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  1. cecil

    Post O'alls

    Waiting for fit pictures!!
  2. cecil

    kawatako wallets!!! regular, mid , long

    So, what happened with my wallet?
  3. Could you post actual measurements on these?
  4. Interested in the Sugarcane shirt.How much has it been used,washes etc?
  5. cecil

    Iron Heart Jeans

    I got an XK in this one and although it´s one of my favourite IH shirts it´s really small running. I would compare it to a small L in other IH shirts. I´m a 44 in Flathead and this is more small running. Still use it though, love the fabric. Wish IH would make another shirt in this flannell.
  6. Just got my black cap! Looking real good as stated. Quick and fast shipping; great!
  7. cecil

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Slab, regarding the Roy boots, how did you decide with sizing? I too are gonna get a pair of this beautys, bur since I am from Europe I have to taka a chance on sizing. Do you have any earlier experience of Aldens vs European sizing?
  8. cecil

    Iron Heart Jeans

    I got mine from Giles yesterday. Looking real good, a ligther and smoother version compared to my other more Ironheart shirts. Fit is as it used to be, similar to earlier shirts. I´m normally a L but this time I got a XL to be safe. Nice shirt, as always with IH.
  9. cecil

    Iron Heart Jeans

    Got my flannel in Xl today after changing from L. Have to say that I don´t understand what´s gotten into Ironheart. The sizing is completely different and much smaller than I got used to. I have four shirts before this, all in L, the last one before the flannel being the Hickory stripe from this season, and all fits perfectly and similar. But the flannel, even after getting it in XL seems more like a M. Disappointing, since I come to love and cherish my IH shirts and find them to be the best shirts available. The Quality on the flannel, on the other hand, is as alvays outstanding. So let´s hope this is just some kind of mistake and that the sizes will run like before in the future.
  10. cecil

    SharpServiceJapan - japan proxy

    Got my package today. Hide-san has been extremely helpful to deal with and helped me through everything then I needed to exchange. Great guy!
  11. Brand new IH Flannell Western Shirt s.L colur red. As seen on:ww.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/rebirth/IHSH-10.html. Shirt is awesome but sizing is a bit small for me. Asking for 200 $ + shipping from Sweden. Only tried on twice and with tags on.
  12. cecil

    Iron Heart Type III - Medium

    Bump for a great jacket. Just got myself one in XL and i´m loving it. Beatiful detaling and great fit. Never seen a better jeansjacket actually.
  13. cecil

    Iron Heart Jeans

    I´m a european L, and I think Ironheart shirts are very similar in sizing. I try to take some fit picture in the near future. I´ts a slim but not tight cut, exactly as I want my shirts to be.