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  1. @MJF9 I’m a belt wearer that pushes the suspender hardware into my skin and gives me a weird rash. I look too goofy in suspenders to make them work haha
  2. 1922s from King @Duke Mantee out for delivery today. First thing will be to chop the suspender hardware off. Haha
  3. retiring these for now since my hand repairs totally blew out. @julian-wolf you interested in possibly working on them?
  4. @julian-wolf how you liking them jk?
  5. channeling my inner @Double 0 Soul with these s601xx. They’ve been worn hard and abused at work. Many hand repairs that are now coming undone. Washed on hot and tossed in the dryer so much I’ve lost count.
  6. @Duke Mantee you holding out on some of the FW western shirts?!
  7. 1937s are looking so killer lately. Love the selvedge popping through the hem!
  8. Been swapping out used toilets all week at work. So tossed the OOE in a wash to get the nasty shit off literally. This person was blind and living in filth. That’s blood and shit in the toilet. Quite depressing and eye opening.
  9. @Dr_Heech yes the left sewn separately from the right, different denim, and black buckle are only differences Thank you for reminding me the 1942 are a want not a necessary need since I have the 1937 already. Trying to buy less this year haha
  10. Quite small compared to @MJF9 Freewheelers 1927 Freewheelers WWII Freewheelers WigWag *too small now* Runabout Goods USN denim jacket
  11. the 1937 is just such a killer pair of jeans @Dr_Heech I was really telling myself I don’t need the 1942s since they’re supposed to be pretty similar to the 1937 but I love the offset rear pocket detail.
  12. Great shirt! I need one now
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