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  1. I’d be interested to hear people’s criticisms of Yuketen. I’ve a couple of pairs that I find comfortable and I like how they look, but they both have pretty useless crepe soles that have worn away very fast. Have there been other issues with durability?
  2. Thanks @rodeo bill They look great. I particularly like that satchel.
  3. @rodeo bill can we see a picture of yours?
  4. @willi That is a lovely watch. Probably a daft question, but are you certain it’s a wind-up? Many of the GS/TP watches are quartz.
  5. I don’t know, to be honest. You could ask in the Freewheelers thread. I’m sure someone could tell you.
  6. If you are still looking for T-shirts, I recently bought a couple of ringer T-shirts from Warehouse that seem to be made from the same loopwheel fabric as the 4601 but have a slimmer arm: https://www.ware-house.co.jp/?pid=96424783
  7. @mstax I can’t help with your search for Warehouse chinos. However, I own a pair of the FW M-1941 chinos and think they’re great. The quality is superb. The rise and taper are personal preferences, of course, but I’m happy with both on these. The rise is fairly high, but not ridiculously so, and I find it very comfortable. I don’t notice the taper, although I did have the last few inches lopped off (since I’m a shorty), which has presumably given mine a wider leg opening than standard.
  8. @Broark Thanks for posting. The 504xx looks great on you. I’m tempted to buy myself one now.
  9. @Broark How does the closed front jumper fit? It looks quite loose and long from the pictures on Speedway.
  10. Darn Tough are a recent discovery for me, I'd highly recommend them too. Tender make some nice socks (https://www.tenderstores.com/product-category/shoes/). The Corrymoor goat farm is about 40 miles from where I grew up, but I'd never heard of it. The socks look great, I'll have to try them.
  11. tjsma


    Has anyone else found Warehouse jeans to continue to shrink in length with washing for longer than other brands’ jeans? I made the rookie error of having my 1001xx pair shortened before they had finished shrinking. They must have had four or five 40C washes at that point though. My other jeans (Freewheelers, Sugar Cane) were pretty much finished shrinking after one or two washes. My 1001 are still wearable, but I think I’ll need to wash them cold for the rest of their lives.
  12. I’m selling a pair of 601b in the sales thread, in case anyone is interested.
  13. Can I interest anyone in a pair of Freewheelers 601b jeans? Waist 31”, length 32”. They are practically new. I’ve only worn them twice, mostly just around the house. I bought these from Genco in Japan for 28,200JPY. They’re lovely jeans, but sadly the fit isn’t quite right for me. I’m looking for 100GBP plus postage. I’m happy to share additional photos and measurements with anyone interested. Update: these are now sold.
  14. I concur with this. I have pairs of WH 1001xx and SC 1947 in the same size and both fit well.
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