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    Sufu Dark Mode

    It’s possible. Just would need to make a template for it. Attempted this years ago though l find reading on dark backgrounds hard work for my already tortured old eyeballs.
  2. superfuture

    Wait... I heard you have to pay to post now

    wot. u didn't receive the invoice?
  3. sufus mysterious estonian based tech fixit - mr.t - always eventually figures these things out.
  4. superfuture


    have got tech looking into it... in meantime -- > "use an external host like imgur and use the URL of the host to include the pictures". thx @beautiful_FrEaK we are also due for several software upgrades 4.3.6 --> 4.4.5 so also trying to schedule it in this week if possible, though it requires some coordination as also need a PHP upgrade on servers OS at exact same time. will update more as we go...
  5. superfuture


    testing. should NOW be fixed.... ... 7mb --> and its been adjusted up to 9mb including buffer.
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    test. reported as not working but was tested by techs and seems ok. might be happening intermittently or due to logging into an old session...
  7. superfuture


    seems its gone bug again. will investigate.
  8. fuck... that was fixed and it was working - when did it bug out again??
  9. superfuture


    -200 IMAGE UPLOAD ERROR FIXED... [but you'll need new browser session / clear cache]. site software upgrade coming in the next few days too.
  10. superfuture

    posting images

    test. should work now.
  11. superfuture


    Just keeping track of feedback and any bugs for this update. Please add anything you notice. CURRENT BUGS It seems like things are finally working well still a bit erratic on this supertalk 7 upgrade. Fixing one issue sometimes creates new ones and debugging and then coordinating fixes requires some global timezone tech syncing. If you notice any further problems then please pm supertalk or add them to this supertalk 7 thread. Timeout issues with 502 503 or 524 errors should now be a thing of the superpast but if you get one, close the page and try again in a few minutes - and report it to us. When uploading or posting ads on classifieds go slowly and click once or you might end up with a double / triple post. 01 BANNED USER bug 02 All server side issues supposed to now be fixed but site still maxing intermittently. This eventually leads to timeouts and Cloudflare 524 timeout errors . TIMEOUT ISSUE. FIXED also related... 03 Took 3 refreshes to make this post after getting following error message on the first post. It still posted anyway? - TIMEOUT ISSUE. FIXED. 04 New single Post produced double post - THIS SEEMS TO BE TIMEOUT ISSUE. 05 image upload -200 - FIXED ------------------------------ RESOLVED 01 Getting lots of cached pages - needing to refresh page 3-4 times to get to new layouts - seems to flush it - but not sure if some other issue with server sync? 02 Broken profile pics - need testing to confirm fixed - SEEMS FIXED. PLS ADD NEW PROFILE PICS! 03 cannot delete double/triple posts from sidebar widget 04 Posting images from IMGR needs checking [how do i now upload an image? previously using Imgur i clicked “copy image address” on the image and pasted into my post and the photo displayed immediately.] Similarly Instagram embedding ----> sometimes the link takes some time to sync with instagram and appears missing or broken. Saving a post 2 times seems to be a hack to fix this [?]. Suspect the likely reason is due to supertalk running on dynamic IP nodes located in several geolocations so simple explanation is when you upload or make a post it goes on 1 server node then has to sync with the other nodes and there can be delays across networks. Sometimes the link appears a few minutes/hours later. ------------------------------ TO DO 01 Multiview - Get this option working DONE 02 Login - Twitter [settings need to be updated] Google+ [can be setup] etc.
  12. superfuture


    FYI... techs have started a major upgrade process which will involve a lot of tedious steps - starting with sandbox. once everything working cleanly on sandbox the upgrade on production site will proceed. probably next week... so not expecting any downtime till then.
  13. yes. and posted on a bug thread. pls. go imgur etc in the meantime.