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  1. Thank you to @Wklcarl and @AvantSol for helping me cross out some pieces on my WTB list. Both came through with fast response times and timely shipping. Still WTB J99U-WS in Size S.
  2. Added wtb items Also: WTB- J1A-GTKR-BLK Size S, 3A-1-CR-BLK, 3A-2-CR-BLK, P24A-E (or Stotz, any color) size S
  3. WTB: J29-WS Gen 1.1 Size S
  4. J61-GTV, J82-WS when I want to travel really light.
  5. Maybe it's just my memory of Paula's demo being f'kin' hot, but I could see this sling on a select few designs being a welcome change, on a stiffer material jacket, from the standard sling. No worrying about someone/something getting caught in the slack, or doing the awkward reach behind the back to loosen it if you've already donned the jacket. Never tried on the woven jacket but I imagine you could adjust the (locking) zip to lessen the slack? Paula_Demo_1.mp4 I hear you on this though. I prefer the sling across the other shoulder, maybe it would be tolerable if worn the other way? I dunno, just being an optimistic devils avocado on the topic.
  6. At 1:50 E kept his bag on while using the zip. Seemed useful to me if you're a bike messenger.
  7. I was exited for a new vehicular escape zip when I saw this. Maybe in the future?
  8. Fuck sakes, please let there be an FC3 or other headwear iteration in PX.
  9. Did black sell out at bodega already?
  10. Thanks! Really like that piece. Been noticing this in other fits. Hopefully we'll see a re-release?
  11. Anyone have info on this shirt?
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