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  1. quachohuncho

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Want to trade and sell some things; P25 - DS M for S, full pack 8/10 condition J50 - WS XL for L, full pack 8/10 condition P16A - S size L full pack, 7/10 condition 750 USD G&S + Ship What'd be ideal is like a trade for a 3A3TS, I got two pairs of LF100 size 9 and 9.5 to sweeten any deals. A pair of Crimson LF1 size 8 too.
  2. quachohuncho

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Big Winter Blowout. Please add fees + shipping. Will not be doing F&F regardless of who you are. Pictures upon request, might entertain trades but let's not waste each other's time. WTS: J27-E Size Large 9/10 Condition Full Pack 1000 + Fees & Ship J65- AJ Size Medium 5/10 Condition, worn, pilling, shrunk a bit. Full pack 400 + Fees & Ship LF100 White Size 9 US 8/10 Condition, some stars missing and creases. Comes with OG All + Box 320 J72- DS White Size Medium 8/10 Condition Full Pack 850 + Fees & Ship P25 - DS Size S full pack 8/10 - 800 USD
  3. quachohuncho


    Chinese text translates to Man & woman are laughing. Maybe E @ Kitty laughing at us for tryna figure this out
  4. quachohuncho

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: P17-S size S These were purchased from The Real Real as P15s but the tags were cut out. Upon further inspection they actually are in fact P17. 7/10 Worn and has fades, as stotz does mostly in pocket area. One slight tear on back belt loop (just discovered today 7/12 after washing will be fixed but full disclosure). 7/10 cuz no tags and a rip but well loved and taken care of. Looking to get at least 600 to fund another acrnm purchase. sold to @owetoe540 P26-S size L Faded Stotz, and pocket has been repaired but ripped. Full pack with laminated spec sheet. Great pants for those packing heat. 7/10 Would like 750. These will be shipped from my house in Bangkok. DM for pics. Please let's not waste each other's time.
  5. quachohuncho

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Nice outfit but I gotta ask, can you even zip your jacket up
  6. quachohuncho


    Finally got a 3A-2! Wish it was olive or foil even though the durability isn't quite there. When's that backpack coming out? I feel like it would do well if released. I'm more interested bc my shoulders too fucked up for a messenger nowadays
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