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  1. @FeloniousMonk That's right! Thanks for remembering. I'll be there from July 8th to the 17th with my wife and father-in-law. We'll be going in and around the Ring Road hiking, camping, etc. Any recommendations for anything out of the beaten path for those that have been? Also, @Hendsch I'll PM you my address.
  2. @marcusV2, the fit looks good! I have two TSG sweats (black and gray) and they have shrunk, mostly in length, with subsequent hot washes and spins in the dryer.
  3. @itsbenhere They're a 33. Honestly, they're mildly loose in the top block/waist (I could have easily gone down one size). The fit is great everywhere else but the extra fabric in the seat lends to a pronounced moose-knuckle in the crotch unless I'm wearing looser fitting boxers to help fill in the space.
  4. Ever since I saw @itsbenhere's RJB 105BSPs. I've been itching a pair for myself. There's a Grailed listing for a size 30. How have people sized them? According to the seller, they're TTS at the waist right now. Is there some give and stretching? I know that they should have been a 32 pre soak.
  5. @FeloniousMonk When do you expect the jeans to be back in your hands? I know the're headed to the west coast of North America soon. I'll be spending a week in Iceland early July and wonder if my leg of the tour would allow me to take them along.
  6. TCB

    So it won't be a 50s fabric in a 60s fit?
  7. Why won't he be able to do the buttons?
  8. Any measurements for the ballpark sweat?
  9. @Jeef1 I've worn it all weekend and love it to death. I may pick up the gray or oatmeal one in the future.
  10. @goodrain Like you guys recommended, I went for a medium.
  11. I got my crewneck sweat yesterday! It fits perfectly after a hot wash and dry.
  12. @JDelage They do! However, for me, there is an appeal to the studdy feeling of the sashiko pocket bags.
  13. I usually wear a pair of SC Okinawas and TFH 3009s. I'm assuming they should be okay considering their rises.
  14. I've been scouring this thread for the fit advice on TSG sweats. I'm eyeing an oatmeal one from the Tenryo shop. How did you guys size them? I'm eyeing the medium at the moment but the shrinkage makes me consider the large; I like my tops on the shorter side but I don't need it to be a crop top. I'm 5'10", weigh ~150-lbs with a slim/average build.
  15. Any updates?