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  1. J1WB-E is such an exciting jacket in theory but the sleeves look like complete ass. as an older acr enjoyer i don't even mind the spikes but the cuts just scream gen z cosplaying 00s style just style it a size up, why did they have to fuck with a perfect silo smh
  2. damn, brother really made a sufu account just to flex an early package
  3. also wrong, first P30A did not have raid pockets, A did in fact refer to the cuffs, so yes, P30AL is indeed a misnomer
  4. there's tonnes of "MS Exclusives" still in stock exclusivity does not equate to style, if you feel special for wearing something because other people can't get it then you... truly are special
  5. late to the game but forever combo for me would be J36-S J58-WS P10A-E honourable mention J68-WS (however i am still looking for a J68-S and P24A-DS in black medium!)
  6. got to love it when people talk out of their ass for the sake of it
  7. a decent tailor can re-hem and make new holes in said hems to restring the cords easy
  8. maybe (just going out on a limb here) (hah) the stacking is intended in the design? and if you don't like the stacking then you don't like the design? in which case it shouldn't upset you because you can just not buy it since you don't like it? maybe
  9. fucking hell thx for the comic relief lmao shit
  10. have the thicker CH (P10-CH) and it's pretty colourfast. i would put it's durability somewhere between S and DS. it doesn't fade as fast, mine have stayed nice and dark after many washes, but it has faded slightly and will eventually look like used S but slower.
  11. you replaced functioning silver raccagni zips with black YKK zips?
  12. it's the complete lack of irony that makes it extra pathetic edit: (for me)
  13. something extra extra sad about the state of his room while mac demarco plays in the background as he fiddles with an expensive jacket that has made me always hate this video lmao
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