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  1. beepy


    I’ve had several coats with adjustable length and none fastened to the pants. Though I do have a cp coat with removable pants :D But I don’t think attaching would work very well in motion because of changing geometries.
  2. beepy


    Pretty sure they’re Undercover
  3. beepy

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    @FelixRevolt I’m picking up those throup vibes
  4. beepy


    Wool longjohns > insulated pants. Was out hiking yesterday (-1c) with some ws pants and wool leggings under and was perfect.
  5. beepy

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Believe they ship internationally: https://www.queens.global/105185/tilak-x-acronym-evolution-anniversary-edition/
  6. beepy

    Techwear sale-steals

    Good deal on this byborre hat thing. Retail was 400eur. I have one and it’s admittedly a bit finicky to do up but still a cool piece. @TEKsevenZERO maybe? https://item.rakuten.co.jp/okoku/2100130794683/
  7. beepy


    That was me - thanks @blutspender for the reminder. Had a few things I hadn’t dropped in a while... But outside of japan they’ve been going for around 1k for at least the past year because they’re a pain to get. The Q and those subware jackets are collector’s pieces.
  8. beepy


    Props on not giving a fuck.
  9. beepy


    Deep pockets are the best acrnm feature. It’s like finding change in your couch every day.
  10. beepy


    @RoofmannRaccagni is the Italian one. That’s an interesting take on the pant cuff gaiter. I always considered it a ninja/kung fu leg wrap reference.
  11. beepy


    My zip knowledge is also pretty limited from when I worked for burton but the riri aqua zip is superb. It’s what they use on burton Ak line. Great as an exposed main zip, but quite chunky - a very different look to say, the reverse coil ykk.
  12. beepy


    @FelixRevoltlooks like the jacket ships from Hong Kong and NG from Czech
  13. beepy


    That C1 was actually one of my favorite pieces this season. Considering prices for accessories it’s not that bad. And undyed wool! @mikon_nikon How’s it compared to the AM if you have one?
  14. beepy


    Alright, the what-the-j1 is pretty cool
  15. beepy

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS/T P25H-DS sz M. Conservative 9/10. Think the original owner wore them once, and I only tried on. 1k so I can fund something else? Or swap for a cotton J1A black sz L. Or J36S if you’re feeling generous.
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