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  1. "Come on Lynn Downey, give me a break, you don't even work there anymore."
  2. Some good points Paul, here's the patch on my son's late 60s pair, not too dissimilar from your own.
  3. Surprisingly those 747s never really took off...
  4. ^^ Yes, if that didn't happen, I'd be suspicious that they were fakes!
  5. Both of those pairs also seem to be missing the 'PXR-8(?)' code at the bottom right of the patch (shown below) that older models have. EDIT: look how 'white oak' is spelled as 'wite oak' in propellerbeanie's second photo (above). Thai fakes?
  6. I'm selling some 0105XX BNWT in size 31 if you're interested, there are pictures and measurements on this thread a page or two back.
  7. @mpukas What size did you buy in those 76s?
  8. Great info thanks propellor, I have 2 pairs of raw 55s squirrelled away (from 2007 and 2009 respectively). The 2007s will be due an airing next summer.
  9. Likewise, my Spacex round-trip to the moon isn't cheap you know.
  10. ^ BiG or the Warehouse online shop should sort you out.
  11. Surely he needs bigger biceps though!
  12. Marvellous work chicote, that's very impressive.
  13. ^ "We are particular about our spelling".
  14. Congratulations Max (and Mrs Power, of course) and welcome to London. That 5th picture down looks like the bridge at Shadwell Basin in Wapping that I used to dive off and into the dock below as a teenager!
  15. Wow! Philip, those are outstanding. Wow!