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    hey can we get supertechwear when there is superdenim? I think there is more to discuss in new threads with rise of customizators and diyers. this would be awesome place to share resources and stuff. thanks for your consideration mods. (and move corresponding topics there)
  3. Post your Want To Sell, Want To Buy and Want to Trades here for Arc'teryx Veilance, Outlier, Stone Island and so on. Acronym and Visvim items go into their respective community sale threads.
  4. Arcteryx Aphix jacket

    Selling a brand new Arcteryx Aphix jacket. Size large, Carbon copy (black). Super lightweight and warm synthetic insulation, which is also very breathable. Can be used as a layering piece under a Gore-tex shell or standalone jacket. $140 + shipping and PP fee's. Shipping from Canada. Would be interested in trades for CP or Gats to fit 43 or Schneider & SNS knits, would add cash on my side. http://www.arcteryx.com/Product.aspx?language=EN&gender=Mens&model=Aphix-Jacket
  5. Up for sale is a Visvim E-cat shoulder messenger bag 18L in tan color. This is THE perfect everyday bag that can fit your macbook or whatever you put in it. To be honest, I much prefer the 18L over the 28L for everyday use, as it is much smaller and lightweight without the bulkiness. There are large storage compartments on both sides of the bag, as well as a built in small compartment that can hold wallet, keys, ipod (it has an earphone canal). The upper body of the bag is made of very durable DuPont ballistic nylon material, while the bottom is made of buttery soft elk leather (for those that are unfamiliar with Visvim elk leather, it is extremely BUTTERY soft!). Expensive zippers are made by RiRi of course. Quick release buckle works like a charm. I cannot emphasize the quality and design of the bag enough, as it sits perfectly distributed on your shoulder. I cannot emphasize the quality and design of the bag enough, as it sits perfectly distributed on your shoulder. Visvim keeps raising their prices, especially on bags, so get this pretty rare bag while you can. Selling because I realized I have way too many bags, otherwise I would keep it. I am asking $360 shipped to your door (paypal gift or add 4% in pp fees). i can also do local meetups in the San Francisco or San Mateo bay area. I have bought and sold many items on SUFU, SF, and ebay, so feel free to check my 100% positive feedback on 100+ transactions. My username is rmc* PM me with any questions. Pics: