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  1. aleopold

    Words With Friends

    more like wiconsin (me) vs. ohio state (you), at wisconsin. game on.
  2. aleopold

    worst (sufu) waywt fits

    zing! zow! zang!
  3. aleopold


    quarter system indeed. fuck it (quarters) btw.
  4. aleopold

    shit you hate

    noooo!!!!!!!!!! fuck. right now i hate zubin..
  5. aleopold

    shit you hate

    that feeling right before you yahk. love the feeling during/after though.
  6. aleopold


    just puked my guts out. the contents of my gut included; one chipotle burrito and two pb&j sandwiches. feeling like a million bucks now
  7. aleopold

    Words With Friends

    username's aleopold, hit me up yos
  8. aleopold


    yeah, i'm thinking i won't be doing that again any time soon. after a quick google search, ulcers seem to be a possible reaction. hopefully that doesn't happen... edit: still feeling pretty nauseous this sucks
  9. aleopold

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    x-post from shit you hate..
  10. aleopold

    shit you hate

    not sure what's wrong.. i can see it on my end
  11. aleopold

    shit you hate

    what are you guys talking about. this girls' page is fuckin' awesome! tZM4NcvS-Zo PHXziHOo_wQ
  12. aleopold


    got stoned on muscle relaxants and pain killers today.. didn't like it
  13. aleopold

    College Basketball

    just remembered. i have a flicker account, hence i have a yahoo account. here we goooooo
  14. aleopold

    College Basketball

    bitches.... hahaha, kidding. can i get in on the group without joining yahoo? as in, someone enter my bracket for me?
  15. aleopold

    shit you hate

    basketball shorts + vans authentic + nike crew socks