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  1. i guess @Xu Jianfeng up there has what you're looking for too
  2. la6b-ds in M is still up
  3. i've never been impressed at the quality of materials from gg (it's priced accordingly though), although i really like their sense of design and style.
  4. prob cuz every1 is trying to hype up and justify selling their j1ts for insane prices honestly the ppl who are trying to flip these silly jackets is because they can't afford to wear them fit in a size small (vic)
  5. Small is still available at the bureau. Move swiftly.
  6. j61 is the fucking sleeper. wow. just got mine in and damn. the shape is perfect and as much as i love to nerd out on the j1ts and ventile... the 61 is gonna see more wear this spring than anything else.
  7. according to this datasheet, it's only supposed to see +/-3% shrinkage would you find that accurate?
  8. Sizing is same as last few seasons. TTS instead of size up. Also as last few seasons, materials leave a bit to be desired compared to the debut and earliest seasons.
  9. great tip. one that i've been using for a while now! their default is terrible edit: this is useful for checking the current exchange rate that you will see on your statement at time of transaction. it's based on a 24h period so the rate stays fixed for that day regardless of market conditions. applies to visa users only
  10. Acrodad
  11. Oops sorry I meant shoulder pockets! The stacked ones etc
  12. Ppl who are actually wearing their j1ts and not trying to resell: what do you use the sleeve pockets for?
  13. is that looped around the jacketsling guide?
  14. j1ts - what's the extra little strap thing w/ a snap button coming off the base of the hood? my j56 has this and i use it when the hood is stowed as a loose jacket closure. i can't see any way to stow the hood in the same manner on the j1ts, so does it serve any other purpose?
  15. i know i was just spoiled by nitty gritty's price i guess... haha thank u for enabling me. copping!