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  1. If I remember right someone was selling/trading a small on fb.
  2. Which store ? I would've called them immediately.
  3. nice size on the pants and your height? sorry if mentioned already.
  4. no one had that problem with the p25 a few months ago?
  5. they could always do the instore drop first then release whatever stock is leftover online like darkside. would please the people who spent their time to go down to the store worth while although stock might not remain for online
  6. which store was this?
  7. agreed. haven modeled a size small on someone that's 6'1 and the ankle cuffs look like they run up his calves
  8. interested if my size doesnt work out/ship
  9. Might've been asked before but how does hanon usually ship and deal with customs invoices? Never used parcel force before. Would calling them and asking to change to the correct code work?
  10. ^ please do bb has j28? I refreshed and it was oos haha
  11. I'm sick. Great price too within USA. I'm going to get a coffee congrats to those with purchases today!
  12. please restock bodega
  13. Did bodega have all sizes of the p23a? So bummed I missed out
  14. Can't believe I missed bodega.