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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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Feel free to post your ACRONYM offerings, WTBs, and WTTs in this thread.

Based on the Community's comments since this thread launched, here are some suggested posting protocols:

Remember to post the size of garments you're selling, offering for trade, or wishing to buy. Actual measurements, too, if you have access to analog measuring technology. Pit-to-pit on coats and waist & inseam on trousers are always helpful.

Never hurts to specify which country you're in, how you prefer to pay or be paid, which carriers you prefer...

Links to your Acronym offerings on Grailed, eBay, Yahoo Antarctica, etc. are perfectly welcome.

Posting items for sale without a price/ condition/ size and photos (necessary for items below 9/10 condition, any links are perfectly welcome) will result you in a warning and a temporary ban, same goes to Interest Check’s.

Multi-posting on the same page is restricted. Please, just edit your original post.

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Anyone has ACR WS-J25 in medium for sale? I desperately need it in my life! Thanks TaoSpace!

WTB ACR FFW-T1 in Medium

WTB Acronym DS-LA3 schoeller® 3XDRY® DRYSKIN™ Long Sleeve Shirt in Medium

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Hi Flipflop: got one. Its worn but in perfect shape. Not dying to get rid of it, but shoot me your best offer on PM.

I've got a HY-J3S in XL and a DS-HD2 in M up over here btw:


Also, I'm still and will always be looking for a DS-J5 in M. Will make it worth your while!

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I'm looking for the following, most wanted in descending order:

P-HD1, L or XL

TT-KA2, L or XL

T11/12, XL

OCP-KA1, any colour, L or XL

PL-J1, L

S-LA1, L

TT-LA2, Black/White or Black/Red, XL


HY-J3, Black/Olive or Black/Petrol two-tone, L or XL

HY-J3S, Navy/Black, L or XL

Long and probably optimistic list but PM me your price if you have any of these or can direct me to someone who does. Thanks.

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selling slowly Acronym S-J14 very rare jacket size M black NWT

who are interested in detailed information about the jacket here:


RRP: 1250$

My price: 790$ + shiping ( incl. tags, paperwork, packaging)

withdrawn from sale

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I have a brand new pair of P9-E in olive size large that I need to trade for a pair of XL P9-(E/S/CH doesn't matter) in black or olive any material as they are new. If I can't trade I'll consider selling if the price is right. Hit up the PM if you can help me out, thanks.

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Everything SOLD!

Everything is free of tears, holes, stains, and visible signs of use!
I accept International Paypal, local pickup and local wire-transfer.

SOLD Acronym P9-E


Color: black

Fabric: Epic Amphibious Cotton

URL: http://acronym.de/product.php?id=481
Condition: 9/10 — Worn 1-2 times.

Price: / $590

"P9 is the new Acronym 7-pocket trouser. Built on our zero resistance fitblock, it achieves an easy balance of comfort, utility and casual elegance. The integrated side, front and back pockets provide ample low profile storage space, and the arching contour lines of the pattern can match the fastest farthest moves.

SOLD Acronym BR-P1
Color: black

Fabric:Brugnoli Loopwheel Cotton

URL: http://acronym.de/product.php?id=462

Condition: 9/10 — Worn 1-2 times, waistcord ripped but can easily be replaced.
Price:250 / $330,

"The softest, most comfortable, best wearing, italian cotton sweat we could find.
Beautiful. Gets better even with age and use. Built on the P8 ergonomic fitblock."

SOLD Acronym BR-HD1
Fabric:Brugnoli Loopwheel Cotton
URL: http://acronym.de/product.php?id=461
Condition:9.5/10 — Worn 1-2 times, like new.
Price: 250 / $330

"The softest, most comfortable, best wearing, italian cotton sweat we could find.
Beautiful. Gets better even with age and use. Redesigned chest and lower pockets for updated optics and optimised comfort."

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Acronym KR-NG2 - bnwt. (130 euro) SOLD
Acronym KR-H1 - bnwt. (330 euro) SOLD
Acronym 3A-9TS - bnwot. (335 euro) SOLD
Acronym 3A-10TS - bnwot. (210 euro) SOLD
Acronym SET2 M - bnwt. (800 euro) SOLD
Acronym P9-E olive/L - bnwt. (425 euro) SOLD
Acronym P1TS-S olive/M - used few times only, no tags, no packaging. (400 euro) SOLD
Acronym SS-J8 olive/XL - bnwt. (390 euro) SOLD
Acronym DS-J12TS black/S - bnwt. (455 euro) SOLD
Acronym GTJ22 L - used 2 times, incl. tags, paperwork, packaging. (495 euro)
Acronym DS-LA3 L - bnwt. (260 euro) SOLD
Acronym SS-J5W L - used very few time, no tags or packaging. Sorry (500 euro) SOLD

Acronym SS-V4C S bnwt. (700 euro) SOLD


Acronym 3A3TS white bnwt. (299 euro) SOLD

Acronym 3A5TS black limonta bnwt. (440 euro) SOLD

Acronym 3A8TS bnwt. (460 euro) SOLD

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Flipflop214 I cannot tell you how jealous I am that you found one. Do you have any other acronym pieces? I have the DS-HD2 hoody in M an it fits perfectly. Do you think I could get away with a large?

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Hi Dutchblack,

Having had both pieces, I'm fairly certain that a WS-J25 in L would be fairly big for you. The HD2 in M fits close to an S. To me the WS-J25 fits true to size, so the Large version of it is probably too big for you.

Edited by TaoSpace
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Hey thanks TaoSpace,

I was afraid of that. It's measurements are close to the HD2 so I was thinking I could swing it.

I made the mistake of buying the Vehicular jacket in a large and it was just slightly to big.

Edited by dutchblack
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Good point. Chest measurements are close, but the shoulders are hard to compare as the J25 has a kind of raglan construction.

The sleeves are 12cm longer on the J25, but part of that is extra length for the thumb-loop part of course. For me the biggest issue with the HD2 is that the sleeves are too short (and I'm not particularly tall).

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