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  1. still mopping up this cascading profile pic meltdown... most fixed... but any remaining broken profile pics will need to be fixed with some custom script to locate and replace as doing this manually would kill anyone. on the upside... we finally got rid of those ugly pastel colored default profile pics with the first letter of members name. YES! file storage of images and attachments is now all in sync storage issues fixed next issue... how to pay for all this new storage when the 12 month free account expires. ----------------------- please let us know if you still have any issues with file uploading on desktop or mobile devices
  2. BUG 010 - SSL certificate [FIXED!]

    aaaand it was supposed to be on auto renew. we are now using a free service and all the certs need to be renewed every 3 months. ... just one of the 100s of plug-ins / renewals / updates / keys / certificates / passwords / bugs / brainfries that just keep making supertalk ridiculously difficult to manage.
  3. waiting waiting waiting for a tech fix for profile pics. it's probably a rogue coma or dash missing in millions of line of code. completely frustrating on all levels... as usual. ;-)
  4. HANG IN THERE................................ THERE'S A LOT OF IMAGES BEING MOVED.... "If you change an existing storage method, files will be gradually moved in the background. This can be time consuming and you may experience broken links/images until the process has completed." .... yeah. it would have been better to tell me before i pushed that API KEY activation button. ok. this was entirely unexpected but hey. image uploads now working. no idea how long this is going to take? good night. 1am here.
  5. we maxed out storage. just set up amazon s3 but waiting for tech help to make it work. seemed to be close but then it all got too complicated. aaaargh.
  6. What are your jeans doing today?

    on what device? it should be ok now?? pls. test on this thread...
  7. seems image uploader not working on mobile. not sure since when? might be since a mini-upgrade on thursday. if you notice anything else weird let us know here...! [desktop upload seems ok]
  8. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    didn’t know about it...⚡️ getting techs to investigate...
  9. Seriously though, where did everyone go?

    as far as i am aware styleforum is far more mainstream than supertalk ever was or will be. some people have also told me there are less cunty members over there. majority of posts on supertalk 10 years back were either on supertrash or supermarket. they probably went to reddit or grailed. there is definitely a lot less crap these days. anyway we can only do what we can do. really not sure what your expectations are.
  10. Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    will get the sewing kit out and stitch them together...
  11. Seriously though, where did everyone go?

    they got hoovered by fb from 2009 onwards. however facebook now completely moderated by algorithms so good luck with that... esp. fb groups. it seems we're now entering the post fb era and that might see a move back to human run indy online communities?? anyway..... that's our crystal superball prediction at the end of 2017... ------------------- see you in 2018 for year 15 of supertalk... and year 19 [!] of superfuture
  12. supershop x end. SALES

    SUPERSHOP X END. BLACK FRIDAY SALE 20% off selected items enter the code below at the checkout: code: BLACKFRIDAY
  13. Superdenim Instagram Community

    and........... if any of you denim experts feel like a 2 week stint of instafame to guest edit superfuture supergram - let me know. i don't always have time to chase a constant flow of curators but it's time we did a new round... its been on the 2do list but too many other distractions – as usual. yerp.
  14. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    to be fair - the software is the best we've ever had - design isn't their speciality - and IMHO i think this is the only forum software good enough to be able to keep pace with facebook google apple etc. as they entirely vacuum up what's left of the internetz. intriguingly, the one thing those companies have never been able to successfully do is reproduce forum software. anyway... rambling a bit off topic. might move these to a new thread re: supertalk update once it's all done.
  15. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    FYI the updated rep is part of the new software update from the forum software we've used since 2011... the previous update we did earlier in the year was a bigger one - from 3.4 --> 4.0. this current one just installed is 4.2.5 [thats 25 incremental updates but this latest one has quite a lot of changes]. we have no say what goes in the new software so the best we can do is tweak to make it not look as crappy as the default. most of the time it's improvement to functionality and security stuff. ----- re the harry potter rep wizardry... seems it's definitely part of a move by the software devs towards more nuanced 'reactions' beyond just + /- [as well as a general move towards UI micro animations] so..this is the default... vomit... so i did a very quick 30 minute redesign of the icons... i think adding an extra degree of nuance to pos and neg is actually a good new option. if i could i'd be adding extra rep power to icons - but that ain't possible. ie. superep = 10 trash - 10. anyway maybe we can make the blue rep neutral ? [its currently +] - sort of like an acknowledgement that you have read a post - maybe icon should be a dog pissing on a tree. as for the new default replacement user tiles - for users without pics - i tried to update these but turns out they are all .png images so i can't even change the font. and they certainly aren't great design.. but still somehow prefer to default eggs and faceless heads. anyway if members just uploaded profile pic we'd not need them.. ?? we also have UTF8 ios icons in this update [coming]... which some people will like and others hate. we've also tried to clean up css a bit. got rid of borders etc. so it's hopefully looking a bit cleaner... [still a bit to fix] but forums are insanely fiddly to customize at the best of times.. and every time there is an update we have to redo much of it all over again. yup //