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  1. wexler


    I typically size up on insulators as well. J91 looks TTS though.
  2. wexler

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT: J28-WS sz M full pack (worn once) for J59TS-CH sz M retail trade + cash depending on condition
  3. wexler


  4. wexler


    Very excited for the new BQ fabric and more DS shorts!
  5. wexler

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    @WiseFool friend tried them and really liked them. One of the nicer pieces from the collection by the looks of it.
  6. wexler

    Byborre textile tech style

    https://annmsshop.com/collections/byborre https://www.hotoveli.com/collections/by-borre https://www.sivasdescalzo.com/en/brands/byborre Some heavily discounted past seasons if people want to get their feet wet.
  7. wexler

    Urban Techwear

    I remember I saw someone mention this then when I checked never saw it so thought they had meant pack into the hand pocket. Will likely just keep using the pouch, sounds less finicky and can use the loops to hang off a bag. Also get a little added protection when tossing it into bags w pens, pencils, knife or anything else w an edge it could catch on when putting in/out. Thanks for mentioning the snap, I know exactly where it is now lol.
  8. wexler

    Urban Techwear

    @piece keeper I’ve had the Rhomb (SS19) and J63A-FO (FW18) since their releases and haven’t had any durability issues like some. Lot of people seem to complain it looks like a trash bag but irl it’s more leatherish. Online product shots make it appear smoother when it does have some texture. I don’t necessarily baby either of them and though it’s not necessarily recommended I have worn bags w both. I try not to make that a habit but hasn't affected either thus far. As Dix mentioned the Rhomb is a perfect travel/emergency shell and performs well in warmer weather (still gets hot/clammy imo pushing 25+ Celsius). I keep mine packed in a pouch in my bike bag, would be nice if it packed into itself. You could try stuffing it into one of the hand pocket I suppose. It runs slim since it was made for “urban running” so it was one of the Veilance pieces I sized up on. The zipper isn’t waterproof so it can leak, same w the pocket seams on the J63A. Really only noticed this issue when biking in heavy rain not walking around casually. I’ve worn the rhomb hiking but would only recommend this for wide open trails, anything dense and brushy wouldn't risk it. Also don’t put any adhesive to it bc it will pull the face membrane away (pic from the Acr thread when the J63-PB first released showing this). One other thing is the feel of these jackets is much different bc the J63 is bonded to Power Grid Fleece so it feels much more substantial to the paper thing Rhomb. The J67-FO would be a closer Acr comparison.
  9. wexler


    Exactly if there is a liner under and still fits looser than 47...
  10. wexler


    If you found the J47 too big ur gonna have a bad time with the J27.
  11. wexler


    It's odd they don't list the pockets as GT Pro for the J83, but Gore nomenclature does get a lil complicated.
  12. wexler


    It wasn't very straightforward when Gore rebranded WS as Infinium and had the film out stuff included under that umbrella. They might have started with FO labeled as Infinium and then expanded to include WS idr exactly. Yeah all the PB and FO products are considered to be "Infinium tech" even though you get persistent beading whereas WS isn't WP. Whatever the the face is laminated to gives it a different feel/look as well (ex: J62/63-PB, J63A-FO vs. J46-FO, J67-FO). Gore-Tex® Film Out Hooded Jacket Type WR Gen. 1 Style Softshell Description The future is fluid. J63 is the first ever hoody built in a completely new type of GORE-TEX® laminate. It shifts focus from the external to the internal, from toughness to softness, from resistance to well being. A new proprietary technology forms a component fabric with persistent beading and extremely low water pick up. This means no bulky face fabric is needed. The result is comfort and quiet unlike anything before it. Suitable for an incredibly wide spectrum of interior and exterior climates; it is the closest thing to a second skin we have ever experienced. The laminated face of the fabric will 'break-in' and develop it's own individual shine and patina with time. Durability and appearance will vary with type and style of use. The jacket itself carries the promise of the fabric to it's logical conclusion. A marriage of the timeless simplicity of a hoody with the sophistication of true minimalist design. Fit is zero resistance and grafts to the body with anatomic sleeve anchor loops. Internal security pockets are zippered and in holster position for optimal weight distribution. Exterior pockets are deceptively voluminous with pocket bags extending to both the front and back of the garment. Sleeves are lined for the smoothest possible layering. The new 2-way overlap zip hood can be adjusted to any height for any amount of coverage. And although J63 is so light you'll likely to forget you're wearing it, should you need to doff, the signature Acronym Jacketsling keeps it handsfree.
  13. wexler


    What’s the difference?
  14. wexler


    If you want a LC for piece of mind send me pics and I’ll compare against mine. Does seem weird to do this as preventative and not just wait until it starts to peel a bit, especially if it leaves noticeable stitching on the pant. I’d let it fall off over the latter. J68-PL has to be a defect with how little wear it took for it to peel and its happened to everyone’s.
  15. wexler


    Likely EU based on the other stuff that dropped and didn’t go to retailers. Seems to be the new norm, retail stuff MiC and mothership exclusives MiE.
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342