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  1. Thanks for the well wishes everyone, we're excited and nervous. Going to be a huge life change. Unfortunately with my new job I won't qualify for 6 weeks of paid paternal leave until I've been there for a full year. But I can use that leave at any time within the a year of the birth which is nice. Started the job in May and the baby is due to arrive in January, but I think my org is pretty flexible and should let me work from home initially so I can make sure everyone is settling in as well as they possibly can. My wife should hopefully have about 12 weeks of unpaid () leave, but I think we'll manage. Needless to say I'll probably be selling some more stuff here soon.
  2. Oh yeah it's going to be a breeze, no doubt about that.
  3. Oh no, just wearing FW cutoffs in the photo.
  4. So, we've got a pretty big life change headed our way soon.
  5. Honestly I'm not sure, but I'll try to double check in a bit. Actually these are hemmed, believe it or not.
  6. Received my Alden loafers today, for factory seconds they seem to be pretty solid! There's some small cosmetic flaws but nothing that I'd think too much about for the price. It's surprising how comfortable they are right off the bat, no break in period needed. The moc stitching is a little disappointing since I've seen photos of the LHS versions, but given the price I paid I'm happy with these. Feel like I've officially reached peak menswear.
  7. I'll post some photos and thoughts once they arrive. TSM sent out a free shipping coupon for the 4th so I jumped.
  8. So I was set on ordering the LHS version of the Alden snuff suede loafers, I looked at more photos and you can tell a difference in the stitching. ...until I saw a factory seconds pair of the machine sewn version on TSM this morning in my size. Hard to ignore the nearly ~$250 difference in price. Gonna think on it a little bit and see what I decide.
  9. If I recall correctly when I ordered my pair I paid up front, but the wait times weren't nearly as long. I think I only waited about four months? It's been a couple years so my memory is foggy. Hopefully he manages his backlog better than some others, seems like he is keeping that in mind. Tried my jeans on yesterday and they fit better than I remember, I've just been distracted with other pairs.
  10. From what I can recall they feel pretty similar, but it's been a few years since I've worn Cons. They're maybe a tad wider in the toebox, but not by much.
  11. @julian-wolf I remember seeing them years ago from Inventory Magazine (RIP), at the time they almost exclusively offered chukka style sneakers. Now it seems like they release one model every few months, I purchased these from Persica: https://store.persica.jp/en/products/vp128623-milk And you can actually look at all their previous models on the Persica collection page: https://store.persica.jp/en/collections/sols Not really sure about much info on the brand (they hardly advertise anything) but the quality feel in line with Asahi / Doek / Moonstar. Honestly they are probably a private label manufactured by Moonstar. The insole feels sturdy and actually has a little arch support which is rare for JP canvas shoes. Just received them yesterday and wore them to work today for the first time, pretty comfy so far.
  12. Finally trying a pair of these Sols sneakers, they're pretty nice! They actually made a pair in size 29 cm. this time so I had to try them out (all previous models only went up to 28 cm.) I think they're loosely inspired by Purcell's, there's 5 layers of rubber on the toe cap which is kind of impressive.
  13. The Lofgren ones are terrible, but somehow RDT managed to source even worse ones.
  14. The RDT laces might actually be worse than the Lofgren ones. Within the first 2-3 times of wearing my pair the laces on one shoe snapped.
  15. Did you give them money @srudy? If so I hope you field a charge back, I've heard some weird things about that shop in the past if I recall correctly...
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