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  1. Currently have a J46-WS & J46U-WS (also had a stotz one briefly). Like them a lot but don't wear them much here in SoCal. Picked up a J61-WS from a member and it's my favorite. Easy to wear for me at least. Surprisingly, it kept me dry when I was at a music festival that was pouring all night. J61-GTV and J82-WS look appealing to me though
  2. Curious about the waistband. Weren't there complaints about that design on recent pants?
  3. WTB J68-PL RAF Small J67-FO Small J29-PX Small
  4. WTS P23-S Small - Full pack ; size Small ; condition 8/10. Slight patina along the belt. US buyers only. $850 USD
  5. WTS J47-GT Small SS20 Full Pack - SOLD
  6. WTS P41-DS Grey Small Full pack; 9/10 FW21/22 $650 USD shipped within the US only
  7. I messaged him but he seems kinda whack; also went through his other listings and saw pictures from mercari.jp listings that were already sold.
  8. https://www.grailed.com/listings/44085971-acronym-acronym-s-j11-black-s-small?g_aidx=Listing_production&g_aqid=78af3e2428f2f09180a61335a9221628 hey guys, wondering if i can get a legit check on this piece / user? concerned because i saw some of the listing pictures on google. also bonkers price lol
  9. i'm currently dealing with this right now
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