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  1. Looks like an amazing fit.
  2. NilsLW


    Beautiful jacket!
  3. NilsLW


    @Geeman Both my 40s and 505s has about an inch of shrinkage after several washes.
  4. Today a friend brought me to a Jeanerica sample sale (Swedish fashion/denim brand). Thought I wouldn't buy anything since most of their jeans are pre-faded, but in a small pile were a couple of raw jeans reduced from $200 to $50 so there wasn't much to lose really. Would describe the cut as 66-ish (straight but with a slight taper), denim is about 12oz and made in Portugal. It's clear that these weren't made for a denim-enthusiast market but on a discount they're not bad, it can be nice to take a break from all the japanese stuff once in a while. Next to my TCB 505s.
  5. @AlientoyWorkmachine Have you checked out the Brady Ariel? Not a pure camera bag but can probably be used as such.
  6. In terms of denim it has to be TCB 40s (all the fades on the WWII contest are simply great), Resolute 710 and post redline 80s STFs (great compromise between thickness and softness).
  7. Maybe Nasa should've put some vacuum sealed japanese denim on the Voyager instead of that golden disc.. show the aliens what's really important to us humans.
  8. NilsLW


    @LazyS Perfect blue jeans, what else can be said?
  9. @edwardlj That zabou article was a great read, thanks👍
  10. @obama You could comfortably size down in the SC66 and they are quite roomy in the top block as well. Check measurements before though just to be sure.
  11. Sometimes I lurk around on ebay for fun and came across this 1960s pair of selvedge 505s, amazing hippie-character on these. Perhaps if I keep washing and wearing my own TCB 505s...
  12. NilsLW


    @CharlieMike They are doing a 1970 cut? Edit: found it, looks very nice. https://www.celluloid1984.com/?pid=174462422
  13. NilsLW


    @bloom Agreed with every word there, TCB hasn't overdone it with the 505 unlike many other 60s/70s repros which are often too slim. The only thing that threw me off was the two-tone denim at the waistband, luckily that is not noticeable once faded. It's also quite versatile to style, let it stack a little and it will appear more straight but if you hem it shorter the silhouette will be more tapered.
  14. NilsLW


    Sugar Cane also has a 505 repro simply called 1967, don’t know where to buy though. Imo the LVC 505 is one of their best cuts but they fit a lot slimmer than my TCB 505s.
  15. @81FXR Good to know, a great OCBD is a staple in any men’s wardrobe. Will probably be a Drake’s then when I buy a new one.
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