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  1. danii


    probably washed it every laundry day
  2. danii

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    daamn if you ever find a non-F version in S lmk. glad to see you again!
  3. danii

    Urban Techwear

    anyone got any of the rereleased vexed generation??
  4. danii


    I kinda do not understand what is wrong with the chinese manufacturing. Yes chinese production is notorious for plenty of fakes, but since there were fakes before the new MADEINPRC stuff, this cannot be the issue. -chinese factories are better equipped and more up to date / you will need to import chinese made machines to EU, pay freight+tax for your own factory -it's naive to think that czech seamstress working at Acronym earns enough for anyone here to live more then week -the employment rate at czech republic is very low (YEAH!), Šumperk has 27000 inhabitants, the change of the address from next-to-tilak to different place seems like tilak is no longer part of the production. You need highly skilled employees to operate the sewing machines, seamsealers and. How many people do you expect to be able to find in such a small town? (yes acrnm has probably enough to CZK to pay way more then Tilak, but that would not be very friendly) Just sit back and enjoy the fact that you are actually able to buy the stuff because there will be higher quantities.
  5. danii


    I always like when ppl who fly very often preach about climate change.
  6. danii


    I had professionally dyed an EPIC jacket. The dye company does only 100% cotton and all it did was unify the fading but the jacket was not 100% dark black again. They dyed my nemen -C t-shirt too and the result was incredible rich black way better then the faded original (and better then the hair bleach accident texture).
  7. danii

    Techwear sale-steals

    *NOTMINE but small "pristine" P26S 447USD https://www.therealreal.com/products/men/clothing/pants/acronym-p26s-high-density-gabardine-pant-w-slash-tags-5qBDnkx2Ib0 (for real collectors only: to get the worst acr pants in history)
  8. danii


    I wear P10A-CH in L / P23TS-S in S (I had P17-DS in L and M and both were like fat people pants for my midget build). The golden rule posted here was to buy the ones with built-in webbing belt pullcords buy based on your weight and by waist otherwise.
  9. danii


    the undyed pair is for preorder at antonioli. also full FW19 salomon x 11 lineup at 11bybbs.com
  10. danii


    just throw it in washing machine, if it does not help the nemen C stuff is really easy to dye. I had to have it dyed black after a bleach incident and it turned one of the most beautiful super rich black shirts (including the threads)
  11. danii

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    EVISU [could probably post in superdenim too and get some rep] BEANIE / AOKU 021404OKAU / BAPE / NAMELESS / ISAORA / NA x GITS / THE VIRIDI-ANNE / AOKU 081924 / ADIDAS
  12. danii


    australian proxy anyone? (sneakerb0y does not ship here)
  13. danii


  14. danii

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

  15. danii


    it's futuristic TRIPLE TAU, a freemasonic symbol, predicting new world order, rising prices and shutting subnet.