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  1. mariahscarry


    I've only been with Lamborghini for close to a year now, and I am very soon leaving for a competitor. I will agree with everything you just said, it's actually why I was brought in. To help speculate where they were failing. Also, big things in 2022 from Lamborghini with ByBorre for all you shit talkers. So no, I wasn't claiming I work for Lamborghini with a Lamborghini assplug lodged deep in my anal crevice the same way all you ACR diehards do I'm sure. (Only available on Subnet) FlipFlop, I'm sure you'll gain more insight for Lamborghini interior once your dad dies and his full bank account is at your exposure. I'm assuming you still have a monthly credit limit until you're 50 years old?
  2. mariahscarry


    I'm an interior designer at Lamborghini..
  3. mariahscarry


    I'll quote these two parts. The pattern-making and articulation does NOT set acronym apart, there are actually many brands that execute exactly what ACR achieves. And almost all designs used by ACR are not original, they are inspired by past military/workwear garments which continue to inspire many other brands as well. So to say it "sets ACR apart" is naive. And also to say it's naked to the eye is obviously apparent, isn't that why we're all on this page in the first place? is because we share the same eye for technical attention that E does. Something I didn't put in my first post, but you basically just highlighted it perfectly for me to touch on, is that the J1E has no new innovation(Hat excluded but...LOL). It's literally an update where E is attempting to just expand further on where the J1A design fails. And that being said, it's still the same pockets/zippers/systems maybe arranged in a more accessible and convenient way, but that somehow took almost 20 years to finally figure out? and oh also costs over $2,000... My statement is this, I'll pay $600 for any recycled ACR piece any fucking day, new fabrics, new colors, new bags, the detail is unparalleled. E could literally start a membership service for $2,000 a year where i'm guaranteed a couple pieces and I would sign up immediately. But with $1,000-$2,000 pricing, I want some new innovation, I really don't think that's too much to ask. I guess i'm just asking for more than the normal consumer.
  4. mariahscarry


    You are actually one of the only people here who's opinion I value, so I want to talk about this really quick. My biggest takeaway when i look at anything new from ACR is, "Why do I need/want this?/ What does this design accomplish that my other jackets/pants/bags can't?/ and Is it timeless?" These are the three most important questions to me when evaluating a new season. First question is easy to beat, any new ACR collection feels fresh and amazing, no argument there. BUT normally nothing gets past the second question... And also, to expand on why I believe ACR is a "non-functioning functional" is because the end results of the systems/subsystems are only "alternatives" to other brands. Sure I can make my phone shoot out of my sleeve like assassin blades, but couldn't I also just take it out of my normal jacket pocket? Or, sure escape-zip looks super cool...but couldn't i just unzip my normal jacket zipper? If anything you'll have a faster execution using the normal jacket than trying to undo the gravity pocket buttons and not let your phone fly out of your hand, or by just unzipping your jacket versus needing to zip it off in an "alternative" way. And I can literally go through every system for you (forcelock, interops, jacketsling) and share similar opinions, but just ask yourself. Is the function actually something no other jacket can accomplish, and even more, is the experience/process actually fluent or that much faster? My analogy. When I'm paying "Ferrari" pricing, I need Ferrari performance. Not someone swindling me a Nissan with fake Ferrari emblems.
  5. mariahscarry


    ALL jackets should come with a 2-way zip...imo. I swear E is the master of non-functioning functional clothing. From my personal experience, most ACR systems/subsystems fall very short from their marketed offerings. I've never really considered myself a die hard ACR fan, only someone who really appreciates intuitive design w/ function. I can think of a couple designers today who are executing "function" far superior to E.
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