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  1. Sureal


    Hope the J72-DS returns one season.
  2. Sureal

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: S24-DS-A (size M, alpha green) Hard to believe a 400$ shirt with unattractive graphics in a color no one wanted last fall would be so difficult to get.
  3. Sureal


    Upgrade. 2014 vs 2021. I would have preferred lined pockets over reverse X-Pac, but am still very pleased. Looking forward to this bag not delaminating.
  4. Sureal


    Agreed it looks different! I asked ACR directly if they are using a new color for the strap (hard to tell if its just the color editing) and this is their reply: Hi, It should be the same color, however some smaller color differences are unavoidable due to the dyeing process at the respective supplier. Kind regards, ACRONYM®
  5. Sureal


    Damn, I missed the video. Was it on the acrnm site? anything else besides J28-WS?
  6. Sureal


    J68 Alpha Green arrived today and I'm on the fence with my first impressions. To my eyes it looks more grey/ khaki in direct light than the stock pictures suggest. The J68 Multi shots show it more accurately in sunlight than the shots with Umit. Was hoping it would be slightly closer to the old olive Epic cotton overall. Looks incredible in lower light, though. I would have preferred a green jacket sling to a black one for these colors. Does anyone know where a size M Royal Air Force green is still available? Could you please PM if so? iphone pics -
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342