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  1. Roy. Roy. Roy. Viberg.
  2. @bod it'd be cool if you could share some pictures of your 4302's if you have any! I tried searching around the internet but there aren't many photos of the denim.
  3. Mister Freedom Veste Belleville. Freewheelers chambray. Boncoura XX. Viberg.
  4. That's pretty awesome! I don't really like natural/off-white denim usually, but the photos I've seen of the jeans at Alpha Shadows look pretty sweet.
  5. TCB

    The type I looks good volvo, just a bit long in the body. I'm sure it'll shrink up nicely though.
  6. BBQ shirt inbound.
  7. TCB

    I think the 30's jacket only has a T back construction on the larger sizes, like vintage type I jackets. Could be wrong though.
  8. Yeah those look awesome!
  9. That's what I was thinking when I read that too, that's five dollars cheaper than what I paid for my Roy test lot jeans...
  10. So, I feel like these belong here. Everything just looks really, really bad. Maybe I'm being too judgmental, who knows. Photos in the link below...
  11. Funny you mention that, I think Roy was working on some women's jeans at some point. Not sure whatever happened to that project, but I wanted to get my girlfriend a pair. Maybe he'll release them eventually.
  12. Alright so I finally took some fit pictures of my 714s that I've been thinking about selling. Sorry for the lack of socks. What do you guys think, too tapered? Or should I hem them and get around to wearing them? I've just been so used to wearing straight legged jeans that these almost feel too snug around my calves. They've already been through a warm/hot wash awhile ago, although the waist feels big so I'm wearing a belt with them.
  13. Gotta say I'm obsessed with this jacket. z Mister Freedom Veste Belleville jacket. Lady White Co. tee. Roy. Viberg.
  14. Just got back from New Orleans, wore the jeans there a bit so I threw them in for another wash/dry cycle when I got back. I'll post some photos of the trip, but for now here's the jeans!