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  1. Maynard Friedman

    Leepro Appreciation

    Not really Leepro but Lee - Buddy Lee denim trousers with oversized hardware, made in Japan by Edwin.
  2. Maynard Friedman


    1001XX are a looser fit so will give you more room everywhere.
  3. Maynard Friedman

    Leepro Appreciation

    Very nice b_F, where did you get them? I think I remember you having some SDA leepros years ago.
  4. Maynard Friedman

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Or any other vintage Levi’s for that matter - including my son’s 60s 302, which has the same stitched over selvedge seam.
  5. Maynard Friedman

    Levi's RED

    The looser version of the 1st Standards look alright to me but not £500 alright! Post some fit pics please @MJF9!
  6. Maynard Friedman

    Levi's RED

    I knew these designs wouldn’t appeal to most but I quite like some of this stuff and although I wouldn’t wear it, I hope someone does and I’m glad it exists. The boundaries need to be pushed every now and then.
  7. Maynard Friedman

    Levi's RED

    A few additional models available at this UK shop too.
  8. Maynard Friedman

    Levi's RED

    Cultizm has unearthed a few deadstock Levi’s Red models that are now up for sale at their original prices, apparently.
  9. Maynard Friedman


    Black bar-tacking stitch used at the top of the back pockets. Agree with Foxy above too!
  10. Maynard Friedman


    Nickel backs on the round-top rivets.
  11. Maynard Friedman

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    ^ Anything else apart from that?
  12. Maynard Friedman

    Vintage Denim?

    I have a pair of Levi’s Japan 503 BSSX from 1991 in natural indigo. I had some photos in the LVC thread but the links are no longer working, I’ll try to take some more soon and re-post. EDIT: they are a size 33.
  13. Maynard Friedman

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    This is more of a vintage Levi’s than an LVC question but does anyone know the difference between the Lot 201 and Lot 203 jeans from the early 20th century? EDIT: this has been answered elsewhere- the 203 was the children’s model but thanks for your interest anyway!
  14. Maynard Friedman

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    No cuff, hems undone to allow jeans to fray at bottom and the inner and outer seams undone or cut from the bottom of the hem to a height of about 2” to allow the jeans to sit nicely over a range of footwear.
  15. Maynard Friedman

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Very dapper - the Fantastic Mr Fox! - happy Easter to everyone too.