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  1. I think it's an interesting question where it stops being handmade (with no definitive answer). Belt sander for the heel/soles? Definitely still handmade imo. Sewing machine for the upper? Also OK I think. I'm using bought, machine made linen thread, and some people makes that by hand. It's fun to think about, but also I'm only doing it this way because of what equipment I have, and which parts I find interesting to learn. I'm probably going to look for a cheap sander because finishing the heel is boring as shit.
  2. @chicote thank you, i really appreciate it!
  3. These aren't Clinch, they're King's Boots (kings_boots_cn on Instagram) with his arch support sole thing. Super comfy.
  4. I made a (singular) boot by hand (as in every single stitch and cut and everything) boot to learn stuff. It might not be pretty but it is technically wearable. Still have a lot of cleanup and detail work left.
  5. Got a pair of jodhpurs from kings_boots_cn on Instagram today. They're very nice imo and the fit is great for my short and wide hobbit feet.
  6. My old pair of 125 (just before I'm about to wash them) with my very simple handmade horsebutt belt.
  7. Tender Sidings Boots
  8. Purse I made that I can't post on Instagram cause it's a birthday gift for my mom.
  9. Attractions I've been wearing for a year or so.
  10. This is the purse I’ve been working on for a bit. There are definitely things to improve, but I’m pretty happy with it.
  11. No, they are both good but in different ways. KSBlade feels sharper, as in I actually don’t have to punch to get through like 2mm leathers, just push a bit. KS is also better at going through thicker leathers - the teeth doesn’t really get wider at the end body end of the punch. They are heavy and thick, once placed on the leather they don’t really move or slide around, but also they are so thick it’s kind of difficult to see if you’re completely in line. Amy Roke feels more refined. I wouldn’t punch through more than 4mm (KS limit is more like 6), but to be honest I’ve been enjoying just making marks on 2mm+ and then using an awl with the AR punches. Making bags or wallets I think I’d prefer Amy Roke, for belts and thick heavy shit, KSBlade all the way.
  12. I've been using 3.85mm KSBladePunch irons for quite a while (that I for some reason ordered in the Japanese/diamond style) and they've been great, but I didn't want to deal with their order times and import tax mess ups, so I found a place that sells both Amy Roke and Crimson Hides more locally. I kind of wanted to go the CH route, but they only had 2+5 or 2+5+12 tooth combos, and I honestly find the 5 tooth to be silly. Amy Roke had 2+8 so that's perfect for me. Very clean holes, and completely ridiculous polish on the teeth. Like my one complaint is that they are so mirror shined - they glide so easy it's sort of hard to keep the irons in place when lining up the first strike. edit: Forgot to mention their awl - I love it. I've been forced to use awls more and more with the bags and it's pretty fun once I learned to stop placing my fingers on the spot I pierce through.
  13. I recently bought some pricking irons in that size (Amy Roke), and I’ve been using it on a purse I’m making. Maybe a bit small for bigger bags, but I’ve been really enjoying smaller and smaller stitching lately. Great job on that wallet!
  14. Nice! What's the SPI/stich mm on that?
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