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  1. Duke Mantee


    It’s been a popular design This one in burgundy Wickett & Craig harness, snakeskin, vintage brass and rubies
  2. Duke Mantee


    Both Wickett & Craig bridle - the black is 12oz, the brown is 10oz; brass saddlers rivets and 9 buckle prong holes on the black, screws and ‘traditional’ 5 holes on the brown
  3. Broadly it’s to do with grading and demand. A pair of jeans (or just about any other item) will not grade successfully from the smallest size to the biggest size - so the manufacturer then has to make multiple patterns. This adds to development costs … and could well impact fabric choices / costs. The pattern is developed from what will be the most popular sizes (and likely a particular body type - this is an issue) so the manufacturer will be even more reluctant to create a new pattern for would have the lowest demand. Pretty much what Kiya said. There are potential other issues but safe to say it’s not the most straightforward route to just add extra size availability to a product.
  4. Just put good waxed cotton laces on them - or some rawhide strips
  5. Worst laces ever offered on a pair of shoes or boots. I replaced them all and threw those out … except for one pair which I sent back to RDT telling them how bad they are.
  6. Duke Mantee


    @SLAYER - ready made belt blanks? Or have you spent more on tools than you did on leather and hardware? 😂
  7. Duke Mantee


    Old school pattern - not often I’m asked to make these (much as you might think you’ve seen it before - you probably haven’t) Wickett & Craig Bridle, Lambskin overlays, Nickel plated Steel hardware and hi-domes
  8. Duke Mantee


    Walpier Buttero Rocky, Nickel Plated Brass Buckle and Double Cap Rivets
  9. For a very good friend (despite selling a pair of 47s) Outer: La Bretagna - Arizona Raw in T. Moro (testa di moro) Inner: La Perla Azzurra - Alaska in Natural
  10. Duke Mantee


    Wickett & Craig bridle, sueded veg tan cobra, onyx and carnelian gemstones and antique nickel hardware
  11. It’s a nice bag - I’m glad it was legit
  12. I’ve posted how the catalog numbers work before - but without checking, and without asking if things have changed my only reaction to that number is that it is fake
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