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  1. horriblyjollyjinx

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    Good to see you're still here! Been a while
  2. horriblyjollyjinx

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    just got a pair of Overcomer 051ss. From memory, both denim and fit is extremely similar to my 555 LVC 551ZXX. Bulging hips, and a one wash denim that has hardly any starch and gets all its stiffness from the thickness of the denim and the tightness of its weave. Construction is very nice, again similar to the LVCs. This brand is probably up there with some of the better Japanese ones.
  3. horriblyjollyjinx

    the netherlands :: amsterdam :: general

    so whats the word on amsterdam? cool or too small? as dead as this thread? might be moving there.
  4. horriblyjollyjinx

    I'm in Indiana Bitch!!

  5. horriblyjollyjinx

    china :: shanghai :: general

    any chance of finding creepers in sh? dont care about brand. looked around taobao and I found some creepers and also some shops stocking denim and general american vintage like bomberjackets/m-1s etc. not necessarily all shops from sh though.
  6. horriblyjollyjinx

    china :: shanghai :: general

    so what are the best clubs for music and dancing? not for people trying to look cool. I know of Shelter, C's, Logo, Dada. Then D2 is the new Deep I guess? Is it any good? Not gay but gay clubs always have the best parties. Is there anything else I need to see? And where's the cheapest food and beer and seediest bars? Oh and is there some place to get used/vintage regular chinese clothing, like the stuff 70 y/o chinese dudes would wear? into some highwaist pants and some loose fitting sportcoats. umm and is deodorant hard to come by in shanghai? I heard its not yet a commodity in china unfortunately.. and what about some good pomade?
  7. horriblyjollyjinx

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    the new 1937 model is just so nice. definitely nicer than lvc, probably nicer than lvc.jp, possibly nicer than Warehouse 700. Just think there should be more yellow stitching and less orange.
  8. horriblyjollyjinx

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I agree that LVC has gotten real good, but I still can't trust Levi's about some things. Like the type of floor the loom sits on affecting how the weave comes out. They're creating a good product, but the problem for their credibility that according to them, 100% of everything is always 100% good. So, Levi=spoonful of salt.(Like every other denim brand)
  9. horriblyjollyjinx

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    scratched my chairs with me 201s.
  10. horriblyjollyjinx

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    the denim on the pair in the background looks a bit odd. can you post bigger pics? ok, found the ones a page back. denim... hmm..
  11. horriblyjollyjinx

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    yes, yes, coming. but only 6 months or so still.
  12. horriblyjollyjinx

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Wow, that black denim is so nice.
  13. horriblyjollyjinx

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I like the 201 fabric. There are many repetitive things in this thread, I'm sure you're responsible for some not so unique posts too. A minute ago it was said to be understandable, but apparently it isn't so when it's me(you did call me out by name and not anyone else). Don't tell me that I am distracting from anything, not more than you or anyone else at least. And I missed that there was an agenda for the thread.
  14. horriblyjollyjinx

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I don't agree with salaami much at all but I also don't agree with you. First of all bunching all Japanese brands together and than using one or a few brands' product to describe all of the other ones' too isn't fair. Second, I don't see why you would use the 'Cone' name as an argument for the quality of LVC. There certainly isn't anyone working in Cone today that did in the 40s, it's an all together different company, just operating under the same name. Rather than using oversimplified symbols to judge something I would look at the product directly. I have said many times that the last two seasons LVC collections have been very very good, in many ways as good as that of Japanese brands(to me, this mostly means 'Warehouse' right now). However, the weak point with LVC as I see it is the denim, Cone's denim to be specific. Chronologically, it starts with the 1927 which is also the first model where Cone denim is used. Some years with Cone denim are fine, but some are off in my opinion. The 27, 37, 44 and perhaps 47 I don't like much at all. I would rather get the Japanese LVC versions because I do think the denim is significantly better as a reproduction. And on the note of Japanese brands. I would say Warehouse is the number one brand for reproductions, without a doubt. Their scope is much larger than just jeans though and quality without fail topnotch across the range. Sure, they don't do replicas of exact Levi's models anymore, but their other jeans that arent original designs I hold as better reproductions than LVC. And their denim is close to perfect.
  15. horriblyjollyjinx

    Design Piracy Prohibition Act: oh noes

    It's just too nutty to be taken seriously, but I thought so about the IPRED law in the EU too, which basically lets corporations investigate and prosecute individuals for sharing music. And I hope that everyone remembers that this is not capitalism, as it is only made possible with legislation passed by the so-called 'liberal' political nomenclature who obviously look at their own interests first and foremost, just like the companies they're 'working' with. But I guess soon our thoughts and feelings will have to be original too.