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  1. jeddyhsu


    The weebs are getting faster
  2. jeddyhsu


    “Wtf? They really should’ve kept gatekeeping…”
  3. jeddyhsu


    Daydreaming about this...
  4. jeddyhsu


    Drizzy’s prepared for a drizzle
  5. jeddyhsu

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: J32-GT - as new as possible!
  6. jeddyhsu


    Did he really? That's exciting news considering we haven't seen one since ss20 :')
  7. jeddyhsu

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Also, interested in trying on someone's p17 size S/M if located in the bay area.
  8. jeddyhsu

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: J32-GT 9+/10 and J74-PX in size Medium.
  9. jeddyhsu


    Reminds me of the Dunk/Blazer from '09
  10. jeddyhsu


    don't be so sure
  11. jeddyhsu


    Rest in peace to the infamous High Collar, it seems E favors the 2.2 thin, folding collars now My remark about these "2.2" collars is that when kept folded down for a long time, they lose their ability to stand straight up. The creases become very difficult to get rid of, meaning you'll lose the standing collar as an optional look, and be stuck with the "office formal" collar look. Beware of their lack of rigidity.
  12. jeddyhsu


    A couple years ago I came up with simple hack that stabilizes your 3rdArm (1/3TS) messenger bag when cycling without the need for purchasing an extra stabilization strap. All that's required is a carabiner. By inserting a carabiner through the far-side zipper, you're able to create an anchor point. Next, equip your 3A and harness your pull tab to tightly secure the bag against yourself. Take the full length strap and extend it under your opposite arm. Lastly, reach over to your 3A's zipper and fasten it the carabiner anchor point, connecting the plastic D-ring to your back. This stabilization hack is a secure link that I constantly use while riding without fail. Enjoy. Here's the hack in action a couple years ago:
  13. jeddyhsu


    The new J28-GT looks a lot like Windstopper. Any speculations about what the internal dropout panels are for? Keeping your thighs dry lmao? E's really in love with that fisherman bucket hat design! I miss the OG high collar.
  14. jeddyhsu


    Just replaced the cardboard base I’ve been placing in my 3rdArm-1 to maintain its boxy silhouette. I’ve seen 3a-1 base’s sag due to the bag being over-stuffed/weighed down, and added a lightweight flooring to try and fix that. Here’s the deformation with a single 32 oz. Hydro Flask, and here’s the deformation with the cardboard insert + Hydro Flask. My only gripe is that the cardboard still bends and must be replaced when too out of shape. I don’t have a more solid material to insert without tearing up the inner X-pac or jabbing into my sides. If you’re interested in adding your own base, the cardboard’s dimensions are 5.12 x 13.25 inches.
  15. jeddyhsu

    Urban Techwear

    I'm interested in hearing reviews of Outlier's Slim Dungarees and Strongdarts. Also, any sizing tips? How do they compare to Acronym's P10-DS?
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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