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  1. WTB: P17-DS size M Paypal Ready..
  2. Thanks guys. @hurhur - Purple does looks dope. It's kinda growing on me. @jediswayze - Olive is super versatile and easy to match imo. Question is to go safe with Olive or loud with purple..
  3. J28-k looks dope.. But I can't decide between which colour purple or olive.. Those who have them, what's your take?
  4. How rare is this jacket? Just curious..
  5. Looking to buy: J32-GT or J36-GT Black in XL Also WTB: MK3 XPac + SS-CP2F in S If anyone's selling or know who's selling, hook me up.. Have a great weekend people!!
  6. That's right @Sypron... Thanks... Looking for SS-CP2F, not CP1F... PM me, if anyone is willing to part with it for a pretty penny.. (Size S pls) Wanna get for my GF... And an MK3 X-Pac for myself.. Have a great week ahead guys! Cheers!
  7. WTB: SS-CP2F size S + 3A-MK3 X-Pac PM me please... Shout out to @lola swagpoodle - Thanks for the MK1, perfect deal! Cheers bud..
  8. Looking for DS-HD2 XL + J27-E XL + J23 XL Still WTB: MK3 X-Pac & MK1 X-Pac Shoot me a price...
  9. Still looking for 1 MK3 X-PAC - any leads? Pm me.
  10. Thanks! Gonna start saving
  11. Anyone knows when is the next drop and what's coming?
  12. Who else has this?
  13. Asked him before already. And it was already sold. Chill bro.
  14. WTB: 3A-3TS + 3A-5TS + 3A-MK1 & MK3 (Brand new or mint in XPAC) Any leads, please pm me..
  15. Anyone know if they will be releasing any attachments soon?