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  1. leg


    2400 EUR jacket or 1200 EUR pants is in Louis Vuitton territory, and you should expect the highest quality possible (or at least on par with 400EUR Arcteryx Jacket). Yet you're here defending tags that are peeling off or crooked stitching on an item that was produced in a factory that pays 1/4 of the item's price to its workers. Few years back, Errolson answered someones question on Twitter about new prices. He basically stated that they want to pay competitive European salaries (which is great). Yet since they moved production to China, I haven't seen any slowdown in price increases, only a decline in quality. Also, I don't think that acronym hitting sales is a good thing in the long run. There was a perfect balance between scarcity and price, but nowadays nobody wants even the J28GT, which sold out in 7 minutes back in 2017. Increasing the price and quantity at the same time feels counterintuitive to me.
  2. leg


    Incremental upgrades like that are welcomed of course. I always liked how Acronym balanced between form and function, but recently it seems that they're pushing form over function with no particular reason, except to make it look different (so they will have an excuse to push price higher, because selling exact same item for x2 price would look too greedy).
  3. leg


    I honestly think that some models should be left alone. That new collar is really more practical and better looking? Is that stupid hat really better than proper hood? What if I already wear a hat, should I put a hat on a hat? Hood on a snap buttons? Good luck trying not to lose it, because your jacket will be ruined if you do (how many metropolis jackets people tried to sell without hoods? And they’re using zipper). Apron is whatever, since it’s detachable. Sad to see one of the best acronym jackets ruined like that. Literally zero upgrades, just useless features.
  4. leg

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    NO PHOTOS = WARNING Sorry, but from now on, posting items for sale below 9/10 without photos will result you in a warning and a temporary ban. If you're able to make photos for grailed, you're able to upload them here too. Thanks
  5. leg


    I remember I complained about raccagni zippers being too loud for acronym, lol
  6. leg


    I just don't get whats the difference between J10 and J97 that they needed to give it new name. I think Gen 2.0 would be sufficent.
  7. leg


    Ngl J95-WS is the ugliest jacket I’ve seen in a while
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