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  1. Yeah from the pic mate … but I had something in my mind, some vague memory this had been stated somewhere (maybe another forum). Plus his album was ‘63 and the 551 were ‘61/62? Anyway I was hoping/wondering if the pic maybe jogged a memory
  2. … he came up in some other chat but this Bob Dylan shot from his Freewheelin’ album is a classic. Maybe doc or some other luminary might confirm or otherwise but are these 551ZXX?
  3. Duke Mantee


    … just trying to speed up the patina for you mate 😉
  4. Duke Mantee


    For @MJF9 - a Wickett & Craig ‘American Vachetta’ rough out with a solid brass buckle that’s been sanded and re-polished to allow the metal to oxidise very quickly.
  5. Great value for money compared to the bulk of their peers Sadly I don’t think they are still in operation (could be wrong)
  6. Just iPhone pics at the moment - but here’s what Neal made me with the tools in it. It’s not a tool rack … it’s the best piece of furniture we’ve got in the house. It looks and feels mid-century as Neal said, it smells lovely and I ab-so-fucking-lutely love it Wood is such a tactile material and when you’ve got someone who understands it so well then you can only end up with a beautiful object
  7. I vaguely remember something like that - good chance it was JPG The quality of shoe available around that time was really good. I had these (90s Bikkembergs) and wore them to death … loved them: … and these were the shoes I mentioned earlier but mine had a buckle strap (similar to engineer boots as I said)
  8. Not quite but point here, I’d say, is there were a few similar ideas floating about … which is always the case regardless of era / fashion / style
  9. I remember the MA-1 as the weapon of choice for skinheads … that was well before the 90s though. I still associate the jacket with that period and I’ve disliked it intensely since then. However, come the 80s / early 90s I was hanging out ‘The Warehouse’ shop quite a bit. They were selling (IMO) the most amazing clothes and (JPG, Vivienne Westwood, ‘Antwerp 6’, etc) and Gaultier introduced his ‘Junior’ range - it was his take on streetwear … jeans, denim jacket variants and I bought a few pieces. I don’t have pics and can’t find much online but my favourite outfit was a pair of shoes that engineer boots with the shaft removed, black Junior Gaultier jeans and a hybrid MA1 (sleeves - black) / Type 3 (body - burgundy) jacket. This was the one of the other variants which was short body MA1
  10. I’ve seen quite a few Filson vests that are similar - but simpler. I like the pocket variety on yours better. Also here’s the Baker vest by Freewheelers from winter 2011 The FW Sasquatch takes things quite a big step forward … but the variety of vests, complex or otherwise, they produce from all the materials you’ve noted (without forgetting beachcloth and others) is quite impressive
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