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  1. beepy

    Urban Techwear

    Swung by the Tilak store very briefly today. The new Poutnik Thomas coat is very nice. Fabric is the right balance of light and substantial with a great hand. Might just be because I'm partial to that style, but that's the standout piece of the line if you don't need a hood. Shield coat is much lighter than I was expecting - almost like a packable shell. Easily SS weight, but construction was top notch. There were a few pieces on sale (off the top of my head: shield coat in an XL, blade jacket in a S, knight pants in an XL). Olive color is richer than in pictures. Was going in just for some black monk pants for everyday wear, but got some knights in the olive because the cut and color were great. Material is quite light, which I like. If you're thinking about the pants, the rise fits much lower than measurements suggest because of the cut. Monks are supposed to be 12" for a M and feel like 9". And they don't mention it online, but there's also a manufacturer's guarantee, and they offer repairs for something like $5-10. Probably going to poke around some more on Monday if anyone wants a proxy (everything is MSRP rather than the mark-up at other retailers) or some hands-on info.
  2. beepy

    Urban Techwear

    I have the original parkas in waxed cotton and ballistic nylon. Assuming it's the same material, the waxed cotton should soften up. The ballistic nylon will not. They had a lot of pieces with interesting construction and fabrics (have another wool/cordura blend coat with outlast coating and some weird plastic bag-like interlayer), so was disappointed this release was all pretty basic. New designs are apparently in the works though!
  3. beepy


    Or, you know, run a clothing company with no eco-consciousness.
  4. beepy

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS/T P15-S RAF from FW1516 size M Like new condition, just a bit wrinkled. Still has ACRNM & Eta tags. $650 shipped worldwide or trade for some non-dropcrotch
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    And yet they're still better than USPS.
  6. beepy


    Ceska Posta makes you prove value etc before they release a package, and they're actually quite quick about processing - delays would be from the time it takes the recipient to supply documentation. You can sign up to do it digitally, but I guess ACR isn't quite at that level yet Source: live in Prague
  7. beepy

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    Fake 2014 J43?