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  1. WTS: P44-DS - Grey - Medium - 9/10 - No Spec/No Bag - SOLD
  2. WTB: P44-DS - Grey - Small P50-E - Small P45A-E - Small
  3. Shoutout @hooper for a smooth transaction/great price/fast shipping - A++
  4. You initially posted a price check for the jacket - updated it minutes later stating it's strictly an IC and NFS 48 hours later you posted it FS flagging your HO of $1250 as your BIN (why make a FS post if you already have an offer that meets your preferred price?) Comes off as excessively rapacious - take that mentality to grailed and keep it out of the forums
  5. WTB: P33-DS (S) Black LF1 (US8)
  6. WTB: S27-AD (S) P33-DS (S) J65-AK/WS (S) Late shout-out to @erictheninja for a smooth transaction
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