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  1. Thanks. I usually run an American 10, maybe I'll try a 42 to be safe.
  2. Since we're on the subject of sisp, can anybody confirm if these run TTS:
  3. That's a much more flattering/inspired way of looking at it. USAgent is one of the worst Marvel characters ever... S'funny as just last night I was walking home in the rain in my J34-GTPL thinking what a wonderful mix of different traditional Japanese influenced silhouettes are apparent in said jacket(the J34 that is).
  4. Now I know what that damn jacket reminds me of- this jackass: No offense to anyone interested in said jacket.
  5. @jesterrp not a complete minority. Not interested in buying a shiny makeup bag. Now if we're talking a matte black ninja makeup bag...
  6. Not to beat a dead horse- but does this mean some new modulars maybe? MAYBEEEEE?!?!?!? (Not that I have any interest in those jackets. Too much going on. But the tec-sys...)
  7. Nike Air Max Zero. Scored a pair of these off Bodega a couple weeks back. Just waiting for the snow to dissipate up here before I start beating on them...
  8. Thanks for the tip @CARLOOA
  9. I'd also like to chime in on the raccagni zips being less than optimal at times. When fully opened on my 3ts they frequently stick and require two hands to close. I've had the bag since the late summer restock, and carry it 5-6 days a week which should be more than enough time for the zips to 'break in'. They do have a nice and rugged look, but I wish I'd caught the 3ts drop with the olive/khaki green vislon zips and matching webbing. That bag is surface of the sun hot. Edit: found a crappy pic from an old Grailed listing
  10. @fals3 What size did you order in the pullover? Sounds like we might have similar builds, so I'm a bit curious about what you didn't like concerning the fit?
  11. I picked up the Peloton Rolltop as my carry on when I went on vacation last fall. Super versatile/functional/durable and very comfy under heavy load.
  12. Oh- I'm damn happy I got my 3ts last summer before the last couple drops were sucked up by the bots for re-sellers! I'd just like to see something that has the same black/cordura/goth-ninja-thing for pouches that the 3ts has visually.
  13. Thanks for the reminder. Had my eye on their squarepouch a few months back, and got disracted emailing Mission Workshop about what size the propietary clips are on their ARKIV system, hoping they'd maybe be compatible. No dice.
  14. It's a little frustrating that there's only been mk-1's released over the last year or so. I bought the 3ts because it Looked more streamlined than the 3a-1 and has more versatility in terms of add ons. Tossing a couple mk's on gives you basically a 3a-1 with less storage. Hell- if I've done my math right, you can't even fit a decent re-usable water bottle in the mk with the flap closed (correct me if I'm wrong on that one please). I've had my eye on a few different non acr molle compatible pouches but haven't been really happy with the overall aesthetics. Hopefully we'll see some pouches in the proper drop... (If you all have links to decent molle gear btw, please do tell)