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  1. I'm a fan of the details and styling of the Merz short sleeve henley. Does anyone have experience with sizing and shrinkage? I know they tend to be on the longer side. Thanks!
  2. ReverendGlasseye


    I have last season's short sleeve pocket sweatshirts from them and they do shrink a bit in length in a normal wash. But, because of the nature of the fabric, you can easily stretch it back again.
  3. Any recs for a merino wool undershirt tank/vest? I've grown tired of my cotton hanes ones and would love something that can wick away moisture as well as keep me warm.
  4. ReverendGlasseye


    Nice! I've been on the hunt for something like them. Where did you find them?
  5. I know this as asked somewhere in another thread but what Japanese shops are still able to ship to the US? I know of BEARS, Hinoya, Denimio, Okayama, and Pants Shop Avenue; I know there are others but I can't seem to find the list someone put on here. I'm on the hunt for some crewneck sweats from Warehouse because the ones I'm looking for appear to be sold out in the US.
  6. ReverendGlasseye

    World of denim shops

    Hinoya is great! They delivered to me (Illinois, USA) using FedEx a few weeks ago.
  7. ReverendGlasseye

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @Double 0 Soul Thanks! Yeah, that was a few years ago I recall. I'm having a tough time finding any info on them anywhere.
  8. ReverendGlasseye

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Does anyone here have any experience with SC's Slack Denim? There's someone on Grailed selling an old pair and I'm wondering how it behaves, stretches, wears, etc. compared to the standard 1947 model/denim. I know they're an older model that is discontinued.
  9. ReverendGlasseye


    I bought the short sleeve pocket sweats from S&S; I wonder if WH will release more color ways next Summer.
  10. My newer model BR sweat shrank a smidge everywhere after a hot wash and dry but it wasn't as dramatic as SG.
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