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  1. Sureal


    Damn, I missed the video. Was it on the acrnm site? anything else besides J28-WS?
  2. Sureal


    J68 Alpha Green arrived today and I'm on the fence with my first impressions. To my eyes it looks more grey/ khaki in direct light than the stock pictures suggest. The J68 Multi shots show it more accurately in sunlight than the shots with Umit. Was hoping it would be slightly closer to the old olive Epic cotton overall. Looks incredible in lower light, though. I would have preferred a green jacket sling to a black one for these colors. Does anyone know where a size M Royal Air Force green is still available? Could you please PM if so? iphone pics -
  3. Sureal


    Pretty sure the other night colored items were only in CH industrial microtwill and in the recent J1A-GTKP multicolor.
  4. Sureal

    arcteryx veilance

    "soft launch" FW now online
  5. Sureal

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J25-WS (SS-14) 450 usd + fees shipping in US. Includes bag and spec sheet, carabiner, sling. 8/10 no rips, holes, stains, etc. just worn. Elastic in hem, cuffs lacks some of its cinch. https://imgur.com/a/K88JrPC
  6. Sureal


    Would like another J72-DS (black) or La6(b)- DS release. A little surprised no DS shirts this season, as other staples have been restocked, and E is often seen wearing a DS shirt. These are versatile pieces and seem like easier items for the factories to produce too. I like the La6b-AD very much for cold weather but would prefer DS for optimal year round use. Another hooded insulator jacket would be welcomed. Particularly an updated J51-WS
  7. Sureal


    ^nice impressions J81 also arrived today, so I can pitch in. Its a great example of one of ACRs "nothing extra, nothing standard" pieces. Personally, I prefer the J25 anchored sleeves since they have more purpose, as the cuffs on the J81 aren't water resistant or the quickest to convert. I think Ill wear it mostly with the cuffs folded up. Besides the cuffs, J81 does turn out to be the WS upgrade to the J25 I've been waiting for. Its more comfortable in its overall roominess in addition to having the traditional front pockets (which I agree no zipper is not a big deal). The main zipper is smaller than the J25 but only noticeable if you put them side by side. Internal pocket distributes weight wonderfully. Almost to the the point I forgot i placed my wallet in there. New elastic waist hem is a nice design. The 3 cm of it you seen on the product page is all there is. Doesn't hug as tight as the J25 or J58 hem, so its a cleaner look. Even though its not intended, I think the hood looks good rolled in if you have the jacket zipped up. Heres a pic of the cuffs since its new and what I was most curious about at purchase.
  8. Sureal


    A little absurd to desire pants with built in "knee bags" and expect them not to stack somewhat on you. especially if you look at 90 % of the images that come up on a google img search maybe keep an eye out for the more straight leg pants. p9, 14, 33, etc
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