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  1. You'd have thought he'd be wearing a denim tux at least! EDIT: á la Bing Crosby!
  2. Raw barracuda - are you planning to make sushi with it?
  3. I've been after it for ages, having been too slow off the mark when it was first released. @Flash was kind enough to lend me his copy for a while and I can attest that it's a great book, even at that sharp breath-inducing price! Thanks for the heads-up @propellerbeanie
  4. Bought it earlier today!
  5. TCB - Volvo FC - tricky one, just search through the thread WH - Max Power, setterman Evisu - crashtestbrummie Denime - atzec Ooe - contest thread Samurai - loads in the thread LVC - Paul T Sugar Cane - 00 Soul (on Denimbro) UES - Max P/spitfiredealer IH - Max P/nizzel55 PBJ - loads Ande Whall - me! Momotaro - there's a recent cracking post in that thread Roy - dig deep and you will find
  6. TCB

    I love this thread, it really is the saviour of Sufu I own 2 TCB garments and have worn neither- my 50s jeans are just waiting in a long queue and my Seamens jacket (that I've had for about 3 years) is, unfortunately 2nd choice to an LVC shawl collared blue twill jacket (with anchor buttons) that I've been wearing since late 2010 and refuses to wear out!
  7. Cheers Gnomes, I suppose the unique geography and political/economic set-up in Europe allows manufacturing to remain 'localised' in a broad sense (in this context, anyway) without committing to true globalisation, although its effects may still be felt in the countries that may be 'losing out'. In some respects, the member states are similar to your own states I suppose, so outsourcing to Portugal from Sweden isn't entirely dissimilar to a California-based company manufacturing its products in Texas, for example. I just hope the UK can still find a good, mutually acceptable deal with the EU post-Brexit.
  8. Perhaps so, but that EFTA membership (plus a hefty fee to the EU) gives Norway access to the EU internal market with no customs fees as I previously mentioned, so it is in the same position as Sweden in the context we are referring to. Unless I'm mistaken of course.
  9. I believe Norway is a member of EFTA and has access to the EU internal market with free movement of goods, capital, services and people i.e. no customs barriers, so in effect, no different to Sweden as far as outsourcing to Portugal or other EU members is concerned.
  10. Clarks released a 65th anniversary Made in England desert boot in 2015. It was £250!
  11. Haha, just seen this, 00's right. In the words of Elsa: "Let it Go ..."
  12. So theoretically... if a Swedish company stopped outsourcing manufacturing to Portugal which, (it has already been pointed out) is part of the same single market and has minimum wage regulations, plus a skilled labour force and the appropriate infrastructure and ability to meet demand and... manufactured in Sweden, using (quite possibly) migrant labour, that may not have the same skills as the Portuguese workers (possibly migrants too) but are likely to receive higher wages, thereby increasing the overall price then... some people may be prepared to pay more money for a potentially inferior product that is made entirely in Sweden. Is that correct? Alternatively, if the Swedish company moved to Portugal, branded itself as Portuguese and used local labour, people would be happy to buy the same product.
  13. The older version of the 1915 was indeed a darker shade but weighed in at exactly the same - 9oz raw.
  14. TCB

    I think I posted up measurements for Erk previously but the inseam on my raw TCB 50s from Denimio is very long, something like 39". EDIT: just checked my previous post with measurements - 39" inseam on a size 32.