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  1. Ewwww it smells like TWC in here.
  2. I don’t see you. I only see worn pants posted at grailed prices
  3. It’s to attach the spikes to that you’ll inevitably forget about when you take it off. Gonna be very surprised if peoples don’t fuck up their gear with those things lol
  4. Already had a friend try one on. Said fit was similiar to S version, and collar was floppy.
  5. Knee articulation, and the ankle zip has been moved further back
  6. Hey man not trying to yuck your yum. If you’re all in on the hot topic shit- more power to you. It’s an open forum. We can complain and praise all day long, but at the end of the day it’s just the internet and stupidly expensive clothes.
  7. Foreskin rolled in more like
  8. We finally get another 3D collar and it’s in fucking WS. Wilted ass shit looking collar. Enough of this M/E/DS/GTblahblah bullshit. Give us back our Stotz you fucking cowards.
  9. I like the skirt idea. Reminds me of the poncho from a couple years back, cp-whatever the fuck. Kind of silly but also kind of useful. I’d rather they went more in this direction than fugly graphic tees/hoodies and mid aughts video game npc’s jackets. Also- enough with the nostalgia for rave gear ffs. It really ain’t it. The moment is gone.
  10. Have the spikes inside the collar/jacket pointing towards the body would be a true power move
  11. That J36 looks like somebody stapled a rolled up trash bag to the front of an otherwise excellent jacket
  12. I’d say it’s more a matter of us being very steeped in the brand more than the brand not being prevalent. It’s still pretty small scale compared to most other fashion houses/big labels. All that being said- I know a bunch of peoples that make and spin edm that wear a bunch of ACR stuff on the reg.
  13. Every ACR item has a wash tag. Finding them is half the fun
  14. Sufu doesn’t have a discord
  15. Gotta post prices, forum rules
  16. Nah I’m all good, already seen it. I’m only interested in the MS exclusives at this point. About 90% of the mass produced stuff from the last 2ish years has been pretty fucking underwhelming bordering on straight up ugly. They need to fire Ian Wang or give him a sub-label or some shit.
  17. Pro Tip: Hot topic is far less expensive
  18. I didn’t think the shirts/hoodies could get any worse, but here we are now…
  19. I’ll admit, I’m a bit old at this point and also fall prey to a bit of nostalgia from my youth clothing wise (I basically live in mil cargos nowadays), but E really has to let go of trying to ride the wave of mid/late 90’s rave/club gear. Shit was wack back then(and I was wearing it lol) and it still is.
  20. WTB: 2018 black P10-S/P10A-S size medium
  21. Shit is way too cropped at the waist, and that rear hem looks derpy as fuck
  22. This isn’t eBay broh, and I know for sure you didn’t pay what you’re asking. Whoever bought this got fleeced.
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