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  1. tweeds


    http://gastronomyblo...the-lunch-lady/ Attempt and report back
  2. tweeds

    waywt? saved my life

    ode to the OGs. vexed generation · ninjahood helmut lang · silk denim type iii raf by raf · polo apc · new standards converse · leather highs
  3. tweeds

    what are you reading today?

    Doing that thing where I bounce around five or six books, but this was the most recent thing: Absolutely magnificent in its clarity & ambition.
  4. tweeds

    what are you reading today?

    Just saw this - was at McNally & J for the launch of the spring issue, the first issue of the serialisation, and the translator Natasha Wimmer had some interesting things to say. Some of which were covered in her piece at the end of The Savage Detectives. But if you can get hold of a transcript, do that (and let me know!) Anyway, the Third Reich is a little rough around the edges, but incredibly skillful. I would say it's been the best part of the Paris Review over the past year, although I've fallen behind and have yet to get their fall issue. Next to the Bolano, my favourite bits of the Review have got to be their extended interviews with writers - and their archive that's available online is just such a treasure trove. Which means, I guess, that I'll not be buying the Review after the winter edition...
  5. tweeds

    what are you watching today?

    Been on a documentary film binge, thanks to the iplayer:
  6. tweeds

    england :: london :: general

    Wow, check Boots at 1:35. If this is early 50s as suggested on the video then it would be around the time of Pharma Society of Britain v Boots Chemists, when the basic legal basis for today's self-service shopping came about. On that archival note, this one is a favourite: So much advertising, so much Nestle(!), and the traffic at the massive Bank junction is pretty epic.
  7. tweeds

    england :: london :: general

    Both Sybaritical & I would like to send regards to fre$co (did v5.0 kill your dolla sign?) and SM. We wandered down and ate ourselves silly. Their idli especially. Was ridiculous how quick we finished it.
  8. tweeds

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    Applaud: Grand plans to revamp/integrate superfuture. Slow clap: Rolling out a 5.0 that makes Google look like pros.
  9. tweeds

    best waywt pics

    Also: just realised highstreet's legendary waywt was at the Whiteread installation in 05. Double rep.
  10. tweeds

    best waywt pics

    Killed it.
  11. tweeds

    GYAKUSOU : undercover lab + nike

    "imo no hate" The ultimate copout. You're either calling him out or you're not... (IMO)
  12. tweeds

    waywt caption edition

    Is this where someone starts the best of waywt caption thread?
  13. tweeds

    what are you watching today?

    Dark popcorn flicks, so good.
  14. tweeds

    Cotton Duck World Tour

    ordo <--- the best