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  1. Just wear it back to front and you're sorted.
  2. Good luck with the venture IH, the shirts look great.
  3. The other high-end sub-brand that Levi's currently has is its more modern Made & Crafted label.
  4. Funnily enough, I wear mine regularly because of the taper. If I'd left them as was, I don't think they'd see much leg-time at all.
  5. Although I have no horse in this race (unlike mandel's grandad above), I'll add my £0.02. I've had suspender buttons and really like them, in fact I'm planning to add my clip-on LVC (1937) buttons to my Warehouse 415s (37 cut) when it's their turn in the rotation. I would never wear a belt on any pair with suspender buttons though and for that reason, as long as your thighs can handle it, I'd recommend going TTS or even sizing down as the waist will definitely stretch if you're reliant on the cinch alone (I'd never wear braces either as I don't want to look like a 1980s Weetabix skinhead). To complicate this further, my current summer jeans are my LVC 1937s, from which I removed the cinch and straps totally and had tapered - I'm a walking contradiction me!
  6. If you can't make it work, have you considered switching your motivational technique from McGregor's theory X to Y? It's also worth considering where the sweatshirt sits on Maslow's hierarchy of needs in order to back up your approach.
  7. ^ Great shirt Mason!
  8. ^ Good post, I liked it a lot ! But, get a 32".
  9. TCB

    Yeah, I know , those measurements all look good apart from the chest. I'll have to lay off the Bullworker for a bit I guess.
  10. TCB

    Thanks volvo, what does the chest measure on your size 42 30s jacket, using the normal technique?
  11. ^ Do you have a new daughter tigerstrom? I didn't realise, congratulations!
  12. TCB

    Thanks Bobbo, that chest measurement looks tiny to me. 48cm is approx 19", I need a jacket to have a 22" chest, which is the measurement given for a size 40 on the TCB website.
  13. I think the unique TCB cat-related arcs idea is great and it throws open an array of possibilities, including incorporating the OG design as whiskers along with some feline ears, like this (excuse the shoddy artwork while I'm plugged into a boring audio meeting at work):
  14. I think everyone knows what it will look like then!