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  1. Nice that’s a cool shirt
  2. @1fookntitefd My father is the same size as you, he wears Sugar Cane 2009 and achieves more of a slim straight silhouette. It is more straight from the knee down compared to the 710 I believe.
  3. At the denim market I went to today I managed to snag these almost new 710s for a great price, I've always wanted to give the 710 another honest try so it felt right to pick them up. The inseam is slightly shorter than what I'm used to but that's the Resolute style I suppose? First impressions are really good, love the lightness and fuzzyness of the denim and they are not quite as slim as I expected the 710 to be. A little bit of Hayashi-style for those who like that!
  4. NilsLW


    Today Second Sunrise here in Stockholm hosted their third annual denim market, this year was very special though because Hajime and Ryo from TCB had flown over from Japan and had a little pop-up inside the store. It was just a great honor to meet both of them and have a little chat, such cool and kind guys with a true passion for denim. Hajime was even kind enough to sign my 505s. So thanks to both Second Sunrise and TCB for making it possible for us denim nerds to meet some of the people behind one of the best denim brands right now, it was truly amazing!
  5. Those "Wolsros" remind me of those backwards jeans by Dolce Gabbana that Liam Gallagher used to wear, I want to say that I hate them but I actually think they're kinda fun. Also, is that a Buzz Rickson's parka he's wearing?
  6. The stores in Sweden that sell japanese denim like Second Sunrise, Meadow and Göteborg Manufaktur all charge very fair prices for the jeans imo, I'd gladly buy from them too to keep them in business. I believe I paid just over €200 each for my TCB and Sugar Cane jeans from Second Sunrise, hemming included, which is very fair imo. I remember the outcry when an old generational family-owned candy/fruit-store in my area had to close due to financial reasons, but yet I never saw anyone actually buy from them when they were still around. So I think it's pretty simple, if you want a business to remain: support them. But we are all pretty good at this on this forum probably, buying from small (mainly Japanese) clothing brands instead of fast fashion chains.
  7. Incredible, this is just how I want my jeans to look.
  8. I messaged Ryo abt a year ago on Instagram and they said that sadly they were not interested in doing an 80s redline repro. It’s a mystery to me though why almost no brands repro this model, only the LVC version comes to mind.
  9. NilsLW


    @AlientoyWorkmachine If TCB did a 90s 501 cut I would wear nothing else. That cut is so easy to size up and down and they still look good no matter what.
  10. @CharlieMike The SC66 is a good pair of jeans I can recommend them, the top block and thighs however are quite roomy in comparison with the legs that taper slightly. I get the feeling comparing the measurements with real 60s pairs that the hem is slightly smaller in comparison with the top block/thighs. Also important to note as @beautiful_FrEaK said this is not a ”66” repro but a late 60s aka ”BigE” repro.
  11. @dotcomzzz Also had the made in Turkey 1984 501s for a while, and yeah those were not the best. Not the worst either though. But I believe the made in Turkey stuff still use japanese denim.
  12. Today I went to a small vintage store where amongst the Zara and H&M jeans there was a pair of unwashed, completely unworn 555 LVC 55 501s and a real pair of Big E 701s!! Super cool to actually find a pair of Big Es in the wild but of course I had to tell the elderly lady who owned the store what she had on her hands, because she had no idea. Also I'm finally the happy owner of a copy of What's The Story on vinyl. The jeans of today are my Sugar Cane 66s which I've been wearing a bit more lately, really easy to dress up and down.
  13. @JohnM Interesting, thanks for great insight!
  14. @vIGGiou riou Yes but that makes me wonder how accurate the LVC version is? My view of the true 66 cut is that it's slim straight rather than straight tapered based on the few times I've actually looked at real vintage pairs in real life. I still think the SC66 is a great pair of jeans with nice denim and details but there is just something about the cut that I find slightly unbalanced and inauthentic...
  15. @crescent Yes this is true. To be honest I don't mind a smaller leg opening at all but since the thighs are quite roomy on the SC66 it makes the whole jean look a bit unbalanced compared to other 66 models from other brands, almost like a 90's dad jean. Even my TCB 505s which is supposed to be a tapered fit has a much more balanced appearance with a slim silhouette throughout.
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