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  1. mariahscarry

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS/WTT: J61-WS - Size L. 9/10 washed once. Bag and sheet. $1100 + shipping 3A-1 X-Pac Black 2018 - 9.5/10. Has been hanging in my closet for most of the time. Have literally never used the main compartment only the MK1/2. Bag and sheet. $1200 + shipping. Trade for - Jackets size L (J28/J1A/J43A) Pants size L (P30A/P31/P33/P25)
  2. mariahscarry


    sums it up perfectly.
  3. mariahscarry


    In what aspect?
  4. mariahscarry


    I think the amount of irony that your new sufu account resembles the same as those you are describing on Grailed to be downright hilarious.
  5. mariahscarry

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Just wanted to re-offer this one more time, totally willing to throw cash on top as well obviously.
  6. mariahscarry

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT: 3A-1 OG Xpac (8/10) Full Pack and 3A-2 19fw Full Pack Looking for: J79TS or J61 in XL
  7. mariahscarry


    Arrived for me too. I was a little skeptic about the black x-pac as well, but so far so good. I really enjoy the contrast with the buckle hardware and the pure darkness of the black x-pac. I've also always wanted 3a2 in x-pac, the perfect combo imo. The strap itself feels cheaper than my laminate 3a2, but same length and measurements overall it seems. I've always liked how long this shoulder strap is compared to other 3a models. I personally love the smaller interior pocket, yes it doesn't hold our giant cellphones, but i think that's what this bag itself is kinda for (or i always personally use the back mesh pocket). The interior pocket which measures 5.5" deep however works excellently for pens, airpods, various cards (card holder if you use one), cash or coins, trinkets and totems, it even stores my glasses perfectly and well protected. And as for the main compartment, I'm always taken back but just how much it can store. I could literally come up with 100 examples of carrying capacity. I just walked to my friend's place with my switch, two extra joycons, aoku 160616 mod (fully loaded), glasses, keys and wallet. Hopefully decent enough example, and no shoulder pain! Great bag, can't wait to see how this new x-pac ages.
  8. mariahscarry


    Where did you find this info? it says it has Acronym Sound but i'm pretty sure that simply referring to the wire escape at the top.
  9. mariahscarry


    that's J76-GT, i'm pretty sure
  10. mariahscarry

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    $1,800, no lowballers.... 3A-1 XPAC retailed for $1280 btw
  11. mariahscarry


    Can anyone help me understand the difference between J47 and J47R? I know it’s the Raccagni or “revised” edition, but the only differences I can notice from online photos and descriptions are the logo tapes being parallel on the R edition, much appreciated!
  12. mariahscarry


    DS-J5 from FW1213, personal grail of mine
  13. mariahscarry


    This exactly, and for those of you doubting errolson and his lack of research and attention, shame on you.
  14. mariahscarry


    J77-AM spotted;)