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  1. WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    ACRNM // Unbound Merino // Enfin Leve // Nike // DSPTCH
  2. Stone Island Shadow Project

    If anyone is curious, new cargo's and tee. Material: Stretch moleskin cotton (98% cotton/2% elastane) The material is very soft and cozy. The elastane gives a nice amount of stretch to them as well. They've released different trousers in the same fabric a few years back and some folks I spoke with that had them said they do tend to fade a bit. From what I've read, some moleskin fabric is woven tightly enough to provide wind resistance. I have not been able to test if this is the case for these as the weather has been too hot to wear them often. Fit: I went with my typical SISP pant size 48 and the fit is perfect (normal pant size 32-33). Nice loose top block with a good taper to the hem. Gusset crotch allows for freedom of movement in addition to stretch fabric. Features: Two side hand pockets, two rear pockets and two slanted cargo pockets. One of the cargo pockets has side access via zip while the other has a separate compartment with zip closure. The pocket flaps close via snap buttons. The bottom, rear corner of the cargo pockets is detached which causes them to flair out some. The hand pockets have a flap sewn in facing the opposite direction of the pockets to "catch" items if they fall out while sitting. This is a nice feature that some other SISP pants I own have too. No SISP shadow badge on these, only SI branding above the rear pocket and CXADO tag on the interior. As for the shirt, material and graphics are nice but at $200 RRP I would say definitely not worth the retail price. It's also kinda thin. I'm typically a Medium in tops but sized up to a Large on the tee. If anyone doesn't want to wait for sales, Dope Factory had the best prices I found for the new items. I purchased the tee and cargo's for ~$425 shipped through them (I'm in that US so VAT was removed). I've purchased a few things in past from them and had very good experiences. I received this package in 3 business days Italy>USA. Code: 15XFORYOU takes an additional 15% off. If anyone has any questions, feel free to hmu.
  3. Stone Island Shadow Project

    Ah nice, I’ll be in Europe in a few weeks and was planning at stopping at a SI store. Hopefully they have the new stuff stocked.
  4. Stone Island Shadow Project

    I wouldn’t think so bc they don’t have anything online yet.
  5. Stone Island Shadow Project

    Ordered the cargos and a shirt from Dope Factory. Or do you mean specifically Stone Island stores not other retailers?
  6. Acronym.

    “Acronym is not a corporation” ...Presto Corporation... Now I’m confused, must be a subsidiary.
  7. arcteryx veilance

    Veilance’s size charts on their website are generic body measurements. They don’t give the actual garment measurements. Even the product descriptions are very vague. It makes sense that people newer to the brand would ask about sizing. Also they might not know about stockists they could potentially check for measurements. Most likely, if you’re selling on Grailed, they are lazy and don’t want to put in the time lol.
  8. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

  9. Acronym.

    Tie your shoes @segue!!! Fits on point imo. Shorts are probably playing w how the length looks.
  10. TECHWEAR.fail

    May as well throw these shits in here.
  11. Acronym.

    If you have to ask you’re not looking terribly close.
  12. arcteryx veilance

    Price goes back up to retail when checking out if you're located in the US. For SSENSE
  13. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Looks like neoprene or something, they also don’t appear to be vented like the last ones so hopefully.
  14. Stone Island Shadow Project

    New stealth < Old stealth The fit on the new one seems odd how it flares out at the bottom. And of course they would add a jacket sling to basically the same jacket I just bought :|
  15. Stone Island Shadow Project

    I picked up the nylon metal 'spider' field jacket during the recent sales and figured I'd share a brief review. Photo album: https://imgur.com/a/UbxE2Lo Specs: Field jacket with articulations tunnel sleeves, detachable hood with visor removable via Velcro. Single layer “nylon metal” fabric with anti-drop treatment to give light water and wind-resistance. Two lower hand pockets with snap closures and two chest pockets with YKK zipper closures. Two way YKK zippers along with additional chest and neck snaps can be used to fully or partially close the jacket. Sleeves have articulations tunnels that allow the user to pull an elastic band and secure via a button. This shortens the sleeves and changes the fit. Elastic drawstring located on the hood and bottom of the hem for adjusting the fit. Size/Fit: Chest measurements are pretty generous giving the jacket a somewhat relaxed fit. The sleeves seem to run a bit on the shorter side so the only time I see the articulation tunnels being useful is if the temperature increases, the wearer could pull the sleeves up. I haven’t done this yet, but it seems convenient as the sleeves will not slide down since they are secured in place via the elastic band. I initially sized up to a Large and did not like the fit as it was too baggy. I returned for my typical size Medium which fit much better. For reference I’m 5’ 10” (179 cm) and 175 lbs. (79.5 kg) fit pic below. Impressions: I was looking for another lightweight summer jacket which led me to pick this up. The dying process and metallic finish give the jacket a very cool sheen where the color seems to change when in light. The color is an olive-green but in certain lights looks to be more of a golden brown. Being able to remove the hood is a nice feature as it gives the jacket a cleaner look. When attached there is a flap that covers up the buttons which secure the hood so they are not visible. I haven’t toyed around with leaving the hood on and removing the visor too much yet but this is another neat feature. I wish that when the visor is removed the two Velcro strips were opposite (loop and hook). This way you could fold over the hood, attach them and not have the two black strips visible. I have only worn it out in a light rain which the anti-drop treatment held up against. During a heavy rain fall I would expect the jacket to wet out rather quickly. There are also buttons on the interior of the jacket to secure the SI badge if the wearer doesn’t want it exposed on the sleeve. Dislikes: I have only come across two issues with the jacket so far. The snap button closures on the cuff of the sleeve come undone relatively easily. When taking off the jacket the buttons sometimes pop off and need to be re-secured when I put the jacket back on. A minor issue but still annoying none the less. The elastic drawstring on the bottom hem has no locking mechanism which makes it pretty much useless. As of right now, I tied a small knot to keep it at my desired tension. I’ll buy some plastic clasps to add to the drawstring but can’t believe this wouldn’t be included on the jacket. If anyone has any questions feel free to hit me up. Thanks for reading.