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  1. Heads up, monkey type time 😎 This right here. Whether it's Hugh or whoever runs the brand now that he's living it up in Japanese strip clubs, kickin' it with Rod and flying between Paris & Korea every other month (not shitting on him, he built this success, he should enjoy it while he can), it's all about scale. Talking about "artistic integrity" (lol), talking about OGs, talking about retailers, blah blah blah, get real lol. Acronym tried scaling up production considerably and produced designs that lent themselves to scalability in what was offered to retailers and it simply did not work out very well (constant discounts, massive deadstock). You'd have to be too busy making out with that giant yellow poster of Hugh not to notice the dip in design quality. There's no doubt in my mind that (especially since you can access their earnings through Germany's publicly accessible audits) is making more bank than ever, but with that scale comes disappointment fans, it's just a part of the growing pains, you can't please everyone & Acr is evidently trying to figure where they stand in all this. I'm sure we're in for a few more years of experimenting with marketing, community outreach, collaborative stuff, maybe a brick and mortar location, w/e. Brands always want to expand and we're witnessing that in real time here. I'm not super keen on anything from next szn but I'm still excited to see what's coming beyond that and I do have to admit it's at least something new, surface level or not. TL:DR capitalism, stop projecting.
  2. If following the money were not a bad thing, due to the implications, I wouldn't be complaining about them following the money lol
  3. The designs use to scream thorough research and excellent execution, now they scream "look at me look at me look at me" and nothing else. That's what streetwear has been all about for a few years now, disappointing but not really surprising that Acronym is following the money in this sense. I'm almost certain that there have been new additions to the design team who are... much younger.
  4. They posted abt it on IG a couple months ago but nice flex lol Yep, spikes on everything & if you thought recent new models were bad....
  5. -SS is thick and heavy, it's also very expensive.
  6. WTS P46-DS, Alpha Green, size small, full pack - 9.5/10 - sold
  7. Maybe for somebody who can afford Acronym 🙄
  8. C1-AJ in Braun is forever in my top 3. If they re-released I'd probably grab a couple more. Couldn't possibly tell you how many times I've worn it since I bought it on the first day it released lol
  9. Definitely not windproof though, it's barely wind resistant.
  10. They've been notifying for all exclusives, and doing single-item drops quite often, so I would assume nothing.
  11. experimenting and creating art is great! Telling someone their art or experiments are not very good, if you think they're not very good, is also fine. This modern mindset that you need to live in a rubber room where everybody tells you everything is great, is stupid. Grow up. Hope that's not too offensive! Personally, I don't really care about the shoes. It's a cool concept, but not a very good execution.
  12. Colour grading + sizing + cut of shoes + the angle of the photo? Weird one bc usually the shots are fairly uniform across szns but here the new model looks like he's shot from way further back and it fucks with proportions, but they're the same. Official photos are notoriously misrepresentative. Obviously, they are not P44 though lol
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