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  1. l13902733261


    Got this supposed “vintage” buckle, origin unknown. not sure what kind of leather/ design to go with it.
  2. 403 Trousers The hem are shorter than my usual go to length in work pants, looks a bit awkward lol.
  3. MF shirt and jacket TWC trousers Attractions boots All form TWC
  4. MF campus jacket TWC shirts trouser and shoe
  5. My cuffed hems trousers are puckering on a few places around the hem, probably cause by not enough pressing before tacking the cuff. can it be fix by a cheap cordless iron?
  6. Lot.504 wool mix trousers navy and some more of their basic items. The fit are almost identical to the 402, with a slightly higher rise.
  7. Cossack jacket size 42 Chest : 22.05″ Shoulders : 19.1″ Back : 24.5″ Sleeve : 23.5″ 403 trousers size 32 Waist : 15.7″ Rise : 13″ Leg Opening : 9.8″ Thigh : 12″ Knee : 11.2″
  8. The Cossack are 99000 yen after tax. As for the brown U-tip shoes it was schedule to restock within the 23aw season, wouldn't be wanting too long I suspect.
  9. U-tip shoes 23AW restock Been looking for similar shoes as the ad above for a while, and those hit the mark perfectly. Same sizing as the many heritage shoe brands on the market(9.5D). Despite the bulky appearance the footbed are actually very narrow, the arches are only about three fingers wide and the front foot are definitely tighter than the standard D width.
  10. Yes. those little metal bits on the side are there just for that.
  11. therealmccoys.jp and a reliable proxy is the way to go. I agree those £&$ prices tag are getting ridiculous, seems like they’re trying to match what Freewheelers has been doing lately with their leather jacket.
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