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  1. WTS LA11-DS Alpha Green Size M 9.5/10 950 900 USD P25H-DS Size M 9/10 950 850 USD Plus shipping https://imgur.com/a/eprlPTG
  2. Is there going to be another gimmick for FW like the last 2 seasons with the spikes and reflective material?
  3. A late observation, but the jacket Lenny is holding up in the J1WB shot is tagged S, but the description says shown in size M. Theres no way the description is wrong, yea? heh
  4. Does anyone know the retailer drop date?
  5. Dang, the dislike of the designs this season seems pretty unanimous. However, I do like the art direction + music on the MS with the countdown to the new items. Gives me old ACR vibes in a good way. Looking at where the brand is headed, my hope of getting some 'silent killer' WS jacket like a J47 / J32 is a pipe dream now. Can we at least get some RAF or Grey P10DS instead of a skirt?
  6. ya. too big and small at the same time
  7. Are there any new J29 iterations on the horizon?
  8. 1,452.00 EUR . Still available right now.
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