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  1. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    did y'all size TTS for the 11 BBS salomon bamba 2's? i'm usually an 8.5US in sneakers/running shoes and trying to decide between a 41 or 42
  2. arcteryx veilance

    Field Pant update; got size 30. Fits me better and slightly more relaxed. No loose threads on this pair but another really odd QC issue: the waistband that meets at the zip fly and cobrax snap is not lined up properly! The left side (outer facing waist band) is higher than the right side (inner, with male part of snap) it is a seemingly trivial matter and doesn’t affect the wear or fit, but aesthetically it ruins the clean and minimal nature of Veilance, especially when worn with a tucked in shirt. Definitely not used to seeing this sort of inconsistency with Veilance. I’m very surprised. the vendor only has one of each size and do I really to deal with the long turnaround with Veilance/arc warranty dept?
  3. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    ic/wtt: p20-s black size small, pants only. condition: clean, well loved, light patina visible, no tears or worn out areas ic/wtt: 3a-1 L2, full set. condition: clean, well loved, light patina visible, no tears or worn out areas looking for: 3a-5ts(r), 3a-9ts (xpac only)
  4. arcteryx veilance

    yes this is why it's alarming. it's a simple matter that i'm surprised is happening now with a brand-line typically known for quality.
  5. arcteryx veilance

    The size discrepancy between colors is really odd and alarming tbh
  6. arcteryx veilance

    excellent, that gives me a better idea. thanks.
  7. arcteryx veilance

    would you mind giving me an idea of what you can reasonably put in the v2 vs. v1 in the context of a 15h flight carry on
  8. arcteryx veilance

    field pants: material is 3L windstopper and has a nice feeling textile outer layer with a similar hand to schoeller dryskin that acr uses for a number of their products. cobrax sliding button closure is a nice touch and works well in this context. (can't say it works all that well when you're trying to do up or remove a whole placket on the field overshirt --unnecessary and not minimal at all) construction is decent. i did find a few loose or unfinished threads, but no glaring qc problems. however i must note that over the years of buying veilance i've never seen loose/unfinished threads. this isn't particularly alarming, but for a retail price of 525usd, maybe it should be. fit is rather slim when sized TTS and also the rise is on the lower end of normal which makes these sit a bit lower than true waist. I'm a TTS 29 and the size 29 pants fit perfectly but perhaps a bit more tight than i've been wearing lately (fit on me is pretty much the way they fit on the veilance fit model, and i'm a very average nerd build 5'7, 135lbs). the fit is not restricting at all because the elastane content in the material. Today i went ahead and also ordered a size up in 30 for comparison. can anyone speak on whether this synthetic material will stretch out over time? pocket config is thoughtful. the hand pockets are easily accessed due to shape and cargo and rear pockets are placed nicely. but since the pants fit me like the veilance fit model it leaves a bit of an imprint when stowing any objects (mainly the front hand pockets though). the cargo pockets do have some internal organization which is great too, but i have yet to actually test these irl. any questions feel free to ask. ps: some ppl have expressed confusion whether these pants are made in canada or not due various websites saying 'made in canada'. those are errors in copy and can confirm: these are made in china.
  9. arcteryx veilance

    Thank you! Very useful to read a review favoring the v1. Unfortunately it is becoming rather difficult / impossible to find a v1 brand new at this point. Im going to try to keep my eyes out for a nice conditionin v1 on the second hand market. If if anyone has a lead on a v1 send them my way!
  10. arcteryx veilance

    Thank you for the valuable feedback @branespload and @johngalt very interesting criticism on the v1 straps. Aside from yours, I’ve never heard a negative comment on their design.
  11. arcteryx veilance

    thanks for the input. sorry i meant that there would almost always be a laptop in the bag along with other things.
  12. arcteryx veilance

    i'm deciding between v1 and v2 rn... is the laptop sleeve weirdness enough to pick a v1 over the v2? (since i'll be mainly using it for traveling w/ a laptop)
  13. arcteryx veilance

    heads up for anyone in the market for a field overshirt: capsule's price is marginally lower than the official retail of ~525USD due to CAD weakness comes out to about 482USD after shipping sold out: https://www.capsuletoronto.com/products/field-overshirt-17321-black edit: navy is still available: https://www.capsuletoronto.com/products/field-overshirt-17321-navy edit again: wow www.cruvoir.com has a selection of veilance that is cheaper than most other places --includes wallets
  14. Acronym.

    you're definitely not a small in tops. get medium. pants sizing depends on the type of pant. ultrawide pants size based on inseam. normal pants size normally. you'll probably be a medium as well. this post style is a meme
  15. Stone Island Shadow Project

    the convert flap storage pocket is pretty terrible for anything with mass (unless you're cool with it swinging around when you walk) on the other hand, the cargo pocket organization is well placed and balanced for most of my normal pocket items though (L: airpod case, cardcase; R: cell phone)