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  1. nathan_


    SS23 retailer 1 is on preview. Looks like CH is of a similar composition.
  2. nathan_


    https://acrnm.com/P23A-DS_FW2223 Full size run restock.
  3. nathan_


    People who ask about 3a7 re-releases for the dozenth time after being told that it's dogshit:
  4. nathan_

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Well shit, WTS J29U-PX, size small & full pack, like new SOLD
  5. nathan_


    Like @hanzen1138 said, no AD lining, but they also don't have PL insulation, nor the holster pockets & have 2 tensionzip hand pockets replacing the old standard flapped pockets. The collar is also slightly differently, but not functionally.
  6. nathan_


    58 is designed with the express intent of fitting inside of like-sized shells, I can assure you the sleeves will not be longer than an M J1 & you can also just tighten the cuffs on the shell. Going up a size would just make the shell unwearable in any other config. Just buy your TTS.
  7. nathan_

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Ya'll gotta start using albums & replying without images, I feel like I take 2 months off of my lifespan every time I scroll down this page.
  8. nathan_


    Or his local boutique just got tired of sitting on deadstock like these guys: https://summer-store.com/en/collections/acronym
  9. nathan_


    "MIC bad" is just as ignorant a take as "plastic bad" so I can't say that's I'm surprised the two were said in the same statement. For reference, the j58 is still MIE & also features a plastic zipper. Were it metal, it'd likely snag & tear the WS attached to it. The tension from a more rigid, metal track & head would also make it harder to open as WS is super slim & flexible, another chance to tear your 1300$ jacket. That's something acronym does called R&D. I said the same thing when people were losing their minds over the way the pockets are structured internally on the P30, a small handful of people ended up tearing theirs and the sentiment became "P30 pattern bad, I can't believe they haven't fixed this". This was such a non-issue & so easy to fix you could do it with one hand & hadn't happened to the thousands of other P30 owners, yet people acted like this was such a serious flaw that it almost wasn't worth buying a pair. Sorry your tag is peeling off and your zipper heads are made of ABS plastic. Looking forward to this season hitting sales :)
  10. nathan_


    it compresses. j91 and j58 both fit their respective size and fit (-W for j91)
  11. nathan_


    Both went live on mothersite but neither drop was purchasable through it, only linked to coevo. Presumably for archival purposes.
  12. nathan_

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

  13. nathan_


    On an unrelated note: https://acrnm.com/stockists Stockists page added
  14. nathan_


    next retailer drop, along with vest + j1wts and a couple other bits
  15. nathan_

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342