just give it cold showers from here on and it'll stabilise.
  3. TCB

    Good point Volvo. Inoue is saying that because the rise is so low, the waist will be worn on the hips, which are usually wider than the waist, so don't size down. I'd assume that the waist measurement for a pair of slim 50s is probably similar to the measurement of a standard pair of 50s (in the same size) taken about 2" below the waist.
  4. Nice to see the use of one of your Tender customers, @chicote as one of the models!
  5. SR7 LHT texture
  6. TCB

    The rise on those slimcea 50s is waaay too low for me, I think I'll just taper my standard pair.
  7. You get a free JCB with every pair of TCB.
  8. Have you considered Warehouse 800 or 1101 instead?
  9. My old Red Wings (about 5 years I think, there is no tread left on the soles and the outer heels are very worn - will need a resole before next winter).
  10. My old Red Wings - just realised I've posted these in the wrong thread, will x-post in the shoes, etc. one.
  11. ^Eh? They shrank between your legs? I can't quite conceptualise that but sounds potentially painful
  12. Congrats louis, I'll bet your hugely relieved.
  13. Volvo is your man, he put me onto them a couple of years ago (when I bought these). They come up big, I had to size down a whole UK size. I have wide feet and they fit comfortably so I would say they are a wide fitting, standard/wide at the least.
  14. Astorflex whisky suede desert boot.