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  1. I think they will, considering the P25-CH has "the belt"
  2. Those kinda look like a drop crotch P16
  3. I wear an M in Veilance outerwear. Do you think sizing up on the Graph sweater would be problematic? Thanks for any feedback
  4. WTS: P10A-CH Night. M New with bag and sheet. sold NG5- AK Decided to keep for now. preferred buyer located in US. thanks
  5. All the sold out ACG items are now listed as "coming soon". Edit: except for the grey gaiter.
  6. sold
  7. Looking to trade P10A-CH night M for P10A-CH black M condition is unworn
  8. FS: bamboo prestos sz L $290 shipped to US
  9. Gave the j58 a test run yesterday. Besides the instantly noticeable warmth like solographik mentioned, the other remarkable surprise is that the 2 superior pockets are incredibly voluminous. Deep pocket style. Grabbed the j58 to mostly wear as a stand alone jacket since I loved the simple aesthetic. For that reason, I dislike how elasticized it is at the waist. When zipped, its easy for that elasticity to make the jacket ride up and give you that poofy "beer belly" look. I would much prefer a speedlock option or even a button fastening cinch similar to whats on the sleeve. But overall, this jacket just feels remarkably good when you slip it on. Its super light but the material gives it a pleasant density at the same time.
  10. Anyone selling a 3a-3TS-silver?
  11. Couldn't get my hands on a pair of the ACR Nike prestos. Looking for Black/Bamboo size L if anyone sized wrong.
  12. Was hoping for a P23 without the TS this season. Not hardcore with the accessorizing or attachments, and paying the premium for the webbing seems unnecessary if I never use it. Fingers crossed to see them in a future season.
  13. Veilance recalled and replaced my cotton-faced Galvanic IS from fw14. The recall was due to color fading of the cotton-goretex shell. I would propose that the new material is probably more resilient to fading, as they also had to recall another Veilance jacket (Imbric) due to the same issue. While I cant concretely confirm, its likely safe to assume they are using an updated cotton-gore fabric.
  14. Would someone hook me up with the scans? Thanks!
  15. WTB: J44-GT size M