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  1. MM, the P44 was kinda cold standalone. For me, I need that extra warmth. You could just wear leggings too but in the snow, all the layers are better imo. I prefer the P10 cause the fabric doesn't absorb the water like Stotz does, dries pretty quickly, and since it's a bit thicker still keeps my legs warm :3
  2. This has worked for me coming from someone who's coming from a warm climate to blistering Midwest winters. Snow Temps around 15 and lower PL-J1, C1-AJ, NG4, P39-PR under P44-GT Cold 20 & UP S32-PX, J25-WS*, NG4, P24A-DS *Sometimes if I want a hood I'll wear J25 under it since it's thin and I don't get that clammy feeling. Rain GT-J16, S13-W, P10A-CH For me, I've found value in ACR knits. They keep me warm, quality, and haven't had any issues with QC or function. Pilling hasn't been crazy either so it's giving me that quality feel. Ideally, for what I wear I'd like more lined items, so P38-AD would've been better than double panting but that's for another time. End of it all, I think if your baselayer is well thought out then the ACR is secondary.
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