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  1. hmm... your guess as good as mine 🤷‍♂️ ... i can take a look at the settings to see if there is some clue... are you uploading via the upload tool or linking to another image url? i cant reproduce it on the image upload...
  2. @reallypeacedoff I think you are safe in here. It's very civil. ✨✨
  3. @Toegun It could have been some extinct plugin we used... as it's not on the default version. Will see if I can locate something similar... We used to keep a bug list thread on superofficial so will try to update it.
  4. @MJF9 Perhaps they all need to be collected into a dedicated summary sub-thread... ?
  5. @unders let me check that. I seem to be able to still use them... <---- They are right at bottom of the emoji pull down...
  6. @reallypeacedoff I think 3 mods at this point dedicated to superdenim is probably all that is needed for time being... They also have ability to moderate across the board though I can't see them hangin around in techwear threads...🙅‍♂️ So if anything we probably need a few mods that are interested in cleaning up some of the other boards... ? There are so many great old threads in supershopper that need to get some traction again. Just one new post in them often created a notification to the post followers who might not have visited supertalk for years and it might be a way to get some old users back onboard 🤷‍♂️
  7. hmm. @reallypeacedoff What happens when you are on the default theme? (You should be able to toggle from menu near bottom of page). If it's same issue then it might be a bug with the software. If it works then it's a bug with my shitty css. 😐
  8. hmm. just checked your preferences... maybe try changing? also is your PM working ok? I just tried to send you a PM and it would allow me - which was odd. ok.it worked that time 😉
  9. Seems it's a bit of a unanimous 3-way result for the 👑. I have no issue with upgrading member status of @beautiful_FrEaK @Maynard Friedman and @Broark as moderators for now... whether they like it or not!
  10. good points ⬆️ I think the threads are set to not be able to be deleted...🤔 only hidden. Then again, I haven't checked for years. We have rolling backups so it would be unlikely to not be able to recover anything... though probably a mess to unravel. But let's no go there.
  11. 🤠 /// Looking for some superdenim members to either nominate others or themselves to help moderate this board !! /// 🤠 It's about keeping the place pristine digi-clean and tidy and perhaps organizing and summarizing content a bit better - and potentially writing some editorial articles? 🤷‍♂️ The designated mod or mods would get admin access to be able to moderate posts, move posts, move threads, pin threads, moderate users etc.. as well as a few more user privileges above usual membership. You would pretty much have full autonomy over the board with as little interference as possible from superfuture [as has always been the case with supertalk]. The only requirement from superfuture's side is to determine if posts fall into category of 'unauthorized advertising' and promotion. 🙅‍♂️ If so, then they need to be referred to superfuture and we will let them know their promotion options. Any revenue from these referrals will earn a 20% commission mods bonus. 💰 Nominations now open... ✅ 🙋‍♂️
  12. hmm. I can't see it on the default 4.7 theme either... 🤷‍♂️ If it's on that somewhere then we should be able to get it working... Maybe take a look.
  13. Ah ok will check it. I know what the issue is… UPDATE: I *think* now fixed 🤔 well almost...😵 FIXED ✅
  14. @Double 0 Soul Keeping the sales pitches out of the brand threads makes sense. It's the same on the supertechwear threads. I still maintain we need some new mods to be nominated on superdenim who can help starting to tidy this up [at least with mod powers to be able to monitor threads] - for example basic stuff like hiding posts and enlightening members as to their posting etiquette.🙅‍♂️ There hasn't been any functioning mods on here in years... largely because it seems to be very well self monitored. I don't really have any idea about whether things sell or not on here - or anywhere else... but I think it's probably worth aiming to make the platform work efficiently for the purpose. One thing though about Classified system is it has clear options for wanting to Buy Sell or Trade... and @Maynard Friedman ---> it is categorized by Brands (already inputted) so it could actually be better to navigate. The posts also get posted to the Activity feed and are further summarized in the (locked) Supermarket forum. As you know, that was locked years ago as it got so out of control when the site was much busier. We could always unlock it though that sort of defeats the purpose of Classifieds.🤷‍♂️ Anyway - just thinking of new options and ways to improve things now that a lot of the other tech shit has been cleaned up [and I have some rare free[er] time]. ✅
  15. OK legit question here... Going forward ----> if Classifieds was FREE for members would you post your stuff there instead of on this thread? If not, why not? 🤷‍♂️ Just trying to figure out how to get the Classifieds restarted. (fyi...we are trying to relink old images and tags which went missing in the switchover) It's a much more logical system for categorizing / searching and it can be further customized to exactly how we want it. Also better to sell to non-members.
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