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  1. I was just thinking the same while looking through their current catalog. They have no real discernible design aesthetic. Casting too wide of a net IMO.
  2. Veilance for cheaper...
  3. Have to admit- I still get a little nostalgic when I see a pair of shell toes. And if I could score an early 90's pair of white/black stripe Puma California's I might just start hoarding cardboard again.
  4. Oh hell yes. Fuck laces. I always end up going old school b-boy with my laces anyways. Well- I used to be a b-boy, so I guess I just revert to type. Either way, less laces the better.
  5. What dis?
  6. Digging a lot of the Boris x Salomon footwear. Reminds me of the first two Alien flicks.
  7. All of this has been covered extensively even in the small amount of time I've been a member here. Just start digging about 30-40 pages back. It's worth reading through old pages, not only for the matter at hand, but you'll learn a variety of other interesting tidbits, and maybe chuckle at a couple strings here and there. Long story short- do some work. It's usually worth it.
  8. Agreed. Actually wasn't aware that said feedback was sales listed on-site specific. Edit: mistaken omission of words
  9. Duly noted.
  10. Familiar with the feedback, but I don't feel it throws the forum on its ear by showing a little open respect to trusted members from time to time. I could be wrong, and I'll be the first to admit it if that's the case.
  11. Like to give props to @piece keeper Geat guy to do business with.
  12. Shout out to @piece keeper Great guy to do business with. Fantastic communication, quick shipping and an overall gentleman.
  13. My P10-S' from the early '15 drop (IIRC), have a similiar loop but it's the same size as it's fellows. I have a pair of P10A-CH's on the way. Is it only the P16's with the smaller loop? Or should I prepare myself for a drastic change in my belt life?!?!?!?
  14. Just to clarify on my end- I'm not saying don't wash your pants in a machine or else you'll see an immediate change in the look and feel of said pants. I just see the long game, and the less wear and tear I can put on my gear that wasn't perpetuated by myself either at work or on drunken jaunts in the urban jungle- well all the better. This is the same philosophy I use in my diet to excuse my excess of alcohol consumption
  15. Hey do what you want to do. I'm not trying to write any laws cleaning for techwear, just give some potentially helpful advice. And regarding washing machines and wear and tear- well it's just simple physics my friend. I'm also 38 years old and have owned enough clothing at this point in my life to see the wear and tear first hand. Yes I do my own laundry. I don't trust a service/girlfriend to do it for me.