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  1. brainerd666


    You: It’s called techwear (other person backs away slowly)
  2. brainerd666

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    @CLoudyun Just keep coming with them sizes lol
  3. brainerd666


    I remember E sharing a pic on his stories years back iirc the dude just literally cut the leg off the top of them lol
  4. brainerd666


    Wrong channel my dude
  5. brainerd666


    Literal 404 error lol
  6. brainerd666

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Nice vintage Generation X tee
  7. brainerd666

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    SOLD WTS: 3A-2 non foil green X-PAC Basically new 450 F/F shipped USPS priority international add on top non f/f add fees
  8. brainerd666


    Looks like the non-foil green xpac
  9. brainerd666


    Apologies everyone. I should know by now that lack of engagement typically diminishes the potential for serotonin squirts that these idiots thrive on. I blame the beer partially. But myself overall. So yeah- DS is a great tee material tho amirite
  10. brainerd666


  11. brainerd666


    Lol you dropped the ad hominems first jackass. You made ‘chef’comments weeks back. My insults aren’t intended to add weight. They’re just a little seasoning;) (please waste your obvious dearth of free time and go back and search through all of my comments. I’m gonna drink another beer lol)
  12. brainerd666


    @Orientalq Lol I never asked for a comparison between tees. Follow your own advice ffs. Thanks for talking shit about the service industry btw. Really adds weight to your argument. Are you a shill for Airism or something btw? If so grats. Hey get that money. But do it fucking somewhere else besides a high end fashion server, in a channel devoted to one singular designer.
  13. brainerd666


    I’m never asking you shit when I post anything in here. I might as well ask a dog how not to hump a leg ffs You didn’t answer shit btw. You made yet another uninformed, presumptive, attention seeking REEEEE in the dark. It’s painfully obvious you don’t own any of this shit, and still persist in chiming in, basing your ‘understanding of the pieces’ on a mixture of heresay and ad copy. Wipe the chud slime off your chin and go outside ffs.
  14. brainerd666


    @Orientalq literally fuck off and stop @ me I don’t give any fucks about your shitty takes
  15. brainerd666


    How many ya’ll convinced yet that DS makes for bad tee material lol;)
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