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  1. You've got my attention now.
  2. @d-rew12shoot me a PM if you have any questions about Austin, lived here for about 7 years now. We could have a Boncoura meet-up.
  3. I'm still thinking on it a bit, but lately been leaning towards yes. Don't consider me confirmed quite just yet though!
  4. Anyone else grab the stripe shirt? I'll be sure to post thoughts/pictures once it arrives.
  5. I'm very much on board with this, I don't own any LVC because I find it a tad boring for the price. If they brought their prices down a little and made their denim a little more interesting from time to time I'd be more intrigued. Let's not forget the $495 mirror jeans either.
  6. I don't know but probably too tight.
  7. In the process of moving, which means my collection is coming with me. Not all of them are pictured, just thought it was a funny look into our obsession.
  8. Not usually a big 3Sixteen guy but that jacket looks pretty sweet. Just what I need to be buying, a 16 oz. denim jacket when it's in the mid 90's. Maybe one will stick around until the fall.
  9. Can't remember the going rate, depends on the size of the links. Email Kiya and he'll sort you out! Need a GoodArt ring soon.
  10. Here's a quick and dirty fit pic from this morning. In before Ed saying they're too tight.
  11. @beautiful_FrEaK I'll wear them today and try to get some fit pics. The top block was a little snug initially but stretched out easily, I just wish the back rise was a little longer. Denim is nice, quite fluffy and a really nice shade of blue. Almost has a bit of a grey look to it.
  12. I think the next batch of jeans that Roy is going to make might be the new Self Edge collaboration. Not much has been said about them yet, but it sounds like there might be a new denim being used. I'm hoping to see some more info on them soon.
  13. Trying out the Ooe's with a single cuff, really just need hemmed I think. Mister Freedom midnight Appaloosa. Real McCoy's tee. Ooe Yofukuten 1702XX. Viberg Boondockers.
  14. While I'm talking myself into this I pulled some images of the 20's from the TCB website. I hope that's alright by you guys.