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  1. Sureal


    Had the same problem. Found it tedious. Just sitting and standing would require tugging it back down. Sized up so I could wear it as a stand alone and not an insulator (nice with hoodie underneath) and its been my goTO when weather permits. Curious if they changed the elasticity.
  2. Sureal

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J44-GT size M (9/10) w/ bag and sheet, SS-15, 950 USD + shipping and fees shipped within US WTB at retail J72-DS M Black P30A-DS M
  3. Sureal


    5 years wear. will eventually scratch off with abrasion. peeling at top is mostly due to where the bag rests on my side when equipped
  4. Sureal

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS- P10-S black M. SS-15 350 USD + ship and fees sold https://imgur.com/a/BP2bMy1 really worn but no holes/ rips/ stains. Prefer ship within US WTB- J72 DS Black M
  5. Ive been keeping an eye out for p31 and have not seen them restocked 

  6. Sureal


    Getting to the store 20 min after the surprise drops isn't enough sometimes : / Edit: Finding out the P30A has removable cuffs really twists the knife
  7. Sureal


    Invoice for my p25h-ds is 583 euros after vat. I imagine the P10A is comparatively more advanced in detail and construction/production, so you are seeing that difference reflected in the price point if they are coming from the same factory.