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  1. Belts

    Top to bottom: 1. Samurai W001 , size 38 2. Johnston & Murphy , size 38 (45 inch) 3. Timberland , D Buckle belt (33.7 inch)
  2. Full Count Denim Thread

    FC1108, one wash, size 34. 3 months of wear. When received 86cm waist, I ordered 86cm so it would become 89cm after stretch. But It stretched more with wear and now it is 92.5cm and loose on my waist. Worn with Samurai W001 belt in picture. Thanks to b_Freak for his article on FC1108 that helped me select this great cut.
  3. Belts

    Just received my Samurai W001 , size 38, from http://okayamadenim.com FC1108 pair is 3 months old. Thanks f_Freak for your input and contribution for the community
  4. Eternal Jeans

    Hi Any comments when choosing between Eternal 811 vs Eternal 811 Contest Edition? Also, which model a person should choose when buying Eternal? One Wash vs Non Wash?
  5. Pure Blue Japan

    Hi Guys, anybody has experience on both PBJ XX-003 and PBJ XX-005. - I used to wear Levi's 501 but not sure that XX-003 might be of the similar cut or more loose? - Whether XX-003 model creates similar fades like XX-005? - I see XX-005 is considered as the best PBJ model but not sure whether it will be a bit loose than tight/slim jeans or tight, any comments?
  6. Levi's 501 is regular straight but Japanese super denim manufacturers not strictly follow Levi's 501 cut. I have never went wrong with Levi's 501 cut. Guys, I need your advise that which cut to select when it comes with Japanese super denim between Slim Straight vs Regular Straight (i.e aka Middle Straight) ?, sometimes middle straight is too loose in some models also slim straight seems to be too tight. For example PBJ XX-003 vs PBJXX-005 or Fullcount 1101XX vs 1108XX or Flat Head 3001 vs 3005 vs 3009
  7. Full Count Denim Thread

    1. 1101 and 1108 are offered in 15.5oz and 13.7oz, what are factors to consider when deciding between oz (weight)? look, feel, fades, fall, etc. Which one is better, as per my understanding heavier oz is better coz it makes difference with low end jeans in the market also result is more noticeable fades, please respond 2. I used to wear Levi's 501 want to buy Full Count now, which model you prefer the most either 1101 or 1108? Please give your input. Thanks in advance for your input
  8. Samurai S0500XX vs S5000VX

    Hi I need to have your opinion which Jeans is better than the other S0500xx or s5000vx - Fades - Fit - Look & Feel - Zero denim vs XX denim of Samurai - S0500xx arcs arcs of light green dull thread vs S5000vx arcs are made of yellow bright thread - S0500xx buttons are made of copper vs S5000vx buttons are steel Please also share your pre-shrunk and post shrunk measurement especially for size 34 or 35 Also, how do you compare these models with Fullcount 1108 or 1101 Thanks in advance