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  1. And here they are: https://www.ground-alls.com/shopdetail/000000000015/ct6/page1/order/ Not crazy about the arcs, but the jeans look nice overall.
  2. I'll have to bring some of my Self Edge stickers next time I'm there.
  3. I love Bender's, a must visit whenever I'm in San Francisco! Oddly enough we have a Bender here in Austin, similar vibes.
  4. Organizing my FW hang tags (and throwing out ones from other brands I’ve sold…) and came across a bit of printed Engrish. “Ultima Thure”.
  5. A few comparison shots of the WW2 denim and 30s.
  6. Sushi doesn’t hold back. If I find out any more information about the denim I’ll pass it along.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/sushi_thefreewheeler/
  8. Thanks Doc, I did a quick search of Marvin's for 1942 jeans and they were all more standard war era pairs, no cinches to be found. Will keep y'all posted if I find out any more information on these.
  9. @Dr_Heech do you have a list of what historically separates the 42 model from other jeans at the time? Off the top of my head, I've only seen Warehouse reproduce a 42 model and it looked more like a standard war era pair but with a crotch rivet and denim pocket bags (no cinch as well).
  10. New collection being previewed this week, taken from Sushi's Instagram. Lot 601XX 1942 and Lot 506XX 1942.
  11. @Vulcan There have been various dubious claims about RMC over the years: from poor quality (especially in relation to the hyper-inflated western pricing), leading vintage dealers on and photographing their pieces without permission / purchase (after they said they would be buying them) and then going on to reproduce said pieces with no attribution. That’s just a few things I’ve heard over the years, so I’d rather just not support them personally. I still have a Ballpark sweat I like that’s holding up just fine and one of the sea island cotton tees that’s alright. But I’ve sold or donated everything else that I had from them.
  12. @mlwdp Thermals can definitely be difficult, my FW ones fresh out of the wash feel a little tight but stretch very quickly. I’ve been looking for the honeycomb knit ones like these, wanted to avoid RMC and the Stevenson wool ones are too warm. Might grab the grey and natural in size 4.
  13. @mlwdp been in the market for some thermals, might give these a shot. What do you think of it so far?
  14. @mstax I'm a big fan of 30's models, I've never had any issues with the cinch feeling like it's in the way. I don't tend to wear a belt with this pair, but I don't think ti would be much of a problem if you wanted to use one.
  15. @MJF9 I'd say that the WW2 denim faded a little more quickly by comparison, but looking back I did take a slightly different approach with washing both pairs. With the WW2 I was washing at least once a month, while with the 37s I waited a bit longer initially (washed every few months) and now I'm washing about once a month. I can't speak to the standard denim actually, as I haven't put time into a pair yet. Might give the 661XX some more time though to see how they break in. I'll try and take some comparison photos of the WW2 and 37s this weekend.
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