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  1. nike advanced apparel whatever preview up on darkside initiative more pieces on other sites too if you google product numbers
  2. is sz 29 the same as sz 28? their charts don't list a sz 29 :x
  3. buckets up on ndc, caps sold out
  4. bodega and notre had hats undftd sold out already, cncpts too, but only had bucket hat only (so far?)
  5. edit: source: undftd
  6. inseam != total length
  7. oops someone else posted before me firmament only has p24 up rn?
  8. FS> nike ACG cargo pants "cargo khaki" sz S $210 shipped within the states (only tried on once)
  9. +++piece keeper, fast communication & shipping
  10. pm'd
  11. what ds or ch pants are out there in small?
  12. did the peat voronoi really sell out that fast
  13. no experience but hemming length seems like you just do it normally, adjusting anything else i wouldn't know about since idk how to tape seams also voronoi restock on mr. porter tomorrow morning? check out that link on the last page also also should i buy a size that i know i won't have much room waist-wise? i have a 30 in summer voronoi that is like 1.5 inches too big so i'm wondering if 28 would be ok
  14. whats the difference between ar and non ar?