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  1. willi


    ^^ I tried to do something like this with TCB S40s as well and had a similar experience. You almost get the waist you want when they come out of the dryer, but they're stretched out again in a week + you've killed the wash. The lesson for me was to just learn to love my generous fits. The way I want my waist to fit changes with the season anyways and I'll want that big silhouette again before long.
  2. How would you compare these three brands in terms of their core denim models: Resolute, Orslow, Workers. All three fall into a similar market class: simple, neat cuts that are vintage inspired with modern accommodations. All three pair well with ivy, trad and modern styles, moreso than workwear. Of the three I have experience with Orslow, the cut and color of which I enjoy but I find the oxidized rivets to be a little cheesy. Workers makes exceptional OCBDs and outerwear and I am denim curious. Resolute comes in a range of inseam lengths which is helpful for tell people. Do any other brands fall within this niche?
  3. I've been wearing orslow's french work pant lately, which I appreciate for its high rise. It's a very light fabric that I'm comfortable in all summer. A perfect version for me would have an extra inch of inseam and less taper, but the short inseam (on a tall frame) can look good with summer shoes.
  4. How do you all store your denim? Any good ideas? My sleeping denim collection is getting a little big and thinking about the best way to keep it feeling fresh. Especially my heavyweight denims feel a little "sticky" if sleeping in a drawer for too long.
  5. willi


    Just based on my observation rather than any explicit explanation from Warehouse so feel free to correct me: It depends on which 1001xx you're thinking of, but DD is generally reserved for reproduction of very specific historic models. DD is always washed and comes with a distressed patch. DDs are more likely to incorporate period specific imperfections like makeshift pocket bag fabrics. DD gives more the impression of discovering a vintage model stashed in your grandfather's trunk, whereas DSB jeans are meant to feel as if you bought the jeans new when they were produced. There are many variations in 1001xx that are not tied to DD vs DSB though, and they don't often release a DD and DSB of the exact same model.
  6. Take a look through Standard and Strange's inventory today. They have a few models from previous years and they're on sale for 30% off. It seems like if Warehouse jeans make it to the US, they will sit in inventory for a long time. If they're in Japan, they will sell out almost immediately.
  7. They produce some models for both seasons, but not the same jackets each year. This can be a hard thing to buy. Keep an eye on their instagram, catalog, online shop and the pre-order page on their website. Warehouse jackets will sell out within a day or two on Hinoya and I haven't noticed any shop in the USA stocking them recently. It's a good idea to look through their stockists for smaller shops in Japan that can take overseas orders (assuming you are overseas). This shop still has a small sized 1953 from this year; he will ship overseas and has made pre-orders for me before.
  8. willi

    Tender Co. Denim

    That's great! I'm thrilled. Thanks for your replies.
  9. willi

    Tender Co. Denim

    I've purchased a Tender GS/TP watch secondhand that sadly seems to be broken. Wonderful looking watch and I'll be sad to have to send it back. I'm assuming that the watch should wind clockwise with the crown in first position (unscrewed)? It's hard to tell if winding powers the motion at all without a second hand but does not seem to.
  10. willi


    Exciting to see this jacket in the world! I registered just to ask: how did you do on your fit? I thought the garment would be beautiful but hard to wear, but Taichi is very cool in the picture below. I love the combination of the very short length + very generous drop shoulder.
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