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  1. Both pairs of pants look great on you. P23Q is your size and fit very well.
  2. where did you see the strings at the hem? I looked at the photo - they are not there.
  3. I can't understand, but what is the problem with shortening them at the tailor? My height is 178 cm and weight is 78 kg. I bought them a size S. If they seem too long to me, then I'll just shorten them by a couple of centimeters. I love the DS material and these pants are a great option for summer, as they have holes for ventilation.
  4. Good day to all! Can you please tell me how to choose the size for J105-DS? My height is 178 and my weight is 76 kg. I choose between M and L. I don’t even know which one to choose.
  5. Another photo with a lovely jacket J96-GT. Sorry for cutting it like that, but I was without pants Size S, 178\76(77)
  6. Great choice! Now I will send you one well-known site where there is the size you need at a great price! oh, it's a pity that not with the S size.
  7. Thank you! The chest pockets are very comfortable. I can hide my hands in my pockets without opening them. And there are also other pockets on the chest that close with a zipper, it is convenient to store gloves, keys and more in them. There are no complaints about this jacket, I wear it much more often than J16 or J1W.
  8. Also purchased a J96-GT in S size. I think that in M it would be too wide for me. In S size, the village is perfect both in length and in shoulders. My height is 178 cm and weight is 76 kg. A great jacket for every day, especially since it can be found at a very nice price. If I find it at a good price in Khaki color, then I will definitely buy it too.
  9. I confirmed my words with a photo. But apparently this is not enough for your "imao". I am very glad that your pants measurements coincide with the official website, but this is not the case with me. So why are you trying to prove the opposite to me, I don't understand at all.
  10. This is not a problem, because I also bought in M size, which I will receive soon.
  11. Where are they curved? Do not mislead people, if there is a curvature there, then it is not visible to the eye. I measured the M size again and again it turned out 97.5 cm. Most likely you are measuring your pants incorrectly by pulling them out.
  12. I also recently received a J16-GT jacket in M size and P23A-DS pants in S size. The jacket fit perfectly, in the photo I'm wearing it on a sweater. I recently tried it on with the J58-WS and I have enough space to put it on top. The P23A-DS pants also seemed to sit well, but I would like to get a couple more centimeters in length, so I also bought a size M, as soon as I make a comparison. My height is 178 cm and weight is 76 kg. If you have any questions about things or measurements, write, if possible, I will tell you.
  13. Good afternoon to all! Got the next things from the Acronym! Jacket J58-WS, M size. My height is 178 cm and weight is 76 kg. The jacket fit perfectly, clearly on the figure. The model is beautiful and very pleased. And here are the P31A-DS pants in M size. Great color and DS material, but they are too short for me. The manufacturer claims a length of 100.5 cm in M size, but in fact there is 97.5 cm. And I'm just missing these 3 centimeters. Photo attached.
  14. I ordered J111TS-CH in M size, as soon as I get it, I will make measurements and post it here.
  15. WTB new or 9/10 J107-SS (M) J98-SS (M) J1WTS-GT RAF Green/Black (S) LA11-DS (M) J61-GT (M) J68-PL (M)
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