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  1. tweeds

    Burgus Plus by Hinoya

    No dedicated threak on superdenim so i thought i would do it... Burgus is Hinoya's house brand, quality without any noise. these are the BP 770 jeans, which are their entry-level slim straights. supima cotton yarn, deer leather patch, denim which i believe is around 13-14oz. neither particularly coarse and slubby, nor does it have a very soft hand. sits right in the middle with a slightly rough texture, but still very comfortable in the tropical heat. overall great value for money. except for the cut i would prefer this to the skull 5010XX. Denim Phenom has a pair of 780s on its way to him, which are at a higher price point and heavier denim, so he should add more just some details: tasty, snacky patch all buttons stamped with HINOYA - UENO - AMEYOKO back pockets pink selvedge line
  2. Let's try this...since there's been an influx of Should I Buy Jean X or Jean Y...? threads recently. RULES (a la minja) 1) DO NOT SHIT UP THIS THREAD. This is not a supertrash thread. Unnecessary, stupid replies will be deleted. 2) DON'T POST UNLESS YOU ARE ASKING A QUESTION OR ANSWERING ONE! 3) DO NOT BE A JERK OR AN ASS OR BE SNIDE OR SARCASTIC! This thread is for all those dumb little questions that don't need their own threads, so don't come in here if you don't want to read them! 4) This is for all your indecision.
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