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  1. Jmscnon

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Mz3 sold. Taking offers on the 3TS, especially interested in a trade for a nikelab acg deploy jacket in white, medium. Hope everyone has a banging week!
  2. Jmscnon

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS 3a-3ts blk FW18 great condition Retail £700++ 3a mz3 SVR used, one pair 9/10 other 7/10 £245 ++ or take both for £900++ happy to listen to offers, if I don’t see your message, shoot me a message over on Instagram @jamescnon located in uk, shipping worldwide hope everyone has a magnificent week! Edit: also looking for trades size M-L
  3. Jmscnon

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS enfin leve Alai in stotz worn around 5x, they’re too baggy for my liking standard size large looking for 320€+shipping (includes g&s fee) or gbp equivalent
  4. Jmscnon


    Faced something similar, and mocked up this for Enfin Leve. Priced @ 115€ (Or 95 without bottom zip) and Stotz material. unsure how useful it will actually turn out to be but hopefully will fit my memobottle A5 or other things I don’t want in the same compartment as my laptop. I can post more details once I actually receive it
  5. Jmscnon

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    So after using the black xpac 3TS for around a week, I'm considering that the 3A-1 might be a better choice for me in terms of function (Or is there much of a difference?). Possible WTS: 3A-3TS BLK xpac 827€ + shipping and fees Thanks for reading.
  6. Jmscnon


    Yeah, mood killer for me. Combined my least favorite details of SS18.. (deploy cargo pockets and the ankle adjusters)
  7. Jmscnon

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS Adidas nmd ts1 Gore-Tex US9 / UK 8.5 brand new UK based, looking for what I paid £115 / 131€ plus shipping and fees
  8. Jmscnon


    Confused now, are these comments pointed at me as I’m quite new to SUFU? defo didn’t mean to come across wrong
  9. Jmscnon


    Exactly, and a lot of us don’t have friends who are into the same stuff so a lot of the info needs to be found out via places like this. personally never had escapezips in real life but used to have them in our combat vests in the military. Not really a self explanatory thing in civilian clothing
  10. Jmscnon

    Techwear sale-steals

    Thanks. Missed out on SISP while browsing but picked up a pair of GTX NMD's for 110€ + ship. Still unsure if I like them though