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  1. Much prefer FW approach on the WW2 theme. where in an alternate universe, people still hold their standards even at war.
  2. https://www.tradera.com/item/292205/629052706/motorjacka-skinnjacka-militar-sverige-malung-swedish-motorcycle-jacket https://digitaltmuseum.se/011024255117/motorjacka-fm-1954 50s Swedish motorcycle jacket in the original goatskin&wool spec, pretty good deal for what it is.
  3. MF Ranch Blouse Okinawa FW Flannel Shirt FW 661xx 1956 RMC N-1 Field Shoes
  4. Rare double denim fit Mister Freedom clothes Attractions boots
  5. I like how they never elaborate on this sort of things in order to justify the price tag, definitely getting one if given the chance.
  6. Say that again to the 400000 yen San Mateo😅 Their jean on the other hand are an absolute bargain for what it offered, keep me away from dumping 1k+ on those homemade artisan brands.
  7. There's no surprise that non of their clothes sales. The original Black Bear Brand outdoor workwear aesthetic are completely abandoned, instead they turn for this tacky biker hippie abomination. what a shame that is.
  8. Lazy day comfy clothes MF ranger shirt MF cashmere sweater Black Bear Brand coat MF Lot.64 nos cones Real McCoy’s Clogs
  9. About 30 ish of wear on those, aged pretty well for non tea-core 😁
  10. The recent Attractions Lot.602 with vibram sole are a good option, the last are wide foot friendly too. Personally, I wouldn't bother with Brass Tokyo and their scarcity scheme.
  11. l13902733261


    More Guidi horse belt Buckle are from a cushman belt that no longer fit.
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