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  1. NilsLW


    Whatever it is that TCB is doing they’re doing it right. The new 30’s jacket looks amazing.
  2. NilsLW

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @beautiful_FrEaK Thanks! I think so too. Have you started wearing your pair yet or still waiting to get them hemmed?
  3. NilsLW

    Sugar Cane Denim

    1966 2 month update. As you can see they have been washed a few times. I’ve been out backpacking around central and southern Europe with a friend which apparently makes your clothes become dirty really quickly, hence the frequent washing. I’d say my iphone captured the color pretty well, they are a bit less purple in real life. The fit and details are just lovely on these.
  4. NilsLW


    Lovely. Makes me miss when my 40s were still new and unwashed. I love the denim TCB used for these, it has so much character.
  5. NilsLW

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    @Coolguyzack Interesting question for sure. I'n my opinion our hobby here, which is buying a high quality product and wearing it and repairing for a long time, is already sustainable in itself. Of course you could go the extra mile by buying second hand but I believe what we're doing is good enough. Personally jeans is something I want to have been 100% mine from day one unless it's just some beater Levi's. I want to add that maybe 50% of my wardrobe is second hand, but none of those garments are jeans. Though I do think I could think twice more often when buying a new pair of jeans or garment, do I really need this or do I simply want it? Still, compared to people who buy 20$ fast fashion jeans that won't last a year or get thrown away for a new pair I think we're all good.
  6. NilsLW

    66 type jeans

    @Jared_Lee The denim on the 710 sure is beautiful but it I couldn't justify spending the money a pair of jeans that were too tight around the thighs either. I actually tried the 004 and they felt really solid but they didn't have too much of a true 66' vibe going on honestly, reminded me more of a regular pair of modern slim/straight jeans. In the end I went with Sugar Cane 66 because they had a much softer taper which was more comfortable around the thighs and resulted in a cut that really reminded me of Creedence-era vintage Levi's.
  7. NilsLW

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    @Sympathy-For-The-Denim The model doesn't look extremely happy to be in those jeans lol
  8. Here are some 40 year old STFs that my father used to wear when he worked as a carpenter briefly in the 80s. These are denim perfection imo and all the tar and paint splatter really adds to the character. Bonus picture for oxidized rivets. Regarding washing routine, these would be boiled along with his other work clothes in a large pot outdoors. 7582FB41-7F17-4112-8306-E2AE88680F98.heic
  9. NilsLW

    Nice Things

    Those kind of old battered chairs are the best, you can use them for literally anything and they are surprisingly comfortable. Always satisfying to toss your jeans or a nice worn out dress shirt over the top back rail too.
  10. NilsLW

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    This thread remind me of when the hosts of Top Gear try to think of a car they all agree on is a good car, and the only the only model they can agree on is the Ford Mondeo. Personally I can't think of any brands that I hate, though I must say I never seize to be surprised by the ugly jeans favoured on the subreddit. Mostly tapered fits made out of gimmicky heavyweight and over-the-top slubby denim from brands like N&F, PBJ and Nudie. Naked & Famous is offering this season a pair of slim taper jeans made out of, no joke, strawberry milk denim for 200$. Sounds exciting doesn't it...
  11. NilsLW


    There goes the patch…
  12. @Double 0 Soul I removed it because I realised it was a stupid post and no one wants to see those ugly jeans.
  13. Walking around does feel a little tight. I guess these kind of bland fades is what pre-faded jeans gives you. I’ll just keep them as a fun relic.
  14. NilsLW

    Sugar Cane Denim

    I’ve never experienced anything like it before either, it was like they were completely raw. They shrank very little over the waist so mostly on the length. Went from a double cuff to too short even without a cuff. I’m giving my new pair a soak tomorrow to see if the same will happen again, this time I’ve got plenty of margin for inseam shrinkage though.
  15. NilsLW

    Sugar Cane Denim

    They were extremely kind at Second Sunrise. In exchange for my now too short jeans they let me have a new pair completely free of charge! This time I left them completely un-hemmed so that I can wash hot and maybe tumble dry with a piece of mind. That's what I call customer service! I have bought things from them before but this time they got new a lifetime customer.
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