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  1. WTS: J105-DS Black/Black (BRAND NEW) comes with Spec Sheet and Ziplock Price: $1300 Shipped in US/Canada and PayPal’d FF (otherwise add 4% PayPal fees) Note: Price is retail plus customs, taxes and duties charges. Not making a cent on this, just breaking even.
  2. WTS: J105-DS Black in size L Brand new, full pack. Purchased from mother site. Not looking to profit on this, just recoup original price plus duties and any fees associated with the transaction. Thanks
  3. For real? Damn...I was enjoying being able to afford Acronym for a minute.
  4. Too early to tell given CR seems to be a fairly new fabric. From what I gathered, it's similar to VX21 except it has 2,000 tested Abrasion cycles more than the regular VX21 which is 500 cycles.Some thing along those lines but tl'dr is that CR has more abrasion resistance. I'm assuming any peeling would be consistent with previous XPAC.
  5. Hoping for one too but I don't have high hopes
  6. 5'10 and I took a size M. There's a bit of stacking, that's how it was designed. Only way to not get stacking is to reduce the length.
  7. Yes to your question. One thing to keep in mind though is that if you don't go TTS the silhouette will be slimmer and not true to how it was originally intended to look stylistically. If that doesn't bother you, then go for the size down. Myself i could have gone a size down but decided to stick TTS.
  8. This worked for me. I'm guessing they don't make many units if it can sell out. Maybe 30-40 bags.
  9. Idk off the top of my head but my suggestion is to do a "SOLD" search on Grailed and that will give you a good idea of how much they've sold for in the last year. Then you can price accordingly.
  10. Honestly, whatever you feel looks good. Salomon XT-6, Flyknit racers, LF1s, new balance 990s, even prestos look good with them.
  11. New bags incoming! ΛCROИYM® 3A-5-CR . 3A-6TS-CR JUNE 22ND 18:00 CET Does anyone know if the 3A-5-CR will fit a 16" macbook pro? Also, what is CR fabric?
  12. Appreciate the knowledge share! I’ll search the forum to learn more about it.
  13. Is that so ? That’s a shame but I guess it’s an unavoidable part of them growing up and trying to scale up and meet rising demand.
  14. I got lucky and managed to pick up an Acronym J105 black off the MS last week. My first acronym piece in about 7 years. Can anyone explain what's going on with the J105 pockets? It doesn't zip fully and only an Acronym jackets makes me foolish enough to have to ask, "how do these work?" Lol
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