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  1. @MJF9 man I wish I had grabbed those. so is the consensus with OOE to order two sizes up? So if I’m a 33 I need a 35?
  2. I prefer two pockets and no suspender hardware. So I’m out. Not a fan of the fit personally
  3. Freewheelers 1927 type 1 Freewheelers 1937 jeans Nicks boots
  4. Denim Dan goes to Tulip Town 1927 type 1 1937 jeans
  5. 601b many washes and trips through the dryer
  6. really love the cut/fit of the 1927 type 1
  7. FW 27 type 1 mf awa ai nicks boots
  8. FW skid row Nicks belt MF Sugar Cane Awa Ai
  9. Beautiful pair of s601xx with flannel pocket bags on eBay. ph and they have some killer lightning bolt arcs on them. way too big for me at size 38 but figured I’d pass the info along.
  10. @Maynard Friedman I have too many jeans and my 1943 are already shredded I do like the bootleggers tho
  11. @MJF9 here are my 37s. Maybe I was a little too hard on them. Haha. multiple washes and trips in dryer as well as crotch reinforcement
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