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  1. chris_n

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

  2. chris_n


    i'm personally looking forward to these 'oversized sized down' fits, please post asap i need something to look forward to
  3. chris_n


    quick reviews: p41-ds: the cut is really good and the lower leg engineering is v similar to p37 with the darting and contour panels. this satisfies my desire for p37-ds i think. i find the cargo pockets much more usable and less noticeable when loaded than the p24a and p30a style pocket setup, but this is only because i have both types of pants. both types work well on their own. some pants only work well with hem zip closed, but these work well both ways. p30a-e: the material is very nice to touch and i think overall the garment is lighter than the -ds version. initial impression after a few hours of wear is that these are noisier "crunchier" than the -ds version. the combination of lightweight + densely woven non-stretch fabric gives the feeling of being less breathable but i haven't gotten hot enough for it to be of concern so the breathability remains unknown. one note about the fabric is that because it is light and not stiff, the main cargo pockets are somewhat difficult to close single handed without the zipper collapsing/folding. this also happens on the -ds version, but the -s version (p24a) are relatively ok with single handed zipper closing. i haven't handled any -e fabrics of the past so can't comment on past generations, but i like it enough to consider trying the p10 version of this fabric. update: the -e fabric seems to have an affinity for cat hair. i just picked up my cat and the pants have become very furry. could just be the 'newness' time will tell.
  4. chris_n

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    these are the best. still have my pair, wish i didn't sell the black ones tbh
  5. chris_n


    as a whole i don't think acr product quality has changed much since i've been wearing it and i'm actually pretty impressed that they've been able to maintain a certain level of quality with such an increase in production. but i do think the demographic has become more whiny about things
  6. chris_n

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    really just trying to get this to someone who'll use it. send offers :)
  7. chris_n


    same process as any other repair, they'll prob fwd to bagjack
  8. chris_n

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    tbh very well made, can't find any faults. just have too much stuff that i don't get to use regularly
  9. chris_n


    yo isn't that guy in jail now lmao
  10. chris_n

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    FS: 893 DCF 3a style bag. completely constructed in ultralight weight dyneema cuben fiber. 2 canted side entry pockets w/ mezzanine pockets, main compartment and floating interior zipper compartment. extremely lightweight. right handed / right sided orientation $325USD net, i'll pay shipping in USA. offers and trades welcome! size small in most.
  11. chris_n


    gt7 is literally the only reason why i want a ps5
  12. chris_n


    has anyone compared the fabric of p25-ds vs p25h-ds? is it safe to say p25-ds = same fabric and weight as s24-ds while p25h-ds = same fabric and weight as other regular acr pants (p30a-ds etc) edit: i know there is a post way back saying the p25h is 3oz/yd heavier but i have no point of reference
  13. chris_n

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    i assume those are legit from a retailer in china?
  14. chris_n

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: p25h-ds - $888 net to me p14-s (olive) - $888 net to me both full pack, both size SMALL, both 9.5/10.
  15. chris_n


    lol damn scoop one for me next time plz ♡
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