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  1. shredwin_206


  2. shredwin_206


    Oh gotcha that makes sense. Yet all the pairs I’ve seen have a brown patch. That’s what threw me off.
  3. shredwin_206


    Does WH offer more than one hair on hide cowboy jeans? I’ve only seen the one style with the brown patch?
  4. shredwin_206

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    My wife likes that I wear all these repro cuts with diaper butt because now no women will me checking out my ass…..
  5. shredwin_206

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Runabout Jacket Thrifted Hawaiian shirt Warehouse triple stritch cowboy Keen
  6. shredwin_206


    What items are you after? I’m in the states but I bought from whitefeather in Europe.
  7. shredwin_206


    couple weeks wear. I see good potential in these
  8. shredwin_206


    @goodrain I meant the using it as workwear like back in the day buddy…..
  9. shredwin_206


    @Jared_Lee yea buddy! Let’s get it! First class ticket to crinkletown!
  10. @ColonelAngus you’re correct. A lot of tradesmen are cheap fucks who buy whatever is on sale at Walmart. Then complain about the quality of their work boots/clothes. I was saying that Filson used to be made for the working person/loggers. Generously cut, meant to wear multiple layers underneath. but yes Filson is mostly for wannabes these days but they need money too so they market towards it. Just like carhartt has done. It leads to cutting corners in the quality of clothing. Back in the day men used to take pride in their clothing even for working in the factory or job site. I get complimented by many old timers who say it’s nice to see someone in the trades who gives a damn about being presentable while doing the work we do and taking pride in their trade. sorry I’ve ranted again. I’ll be done now.
  11. Oh haha you’ll be fine then
  12. shredwin_206


    gave the triple stitch cowboys a hot wash and dryer. Hyped on the wrinkling! I break all the rules. I wash hot, I use the dryer, I wear mine for blue collar work. I use denim like it was used back in the day. It was workwear clothing and It really does hold up better than a lot of clothing marketed as workwear.
  13. shredwin_206

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Is the Neal still available in denim? been contemplating a denim workshirt. To complete my triple denim look for work
  14. @ColonelAngus you mean they’re made for blue collar workers? most blue collar and tradesmen are sadly very overweight. Haha I actually find Filson to fit much better than Carhartt but that’s just my personal experience. I don’t buy any new Filson stuff since it’s all made overseas now. But my vintage USA made tin items are timeless and some of the best stuff. The quality of carhartt has gone way downhill. The last pair I bought was rags within 4 months. Pure garbage. So now I’ve slowly just started to use my raw denim for work and it holds up much better actually. Rant over.
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