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  1. ¥125k for those 1942s, which are probably the same as their 1937s with minimal tweaks and £425 for these immediately sold-out 1955s with a hand-drawn patch and swing tags. Made in Turkey 🤑🤔
  2. They’re like a Stan Smith/Superstar hybrid.
  3. I’ve seen some of her photos before, my favourite is the kids jumping out of windows of abandoned houses on to piles of mattresses. The sort of thing I used to do with my mates many years ago. The Finnish photographer Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen produced some similar photos around the North-east from the late 60s onwards.
  4. I can remember going into school on the Monday after that show was aired and everyone holding the sides of their neck saying “Sau-sa-ges” 😆
  5. I reckon @Double 0 Soul probably sounds like Prince’s owner 😆 This sort of thing used to feature heavily in the show too, from Cyril Fletcher’s armchair:
  6. Her daughter lives on my street, she bought the house from some acquaintances of ours.
  7. I remember fashionistas wearing black DMs (shoes I think rather than boots) with the toecap leather removed to reveal the exposed steel underneath in the late 80s. I think these were JPG. Ironically, if you’d have gone to West Ham or Millwall about a decade before that, you may well have seen homemade versions of these in a 10 hole boot version on the terraces!
  8. Duke - don’t you mean you were buying a lot of clothes from Jeff Banks Warehouse catalogue back then? 🤣
  9. I bought my first MA-1 in early 1986. A black, Alpha industries model, made in USA, from Silverman’s army surplus in Mile End for about £50. This was post-skinhead when they’d become ‘trendy’ in black and navy, although I think green still had too many yobbish connotations for a general fashion item. At the time, this model was seen as the real deal and there were plenty of shiny imitations/fakes around. My friend had the jacket with the split hood - can’t remember what that model was called. A few years later, in the early 90s, I bought a green MA-1 from Interstate (again, Alpha, made in USA) and subsequently, a blue CWU model from Schott (again, made in USA I think). This had pocket flaps, a small collar and felt more substantial than the MA-1s. I don’t have any of them now, all thrown away or given to charity, although I did take the plastic tops from the sleeve pen-pocket of the green MA-1 and put them in the sleeve pen-pocket of my Spiewak N3-B!
  10. Updated and collated sales with some reduced prices TCB Seamen’s Jacket, one wash unworn, size 38/M - £100 plus shipping 10oz neppy denim, bought in 2014 but never worn as I have a shawl collar LVC jacket in navy that's similar. Measurements (buttoned up): Shoulders - 18.75” Chest - 21.25” Sleeves (from shoulder to cuff) - 24.75” Sleeves (from armpit to cuff) - 19.5” Back length (from base of collar) - 26.75” Across bottom of jacket - 21.5” LVC 1880s Triple Pleat blouse size 40/M - £300 plus shipping BNWT and raw Cone denim, made in USA, 2016. I mis-sized on this, gutted Measurements Chest (P2P): 21” Shoulder: 19.5” Back length (base of collar to bottom of waistband): 22” Sleeves (outer - shoulder to bottom of cuff): 24” Sleeves (inner - armpit to bottom of cuff): 19” Studio D’artisan SD-101 size W32 - £140 plus shipping BNWOT, raw and unworn, flagship 15oz denim, blue selvedge ID Bought in 2010 from the now closed Superdenim.co.uk Measurements BiG style Waist (aligned): 33.5” Front rise: 11.5” Back rise: 15” Thigh (at crotch): 13.5” Inseam: 35” Hem: 9” TSPTR x Standard & Strange hi-tops in ecru (off-white) - £70 plus shipping Heavy duty, made in Japan, size US 8 / UK 7, brand new in box, never worn. I believe these are no longer available in shops. Bought from American Classics in 2020. These come up big, more like a UK size 8 than UK 7, sole measures just over 28cm in length.
  11. If you add some extra belt loops to the inside of the waistband and wear a belt there, it doesn’t affect the cinch aesthetically or functionally.
  12. 2-tone arcs look odd, though I have no idea if they’re correct or not.
  13. One good turn deserves another. Excellent craftsmanship and generosity from a couple of good dudes.
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