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  1. j68 sold looking to buy j86 xl. just missed one recently
  2. J91 - $600 J68 - $700 Bomber - $1300 F&F
  3. Wts - j91 black large 9/10 full kit - $635 j68pl 1.1 black large 9/10 full kit - $735 sacai bomber green 9.5/10 - $1500
  4. I also can vouch for dcl as I did a trade with him with a j1a and a Visvim jacket. Sorry to hear about that experience
  5. Selling a black j68pl large with hood 9.5/10 full kit - $850 shipped obo
  6. Shorts sold Selling/trading p30 1.1 black medium 9.5/10 for sk30 medium or $950 shipped
  7. Bump. Shorts pending sold Also j68pl black1.1 with hood size large 9.5/10 - $850 shipped.
  8. wts - brand new sp57ds medium full kit - $630 shipped
  9. Sorry you had to deal with that. I’ve stopped shopping on ssense for the same reason. It isn’t just acronym either. Their inventory is full of fakes. They almost never side with you either. It’s kinda crazy.
  10. Wtt - j1e-gt large full kit. 9/10 condition worn a handful of times no flaws. Just want to trade it for something I can wear more often in California. Trades+cash or cash is fine as well. Dm
  11. Black 118 might be exclusive versus grey retailer
  12. It’s in the back side of the left pocket
  13. Any photos of it being worn? Acrnm photos I don’t love
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