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  1. The baggier version way better IMO.
  2. you n me both, very happy about that.
  3. don't be such a biter, i obviously said that first about you
  4. SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE PPL WHO THOUGHT THE LAST DROP ON ACRNM WAS A NEW RELEASE, Y'ALL LIGHT MY FIRE edit: except for the J34-GT that was a completely new jacket released in ss17
  5. buy it. it's in good condition. it retailed for 3,500. it's worth it. next question
  6. shout out to whoever keeps making new accounts to post this meme.
  7. 2012 is japan sizing. so one up from your normal size. @Flipflop214
  8. @Flipflop214 i'm not sure if there's an exact version, but i'm a fan of the ODIN ventile shorts/pants. unfortunately they seem hard to find now. i've been after the odin ventile pants for at least a year now :|
  9. FS: Black 3L Gore (non AR) Partition Coat by Veilance, size small. 9/10 condition. $300 shipped in USA, fees incl. Black Windshell Blazer by Veilance, size small. 9/10 condition $200 shipped in USA, fees incl.
  10. @3d.b you haven't been lurking hard enough because there was an 11ts on last week for at least 2 days.
  11. it's constructed like the j1ts-s or the j1b in that it's just double or single layer ventile. no insulation.
  12. echo all this sentiment, although i wish there was a chin strap on the collar for when it's in 'storm mode'
  13. lol well retail on acrnm was 9xx eur i believe just FYI
  14. ur so annoying tbh
  15. did you just get one from the restock? i've been looking for a while. lmk how much you want