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  1. should just be new a direction. next seasons retailer drops have the grey darker bg as well but these p38 are ms only
  2. wtt - p34-s black size large brand new Gon
  3. I have the j91 in a large and I do wish sometimes I sized down. It isn’t terribly oversized like some of the newer items.
  4. acrnm is having shipping issues and wont be able to ship orders until the end of this week/next week
  5. Definitely less extreme pieces. All acr does feel a little overkill at times. Usually pair it with basic like visvim, ce, Uniqlo blanks
  6. Shout out to @Keeshan for the j72 trade. looking for cheap j68pl in black xl, j58 in xl, j84 in raf large, p33 med also trading p44 raf med for any p44 in small or any other pants
  7. J74 in white is close to perfection
  8. geez that j72 went fast
  9. wtt/wts p44ds medium raf. worn a few times 9.5/10 full kit. will trade for any p44ds in small or will consider other trades as well. will sell for $800 net obo
  10. considering trading my j72 black xl for a large or selling so i can buy a large. tried on full pack Pending trade
  11. Long shot but anyone willing to grab the upcoming p46 in black small/medium to trade for p44 in raf medium/large? Any combo works. Both p44 9/10 tried on a few times.
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