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  1. best jacket
  2. fs: ACG KMTR obsidian size US8, retail + shipping in usa
  3. that really sucks man. unfortunately there really isn't any course of action to recover gift payments... hopefully someone on here knows him personally! seems like there are a lot of other ppl who are out some cash with him as well.
  4. WTB, if anyone knows where i can still get Tilak ODIN pants in ventile, hmu
  5. WTS: j56-gt size small 10/10 p16a-s raf size med (fits like small) 9.9/10
  6. fs KMTR obsidian size US8 - retail + shipping
  7. Thanks guys for the replies. According to Errolson on twitter, it's for a 'traditional belt prong' i like the central belt loop on all my more recent acr pants because it prevents the front part of waistband from dropping below the belt, but on these (p16a-s) it is much smaller than my smallest belt (25mm)
  8. What's the tiny front/center belt loop for on the older acronym pants?
  9. fs: bnib nike acg KMTR in obsidian, size US8. retail + shipping + fees (or paypal gift)
  10. anyone can literally purchase a pair of the pants in question and see how they're made. it's actually a really good way to self-teach. this du is just lazy
  11. Ic: p16a-s raf in M brand new full set
  12. lack of experience and what sounds like lack of understanding of clothing design as well. nobody is going to spoon feed you information on how you can make rip-off pants. if you want to make something, then make it. if it's not to your liking, then fix it.
  13. know any shops still stocking size 7 or 6.5 in black?
  14. the description says black, idk?
  15. same... i'm hoping that more than 1 shop stocks a size 44