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  1. Yeah figures... Never seen it before with brands like Buzz Rickson, Sugar Cane is all.
  2. Has anyone come across the webshop womensusfashion dot com? Despite the name they have a lot of items and brands popular here, offered at very low prices. I found it looking for an item that I otherwise only can find in one Japanese shop as it's sold out everywhere else. But this "Fashion Shop" claims to have all sizes in stock and sell it at 70% discount. It seems like it's the same for most if not all products in their shop. They also sell some products marked as used which could explain the low prices but most of it looks like brand new products. It all seems quite weird. The Contact us page has an Oregon address while the About us page mentions a "corporate office in Montgomery, Alabama". On the Payments page it says that all orders are charged in Singapore dollars. I checked it on Scamvoid and it wasn't really conclusive but it said that the URL is less than two months old. It's a scam, right?
  3. Sassafras FOB Factory Sebago x EG
  4. Bumping this and adding a price suggestion: 200€ plus shipping. Also interested in a trade for another jacket, like a MF ranch blouse in size 44.
  5. Action shot of my 2,5 year old in his Nippers.
  6. Have posted a MF Apollo '69 souvenir jacket (https://www.christopheloiron.com/mister-freedom-x-tailor-toyo-original-apollo-69-souvenir-jacket-limited-edition-fall-2017/) over in the sales thread if anyone's interested!
  7. Interest check for this Mister Freedom x Toyo Apollo '69 souvenir jacket size Large. Info and measurements here: https://www.christopheloiron.com/mister-freedom-x-tailor-toyo-original-apollo-69-souvenir-jacket-limited-edition-fall-2017/ Would be happy to provide more photos and measure the jacket if anyone's interested. Open to reasonable offers, including trades.
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