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  1. Don’t go. It’s worse than summer in Thailand. You cannot be outside during the day. At night it’ll be brutally uncomfortable and it’s not what you would expect anyways. You and 3 million others have the same idea right now. Check the tourist stats. It’s madness! You go to Shibuya or any of the known spots and it’s literally more than 50% foreigners and you can’t move on the street. Forget the trains. All trains are packed with tourists and each has three suitcases and a bunch of shopping bags. It’s beyond stupid right now. unless you go straight from the airport to Okayama. Stay away from Tokyo, osaka and any touristy spot.
  2. You should go. Yen at 154… absolutely ridiculous. I’m totally fucked by that but please enjoy. just note, that all tourist spots you’ve ever heard of are so insanely overcrowded with European and American tourists. I’m talking about 50% plus of the foot traffic is actually foreign. Probably not the Japanese experience people are looking for. But everyone has the same idea and that’s what it is. I’d stay away from that.
  3. ONI, the old Japanese denim master no one knows. He can only work in the summer months. He still manages to pump out gimmicky collabs with all the western denim stores. cuts and fabric aimed at TikTok and instagram crowd. American influencers pushing the brand. must be quite a man this old guy. Drinking from the fountain of youth while making jeans during the humid summers in Japan.
  4. What about the opposite? every denim jacket I’ve had was too long in the arms. By the time it fits me in the chest the arms are so long that my fingers barely peak out. To me it seems they are mostly cut for slim frames. Especially all Japanese brands.
  5. opposite problem with my 1951 jacket. This jacket came “one wash” and sleeves are still slightly too long. Factory washed already has all shrinkage taken out, right? No way to wash hot and get a bit more shrinkage out?
  6. Thanks. Yes, slightly low but really not that much. I just have really short legs for my height. 6’2” and a 30” inseam.
  7. Interesting. My wife also says the length is fine. Maybe I’m just not used to the wide cut. Feels so ankle-free.
  8. Left S601XX Right 601XX 1947 Top: FW pocket tee. Size XXL adjust shape from square to human again. The guy hemming my 47s made a mistake and cut two inches off instead of 2cm. Tried to save them by going for a really thin cuff. Should’ve just worn them uncuffed in hindsight. I feel they’re just a bit too short. Great cut. Will get again in future.
  9. YM Factory in Japan is cheaper than most others and quite good. Plus the weak yen too.
  10. Not considering getting them repaired professionally?
  11. Really nice people in there but the sizes stop at US Medium. Couldn’t get anything there and it hurt. Really nice T-Shirts and flannels. Unfortunate
  12. My waist is 91 cm and I wear size 36 comfortably.
  13. 1947. wider than long. 2 months in. These seem to fade a lot faster than the 601RB I had before. At least initially.
  14. That’s one nice jacket!!!
  15. Freewheelers 47 jeans with a type 2 jacket
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