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  1. dada mafiosi

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    The below evolution pictures I found on internet are of Samurai S0551XX Type I Jacket, inspired me and helped me decide which brand I should select for my next denim jacket. The denim used in both Samurai S0551XX and S0552XX is the same 15oz Texan cotton. In these pics you will notice one the the best evolution of denim jackets that is available on internet, nice fading is far better than other competitive high end brands. Rusted buttons are certainly one of the finest details that you reach during the journey of denim love. In my S0552XX jacket, I notice size of custom iron buttons are in great proportion (i.e. perfectly sized), looks great, feel rugged and soft. Yellow thread construction in most of the front parts, looks amazing, contrasts beautifully on indigo (you can say denim wearing gold ornaments). Samurai is Samurai of denim.
  2. dada mafiosi

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    @MJF9 Thanks, it is 15oz. Sleeves are 63cm while in the same chest width TCH had 67cm. Samurai jacket has additional 2 to 3 cm in sleeves for me, I think they keep it deliberately so people with longer arms can wear, also gives opportunity for honeycombs. This is one-wash , I don't think even hot wash will work to shrink further
  3. dada mafiosi

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    @Toegon, yes, this is one wash. If you notice front side pic the size is just right as I wear 55cm shirt pit to pit and the jacket is 55.5 cm. But as back side has small pleats, it looks loose
  4. dada mafiosi

    Samurai Jeans

    My new Samurai S0552XX jacket, one-wash, size 42 Lot # 23 Length: 66 cm Width: 55.5 cm Shoulder: 48.5 cm Sleeve: 63 cm Thank you b_Freak, Broark, Bobbo for your inputs and help of the community
  5. dada mafiosi

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    My new Samurai S0552XX jacket, one-wash, size 42 Lot # 23 Length: 66 cm Width: 55.5 cm Shoulder: 48.5 cm Sleeve: 63 cm Thank you b_Freak, Broark, Bobbo for your inputs.
  6. dada mafiosi

    Samurai Jeans

    perhaps one of the best model in Japanese raw denim
  7. dada mafiosi

    New Contest Suggestion [Poll]

    there should be option for Samurai especially 710XX model Also what about Strike Gold, IH, TFH, etc...
  8. dada mafiosi


    Tanner Goods, Natural, Classic Belt, Brushed Steel Buckle , Size 34 Size 34 means, from the end where leather is folded around the buckle to the first hole 34" + 4" (space between first to fifth hole) + 4.5" (from the last hole to end tip) , making overall 42.5" in new state. After use the expected stretch is 1 to 1.25", so the belt will become 43.5" to 43.75" overall, so I will be able to put pin into center hole. (perfect sizing) Wearing with my Warehouse 800NW (jeans usage 1.5 months)
  9. dada mafiosi


    Yes, I was targeting the same but was afraid as shop told me 6.5 to 7cm shrinkage (that is 7.3% to 7.9% and true only if total inseam is 89cm) As my pair was 81.5cm only so 4.5cm got shrunk (i.e. 6.5% approx of 81.5cm)
  10. dada mafiosi


    Inseam: pre-wash 81.5cm now 77cm (shrinkage is 6.5% approx. of the pre-wash inseam length)
  11. dada mafiosi


    Please find post wash measurements of Warehouse 800xx size 34 non-wash: Waist: pre-wash 89cm now 84cm Hem: pre-wash 23cm now 21.5cm Thigh: pre-wash 30cm now 28cm (10 cm below crotch method) Inseam: pre-wash 81.5cm now 77cm (I will be able to use single cuff of 3 cm) The post wash measurement is almost the same as offered in one-wash by online shops in size 34 of Warehouse 800xx. The method I used for first wash is below: - Turned inside out, 1 hour hot soak with no detergent (after each 20 minutes drained the water to pour new hot water so 3 times hot water hit the pair , also changed position of the pair , pockets facing downside , pockets facing upside, waist near to tap) ( I noticed hem width was almost 22cm after soak) - After soaking 1 hour when the pair wet, I used Auto-Wash 30 minutes cycle with 40C hot option, mild detergent and no spin (as spin may result in unwanted crease) Thanks again b_Freak for all your contribution to community.
  12. dada mafiosi


  13. dada mafiosi


    Thank you b_Freak, Josh, JohnM & Cusswords for your valuable input. Today I received Warehouse 800xx pair from Rakuten in non-wash size 34 Waist 89cm Thigh 30cm (10 cm below crotch method) Hem Width 22.75 cm (after hemming) Inseam length after hemming is 82cm though requested 83cm (to achieve 77 or 78cm) Now I have to give it hot soak , almost 1 hour in bath tub and then give the the pair auto wash while it is still wet for 30 minutes with 60C option. Any further advice to achieve maximum shrinkage out while achieving 77cm or 78cm inseam length ( I am a little bit afraid about inseam shortage). Also considering to wear in hot water shower for 15 minutes between soak and auto-wash steps, to achieve good shape
  14. dada mafiosi

    Samurai Jeans

    My S0500XX Pre-Wash Measurements: Waist - 88cm (34.6")Front Rise - 29cm (11.4")Back Rise - 38.5cm (15.2")Upper Thigh - 32cm (12.6")Knee - 25cm (9.8")Leg Opening - 23cm (9.1")Inseam - 95cm (37.4")
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