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  1. danii

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: P30 size SMALL [not the A version] Danke
  2. danii

    Urban Techwear

    I got the 100 years pants but returned because they kinda fit and felt like wearing some workwear pants.
  3. danii

    Evisu is still loved!

    Hey, I know mainline is kinda like a curse word here, but I have this EVISU FOOTBALL BALL from the store display (I guess it was 2002 Saville row store). It's just been collecting dust around and it does not spark joy. If anyone thinks has a better home for it (and pays shipping from Europe) I would gladly give it away. Just PM me. Thanks and great 2020!
  4. danii

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    ah sorry my bad. At least they cared to reply.
  5. danii

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    no way Gore is going to even bother to respond. I have heard they have very strict rules on who gets the GTX certificate. (you have to present the line and you have to have factory that is certified too). Arrogant, overrated fabric.
  6. danii


    [also in this case, buy based on which look you prefer, the water resistance of the zipper does not make the whole tecsys webbing water resistant]
  7. danii


    REVERSE COIL is normal coil zipper installed with what is usually the inside out. WR COIL: water resistant coil aka aquaguard, that's technically reverse coil too, but the fabric outer is covered with PU protective layer. It can be both shiny or matte.
  8. danii


    DAMN! Can't wait to be called out for copying acrnm products next month.
  9. danii


  10. danii


    Probably a gildan shirt to join the collection of blame, futura, roborace and highsnobiety. Hopefully the white chestbox jacket is not ruined by any ivory hardware.
  11. danii

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    probably the best SISP video ever
  12. danii


    I don't know what is your relationship with hotoveli or acronym. I don't know if you have closed the dropbox right after you saw it contains leaks (just capturing the source). Telling them that someone leaked their pics is not any white hat hacker reporting critical exploit. It might feed the resellers (if they were remotely interested in anything else than 30s and 1As) but it might also give you the extra time to investigate the items and decide what you really want (instead of investigating after the drop and missing them because someone instacopped item to return later). That's probably why hotoveli provided someone with the files too. These few days will not help any fakers - if they want to reproduce closest to 1:1 they have to buy the item anyway. Whistleblower.
  13. danii

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    ...taking the orders to the post office with my best buddy. ODLO/DRKSHDW/AOKU/HAMCUS/ROGZFORDOGZ/Y-3
  14. danii


    cool, but you saw hypershock vs. HUGE?
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