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  1. Yeah it's a great colour combo. This newly released watch features a variation of it.
  2. Looking back through some archives, this is what they looked like eleven years ago
  3. As Julian said, sizing is about the same as PNW boots in my experience. This shop has some beauties for sale that all appear to have been made before the change in ownership: https://cwoodcockandco.com/shop/ols/search?keywords=russell moccasin&sortOption=descend_by_match Sizing is pretty limited sadly. Consider it your lucky day if you find your size there. Here's a quick snap of my walking shoes (double vamp) and Art Carter chukkas (triple vamp):
  4. Post O'Alls? If we include Post then we may as well include Engineered Garments. Though they do plenty of things that stray from simple clean classic cuts these days. Edit - Engineered Garments Workaday line fits in nicely with Workers.
  5. What a way to breathe new life into those jeans! I imagine it took some bravery to give such beautifully worn in pair another plunge in the indigo vat. The result is sublime.
  6. With the turn of direction this thread has taken, I'm resisting the temptation to post a photo of Obama in his 'dad's jeans.' Instead I'll share this photo of what look to be 80s Orange Tabs by Wolfgang Tillmans:
  7. What do you have against Jeans and Sheux?
  8. Thanks for posting these, I'll keeping an eye out for them. I think Sachs and his crew should be in something like the above rather than the Nike trainers
  9. Bump! These are my 129 Rinsed (washed infrequently) and 132X Unborn (washed frequently). Both size 5 and they each have about 3.5 cumulative years of wear. Plus some quick snaps of a 202 Hook Buckle Belt. (The order seems to have gotten jumbled, pardon!)
  10. Gutted for you chicote, you did the hard part in nailing down the fit. Hopefully you can bring it back to a decent state. On the bright side it's not nearly as bad as the Visvim offerings this year: elmendorf.webp 101xx.webp
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