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post yours, I will update the lists. I have little experience with AMERiCAN/ASIAN vendors.


getting a moderator to pin this would be great!

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I never bought veilance so I have no idea about that, if you put a list together I will update the first post as promissed!

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go ahead, PM it or just post it and I will edit the first post so it's always here.

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Are you talking to me, mister?

I don't care about ACG. Make your ACG list YOURSELF.

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Haha. Everyone is so sensitive lately.

I was just kidding around, bud.

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I thought Firmament stopped carrying Acronym too?

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8 hours ago, Dolphinski said:

Does anyone know any European (not UK) online stockists besides https://slamjam.com/collections/acronym/ ?

Summer Store & KITH Paris (France), Oallery (Netherlands), Norse Store (Denmark), Gate 193 (Berlin).

few more but I can't think of them.

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      Feel free to post your ACRONYM offerings, WTBs, and WTTs in this thread.
      Based on the Community's comments since this thread launched, here are some suggested posting protocols:
      Remember to post the size of garments you're selling, offering for trade, or wishing to buy. Actual measurements, too, if you have access to analog measuring technology. Pit-to-pit on coats and waist & inseam on trousers are always helpful.
      Never hurts to specify which country you're in, how you prefer to pay or be paid, which carriers you prefer...
      Links to your Acronym offerings on Grailed, eBay, Yahoo Antarctica, etc. are perfectly welcome.
      Posting items for sale without a price and photos will result you in a warning and a temporary ban, same goes to Interest Check’s.
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      View Advert Acronym x Nemen J28-K
      Size XL. 
      £750 + shipping + fees. 
      Less than retail. 
      worn 5-7 times og all. 

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      My school and industry mentors have challenged me with the task of trying to create a new product - from scratch - everyday - for 30 days...
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      The studio where I intern is very tight-lipped about their outputs and involvements, however I am allowed to say that they have been quietly responsible for many of the innovations and products seen across the market - some of which I see posted quite regularly in fits around the community. My roll is still at the utmost bottom of the ladder (see:gopher), however my mentors are incredibly supportive in including me in and teaching me the in-and-outs of the nuances fashion design.
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      The 30-day countdown begins!
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      http://extremtextil.de: DRESDEN/DE [etaproof, fidlock, ykk, polartec, cordura, cobra buckles]
      http://fun-fabric.de: SOLINGEN/DE [fidlock, cordura]
      http://technische-textilien-shop.de: BERLIN/DE / ran by BAGJACK [cordura, 25mm slotted loops]
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      http://pennineoutdoor.co.uk: BENTHAM/UK [ventile, thisulate]
      http://sailrite.com: COLUMBIA/US [ykk, dacron]
      http://rockywoods.com: LOVELAND/US [cordura, thisulate, schoeller]
      https://www.baender24.de: DE [webbing, colourful plastic hw]
      http://www.zpacks.com WEST MELBOURNE/US [cuben, climasheild]
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      logo usage faq/download: http://aoku.co/chibadiyguild/
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      Hey, I've created this topis to have a conversation Guys what is your biggest issue with techwear and why ? (personal stories, unpleasant experaince, things that you dislike about techwear in general)
      Let's start with me.
      My biggest issue with techwear is it's realy hard to find nice jacket that will be affordable and still will look sick (not like standard north face).
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