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    And yet they're still better than USPS.
  2. beepy


    Ceska Posta makes you prove value etc before they release a package, and they're actually quite quick about processing - delays would be from the time it takes the recipient to supply documentation. You can sign up to do it digitally, but I guess ACR isn't quite at that level yet Source: live in Prague
  3. beepy

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    Fake 2014 J43?
  4. beepy

    Problems with Sharp Service?

    edit just received tracking for an item I paid for back in May.
  5. The needs: FW 2008 Neoprene pants FW 2009 Cargo Pants FW 2009 Ski Pants FW 2008 Egg Bomber 50-52 (black) FW 2008 Metallic suit 50-52 But pretty much anything other than tees and jeans.
  6. beepy

    Guidi 986 Backzips 45 fit 43-44

    Need Christmas cash bump