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  1. Am I colorblind, or are we gonna get another nike release?
  2. Used to own a GT-J34. Runs TTS. But it is a "parka", and cut with a pinch of extra room
  3. Shame that more boutiques didn't stock P25. Plenty of chances to grab any other item this season, had I wanted it. Too bad for the P25 fans.
  4. ^
  5. WTB- P25-ds (M) - sold out in my cart earlier : /
  6. Maybe im not clicking with the J1TS yet. Was ready grab a J1 multi color with TS ( that Id probably never use), given it was the original ACR style J1 multicolor. Such a rare and desirable piece. New right sleeve design is gangster but the colored shoulders block reads too veilance than ACR for me. From what Ive seen so far, Im most interested in purchasing the P25.
  7. I think they will, considering the P25-CH has "the belt"
  8. Those kinda look like a drop crotch P16
  9. I wear an M in Veilance outerwear. Do you think sizing up on the Graph sweater would be problematic? Thanks for any feedback
  10. WTS: P10A-CH Night. M New with bag and sheet. sold NG5- AK Decided to keep for now. preferred buyer located in US. thanks
  11. All the sold out ACG items are now listed as "coming soon". Edit: except for the grey gaiter.
  12. sold
  13. Looking to trade P10A-CH night M for P10A-CH black M condition is unworn
  14. FS: bamboo prestos sz L $290 shipped to US
  15. Gave the j58 a test run yesterday. Besides the instantly noticeable warmth like solographik mentioned, the other remarkable surprise is that the 2 superior pockets are incredibly voluminous. Deep pocket style. Grabbed the j58 to mostly wear as a stand alone jacket since I loved the simple aesthetic. For that reason, I dislike how elasticized it is at the waist. When zipped, its easy for that elasticity to make the jacket ride up and give you that poofy "beer belly" look. I would much prefer a speedlock option or even a button fastening cinch similar to whats on the sleeve. But overall, this jacket just feels remarkably good when you slip it on. Its super light but the material gives it a pleasant density at the same time.