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  1. ERLSN clarified: SS is not CH E stands for Epic but the microencapsulation technology, not fabric (just like gore-tex is not fabic)
  2. I remember seeing EASTPAK blacked out to LASTPAK. These DIY bootlegs will return with some avantgarde designer soon.
  3. I know how exciting this fabric geek stuff is, but I would try to avoid finding logic in it. I believe they changed it over the time and it cannot make sense. Here are some changes (if I remember it correctly) ◢ they changed the order GT-J17 would be J17-GT now ◢ -CH fabric was called -SS (Schoeller Switzerland) but it was also a SoftShell fabric (but that would be too generic code imo ◢ -E stands for epic which is manufactured by Nextec (I doubt it's nExtec, when tehre is no -N)
  4. More Junya Watanabe x TNF 2300EUR. I bet there is someone who can appreciate this. That someone is not me.
  5. more fakes: https://www.tokopedia.com/techwearnojutsu but J1B-GT would be such a great jacket for me. E, I know you are reading this, hook me up I do not want to buy that indonesian fake!
  6. damn they are working hard, it always amazes me that with such a firepower you decide to rip other products but have enough resources to create your own everything. btw do you have their instagram? I can see plenty of my photos there and also my hashtag. thanks.
  7. what is going on in the zipper pocket? and yes cut looks same like P1TS-S and yes there were no TS versions before. Surprising they had a removable patch. also the care tag featured season and model number. nice find!
  8. sucts when raining and you nee your car keys which are on the bottom of main compartment. also you can only stand in the public transport, but if someone asks you to remove your backpack because you are taking too much place you can say it's your jacket. (have y-3 backpacker vest so I have some experience with this concept)
  9. great pants but: 1. 2.
  10. I hope you did not get ripped, because...
  11. there are already way too many waterproof cyclist gentleman brands imo.
  12. fuck cobra buckles, let's put a snowboard binding buckle on shoe!
  13. I have x-pac version one, if that's good for you. Why do you need it?
  14. also his twitter is quite heavy used recently (https://twitter.com/OZ1KMS) and I am sure @blakebru97 can help you.