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  1. I'm probably going to get the jacket at some point, just wanting to see some measurements first.
  2. I'd still kill for that type II in a size 46. Good stuff.
  3. If anyone got the 38's in the DB01 let me know if you ever want to get rid of them.
  4. Roy BBQ shirt. Ooe Yofukuten Saddle Pants. Viberg Boondockers.
  5. A few teaser pics of my pair, washed again about a week ago.
  6. Also got my Saddle Pants, pleasantly surprised that they are not as tapered as I thought they would be. I honestly had forgotten how much I like the texture and feel of the OA denim when it's new, my OA02XX's feel entirely different after a couple years now. Crappy fit pics, but you get the idea. I like the pocket detailing, takes a little getting used to though.
  7. Nice pickups Max, I'm wearing that same tee today actually. Curious in post wash measurements in the 991BKs, I have a pair of the normal 991's from years ago and I always found the rise a bit low. Other than that I really like the look of them, I'm in the market for some all black jeans.
  8. Got a pair of Saddle Pants on the way, was hoping the DB01 would stick around too but sounds like there will be more pants on the way in the future.
  9. Very nice, a little concerned with how tapered they are but the 38's might work for me. Gotta go measure my OA02's and 1702XX's for comparisons sake.
  10. Gave my XX's a wash about a week ago, coming along nicely I think.
  11. Congrats Max!
  12. Had to pick up these for the summer!
  13. Thanks for the heads up, I've been buying every shirt he's been making lately and I love them.
  14. Hey Kiya, are the new Roy jeans still slated for this summer? Looking forward to hearing more about them.