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  1. can you not drive people off sufu? that discord has so many reddit users anyway lol
  2. i miss og sufu roasts. if you plan to post a fit pic be prepared to take the heat lol. funniest thing i've ever read here was when some dude posted a fit pic and someone commented "you make those p30's look like p10's." i don't think he ever posted again LOL
  3. wts: S24-PR-C size XS (fits like a size small), black, worn once, $210 + fees will throw in a gore-tex handbag for free 🤑
  4. J36 came in. Where tf is the gravity pocket? Don't tell me they're counting the flak pocket as the gravity pocket... since on MS and the spec sheet "gravity pocket" is singular 😩 Also, can anyone confirm if the right arm and flak pocket material is FO WS?
  5. Mine is coming in soon but honestly already having second thoughts lol. What‘s the point of all the exposed/extra velcro? Definitely unnecessary on the flak pocket, collar, and sleeves.
  6. Also WTB J74-PX, white, small/medium, 9+/10.
  7. p55-m might be the first pant with an actual metal belt buckle
  8. drop b previews now up. j1b description copy never fails to make me laugh. “J1B is built with nodal point weathered drone assassin math. 7 anatomic pockets allow for digital cardboard realism and sub-orbital saturation points. Interopsǽ for frictionless free-market fetishism drugs. Asymmetric DIY 3rd Arm Legba refrigerator. Removable beef noodles franchise vinyl.”
  9. is the j36 going to mark the return of the 3d collar?
  10. I already know i’m going to regret letting this go… wts: S24-PR-C size XS, black, worn once, $220 + fees
  11. the only thing i'm looking forward to are the j36 and p17... ever since wide cut jackets started coming out everything's felt... off.
  12. WTT black jacket sling / logo tape for white / raf jacket sling / logo tape
  13. Interesting to see acronym's collar velcro were originally inspired by a massimo osti design (03:59)
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