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  1. Nice looking boots Mandel, should've let me know you were in town for SXSW and we could've grabbed a beer!
  2. Thank you guys, I'm really happy with how it has turned out. I might even get the other fabric at some point. It feels quite substantial and every bit of 15 oz. but since it's mainly linen it isn't very warm at all. Perfect for the climate here.
  3. So the soak didn't do much to the fit of the jacket, so I put it in the wash for a little bit on warm and it turned out perfectly.
  4. TCB

    The new TCB jacket looks great, but the last thing I need right now is a jacket I can't wear until October. I'll be keeping an eye out on this one, measurements look good. Maybe once fall rolls around I can justify it. Looking forward to some pictures!
  5. Thanks, I'm very happy with how this one turned out. Seems pretty close to the Veste Ourvier with some slight design changes. Soaked it and it turned my sink blue, hopefully it shrunk just a tad. I'll post updated pictures once it's dry.
  6. Just got the new indigo herringbone jacket from the Gypsy Blues collection, this might be the most indigo saturated piece of clothing I've ever owned. Tried it on for a few minutes and my fingers were totally blue. I received it raw so hopefully a soak will shrink it up a little and settle the indigo. As of right now the fit is a bit big, especially through the sleeves. But I think it should shrink a little, based on the PSA measurement comparison between the O/W and raw versions. It's super cloudy outside right now so the lighting sucks, so bear with me. Also I was a little worried about the weight, as it is supposedly 15 oz. but it definitely doesn't feel that heavy considering it's mostly linen. I think this will be a great spring/fall jacket for me. This indigo bleeding it just from handling it for a few minutes!
  7. I think I remember on the product page it being mentioned that he made the fly more upright, I find it to be a nice touch.
  8. Looking forward to these too, I'm a sucker for all things Roy.
  9. Count me in.
  10. Thanks for the photos of the 208 William, hopefully mine looks great like that after a few years! Can't wait for mine to get here.
  11. Great, thanks for those photos! Looking forward to seeing how it looks now. I think I'll go with the 208, and to be safe I'll go with the size 6. The other belts I have are labeled 38 and I think I'm closer to the end of those.
  12. Do you happen to have any photos of your 208 belt? I think that one may be leading for me at this point, I like that the buckle one cast piece of brass. I'm guessing if I'm a 36 in most jeans I'd go for a size 6 belt?
  13. So Unionmade has the mirror jeans up on their website...for 495 dollars! Sorry but that is just insane to me. And I've spent a lot of money on jeans before. Maybe they'll go on sale.
  14. The new spring collection looks nice, looking forward to seeing some more. I'm trying to decide on a Tender belt, I think I've narrowed it down to the following styles: 210, 208 and the 200. I'll likely go with the tan oak bark leather, although the 210 with the black stain on one side seems pretty versatile.
  15. Interesting, so Tsujimoto isn't running RMC anymore? Wasn't aware of that. My Ballpark sweat from a few years ago is great. I'd still love to get an RMC M-65 some day, hope the quality doesn't drop in the future.