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  1. there are some old pieces available now, early isa was made in italy/nyc.
  3. can't believe they dropped firmament. maybe they will come with the second batch.
  4. I have recently noticed they changed the address of the czech production company, its still in sumperk but it's no longer right next to Tilak. This could mean they have smaller, but independent factory. That change occured in 2015 which kinda aligns with faster sellouts/lower production.
  5. just do not look on the inside of the shoe:/
  6. What's worse, the P26 zipper looks golden with silver slider. Also I do not like to put my hand into metal zipper pockets on jackets (it's quite loose there), I imagine on the pants it's way tighter and less comfortable.
  7. claustrum swing key case (150USD: https://www.store-claustrum.com/blank-1/swing-key-case-black-matte)
  8. if you mix all the colours you get brown. any color you eat it turns brown. it's the most elemental color of of them all, also I bet it's everyone's favorite one.
  9. some of the front pockets look like they took a research on grailed instead of bodymapping. anyone knows if the brown/melange are the only clrways? (they would seriously miss out if they did not do black)
  10. 3) What possibilities does this new material open for designers? None, cause DSM(dyneema manufacturer) will not respond to their numerous emails, not even calling the dutch facilty will help. We will just promise to get in touch with them and then don't reply, when they mail again we will just tell them we need to go for a fair and we will again contact them afterwards. But we really want to keep it for ourselves. also wondering what they wanted to prove with the lame cgi video
  11. OH NO! They ruined the white sole ATEROs:/
  12. NOT ENOUGH TECH BUT COOL GLITCH EFFECTS hana frisonsova/damascus apparel/11/maharishi/puma/aoku/_coded
  13. dat specsheet!
  14. easy! list it here for a 10% price, someoone will buy it, don't worry.